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G-Unit( G Unit )【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 190 首歌 】
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The Beast Is G Unit (EP) 英文
1.Ballin (提供)
2.I'm Grown
3.Bring My Bottles
4.Doper Than My Last One
5.Boy Boy
6.Choose One
The Beauty of Independence 英文
1.Watch Me
2.I Don't Fuck With You
3.Digital Scale
4.Dead A Pussy Nigga
6.The Plug
Nah I’m Talking Bout 英文
1.Nah I'm Talking Bout
3.Real Quick
4.They Talked About Jesus
Back To The Street 2 英文
1.We Up (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (提供)
2.All About the Drug Money
3.Show You (提供)
4.G-Unit Loyal
5.Move That Dope
6.Who Do You Love
7.Flip On You (提供)
8.Smoke (feat. Ky-mani Marley) (提供)
9.Pump Pump
10.G-Unit Freestyle (提供)
Beg for Mercey 英文
1.Eye for a Eye
Beg For Mercy 英文
1.Stunt 101
2.My Buddy
3.Groupie Love
4.Wanna Get to Know You
5.Gangsta Shit
6.I Smell Pussy
7.I'm So Hood
9.G'D Up
10.I Smell P****
11.Salute You
12.Poppin' Them Thangs
The Red Child (instrumentals) 英文
2.Betta Ask Somebody
3.21 Questions
4.Banks Workout
6.G'd Up
8.Ride With Me
9.What Up Gangsta
10.Where I'm From
12.Salute You
13.In Da Club
The Kanan Tape 英文
1.Too Rich for the B*tch
2.Body Bag
3.Burner on Me
4.On Everything
The Beast Is G Unit 英文
2.I'm Grown
3.Bring My Bottles
4.Doper Than My Last One
5.Boy Boy
6.Choose One
T.O.S. 英文
2.Homicide (提供)
3.I Fucked Your Girl
4.I Like The Way She Do It
5.I'm Bout That
6.Liar Liar
7.Life A Dog
8.New York City
9.Paper Chaser
10.Respect The Shooter
11.Rider 2
12.Sunroof Open
13.The Mechanic
14.The Party Aint Over
15.Kitty Kat
16.Rider Pt. 2
17.Piano Man
18.Close To Me
19.No Days Off
Shoot To Kill 英文
1.Feel Good
God's Plan 英文
2.Gangsta'd Up
5.Words From Em
Get Rich Or Die Tryin' 英文
1.Poppin' Them Thangs
Back To the Street 英文
1.Hated On Jesus
2.0 To 100
3.Grindin' My Whole Life
4.Mary Jane
6.Yass B**ch
50 Cent Is the Future 英文
1.U Should Be Here
2.Cut Master C Shit
3.50 Cent Just Fucking Around
4.Bump Dat Street Mix
5.Bad News
6.G Unit That's What's Up!
7.Call Me
8.A Lil Bit Of Everything U.T.P.
10.Got Me A Bottle
11.G Unit Soldiers
12.Surrounded By Hoes
13.Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit!
14.Tony Yayo Explosion
15.The Banks Workout
134 Allstars: The Mixtape 英文
1.G-Unit Anthem
2.Banks Workout, Part 1
3.8 More Miles
4.I Smell Pussy
5.If You Want It
6.G-Unit Soliders
暫存 英文
1.After My Chedda
2.Where The Dope At
3.Salute U
4.I'll Be the Shooter (Dissin' Rick Ross)
5.Beg for Mercy
6.Come Up
7.Clue Shit
8.Lay Your Ass Down
9.Poppin' em' Thangs
10.Ma Buddy
11.Chase Da Cat
12.Stunt 101 (Edited)
13.Better Ask Somebody
15.Baby You Got
16.Beg For Mercy - G-Unit
17.Poppin Dem Thangs
18.Lay Ya Ass Down
19.Poppin' them things
20.Wanna Get 2 Know U
21.Eye for Eye
22.Better Ask Somebody - G-Unit
23.Gunz For Sale
24.Work It
25.Groupie Love - G-Unit
26.Stunt 101 - G-Unit
27.Wanna Get To Know You - G-Unit
28.Smile - G-Unit
29.My Buddy - G-Unit
30.Straight Outta Southside
31.You So Tough
32.Party Ain't Over
33.Money Make The World Go Around
34.Lay You Down
35.Casualties Of War
36.Gangsta Shit - G-Unit
37.Baby U Got - G-Unit
38.Get Down
39.I Don't Want To Talk About It
40.Let It Go
41.Ready Or Not
42.I Wanna Get To Know You
43.Stunt 101 (Explicit)
44.Thats Whats Up
45.300 Shots
46.Just Fuckin' Round
47.Bump Heads
48.Cocaine Dreams
50.G-Unit / U.T.P.
51.G-unit Desksite
52.Hands Up
53.Cutmaster C Shit
54.I'm So Sorry
55.The Grind
56.Wanna Get to Know You (Kurupt mix)
57.I Like the Way She Do It (super clean) (Promo Only clean edit)
58.Rider, Part 2 (clean) (Promo Only clean edit)
59.Baby U Got
60.Coke Life
61.G-Unit - Album Version (Edited)
62.G'D Up - Album Version (Edited)
63.I'm So Hood - Album Version (Edited)
64.Poppin' Them Thangs - Album Version (Edited)
65.Gunz for Sale (Non-LP Version)
66.Chase Da Cat (Bonus Track)
67.Ahh Shit
68.True Loyalty
70.Poppin' Them Hangs
71.We on Some Shit
72.No Days Off - Album Version (Edited)

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