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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Gateway Worship
Gateway Worship【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 80 首歌 】
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Gateway Worship Voices 英文
1.Every Battle (提供)
2.Higher Than the Sky
3.Oh Father (提供)
4.All He Says I Am (提供)
5.No Longer Slaves (提供)
6.Love Has Found Us (提供)
7.Wait For You
8.Living Water (提供)
9.Greatest Desire (提供)
10.You Are Good (提供)
11.139 (提供)
Walls 英文
1.Higher than the Sky
2.Grace that Won't Let Go (Radio Version) (提供)
3.We Bow Low (提供)
4.Whatever You Want (提供)
5.Wait for You
6.We are One (提供)
7.Found in You (提供)
8.You Never Change (提供)
9.Undone (We Cry Out) (提供)
10.Let the Heavens Open (提供)
11.Grace that Won't Let Go (提供)
12.You Stand
14.Love has Found Us (提供)
15.Wait for You (Studio Version) (提供)
In Jesus Name 英文
1.My Soul Will Sing
Forever Yours 英文
1.Not Ashamed
2.Be Lifted Higher
3.As We Pray
4.Forever Yours (提供)
5.Love Has Done It (提供)
6.God & King (提供)
7.All He Says I Am (提供)
8.The Father's Love
9.139 (提供)
10.We Will See
11.Worship the Great I Am
12.The Whole Earth (提供)
Great Great God 英文
1.Every Day I Live
2.Sun & Shield
3.Holy, Holy, Holy (Savior & King)
4.When I'm With You
6.Great Great God
7.Victorious (Radio Version)
8.Great Great God (Radio Version)
9.Holy Holy Holy (Savior & King) (Radio Version)
10.My Everything*
The More I Seek You 英文
1.The More I Seek You
2.Dwelling Place
3.All I Need (What A Privilege)
5.Stay Amazed
6.I Am Thine (Draw Me Nearer)
8.Who Is Like You Lord
9.My Everything
10.More Like You
11.Every Eye Is On You
12.Every Day
13.Heaven's Song
14.King Of This World
15.You're Worth It All
16.You, You Are God
17.God With Us (Acoustic) (提供)
God Be Praised 英文
1.O For A Thousand
2.O The Blood
3.One Single Drop
4.By The Grace Of God
5.Praise Is The Offering
6.Glorify You Alone
7.I Hear The Lord Passing By
8.Faithful God
9.You Are For Me
10.God Be Praised
11.God Is With Us Now
12.Praise Him
暫存 英文
1.Holy, Holy, Holy

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