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Horslips【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 61 首歌 】
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Dancehall Sweethearts 英文
1.Sunburst2.Fhir a bhata
The Tain 英文
1.Cu Chulainn's Lament
2.Dearg Doom
3.Faster Than The Hound
4.Ferdia's Song
5.Maeve's Court (提供)
6.More Than You Can Chew
7.Setanta (提供)
8.The Morrigan's Dream (提供)
9.The Silver Spear (提供)
10.Time To Kill!
11.You Can't Fool The Beast
13.The March (提供)
14.Gae Bolga
Roll Back 英文
1.Cúchulainn's Lament
2.Trouble (with a Capital T)
3.Guests of the Nation
4.The Wrath of the Rain
5.The Power and the Glory
6.The Man Who Built America
Live with the Ulster Orchestra 英文
1.The Power and the Glory (Live)
2.King of the Fairies (Live)
3.Dearg Doom (Live)
4.Rescue Me (Live)
5.Ghosts (Live)
Live At The O2 英文
1.The Power and the Glory (Live)
3.Rescue Me
4.The Power And The Glory
5.King Of The Fairies
6.The Man Who Built America (Live)
7.Dearg Doom
8.Dearg Doom (Live)
9.Trouble (With A Capital T)
10.The Wrath Of The Rain
暫存 英文
1.Charolais , The March
2.Concerning The Tain
3.The Story
4.Speed The Plough
5.Trouble With A Capital 't'
6.Sword Of Light
7.Cúchulainn's Lament
8.The Rocks Remain
9.Dance To Yer Daddy
10.Mad Pat
11.Sideways To The Sun
12.King Of Morning, Queen Of Day
13.Warm Sweet Breath Of Love
14.Power and the Glory
15.King of the Fairies (Recorded at Sigma Sound, Philadelphia, 1978) (Live)
16.The Unfortunate Cup of Tea
17.Flirting In the Shadows
18.New York Wakes
19.The Warm Sweet Breath of Love
20.Night Town Boy
21.Dearg Doom - Album Mix
22.Hall of Mirrors
24.Trouble (With a Capitol T)

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