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Hawksley Workman( 霍克斯萊·沃克曼 )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 112 首歌 】

Workman是一位多產的藝術家,通常在幾個星期內寫作,錄製,掌握和發行整個專輯。他解釋說:“我知道很多藝術家,他們距離他們剛創造的紀錄只有一年半的時間,就像......”噢,我討厭那個東西太可怕了,“你知道嗎?當我錄製唱片的時候,我從來沒有花一天多的時間唱一首歌...所以當唱片混合,完成,完成,完成的時候......我還在和蜜月期間一起唱... “



另外,Workman在邁克爾·麥高恩(Michael McGowan)的電影“曲譜:曲棍球音樂仍然是我的”中扮演了一個角色。

在2013年,Workman與Ryan Dahle(Limblifter)和Steve Bays(Hot Hot Heat)組成了樂隊Mounties。他們的首張專輯“Thrash Rock Legacy”於2014年3月4日在Light Organ唱片公司發行。
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Old Cheetah 英文
1.Intro (That's Hot) (提供)
2.Make Up Your Mind Tonight
3.Teenage Cats
4.1000 Miles of Atmosphere
5.Don't Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)
6.Not Over You
7.We're Not Broken Yet
8.I Just So Happen to Believe
9.It's Really Starting to Snow
10.Small Town Dracula
11.Winter Bird
12.A Special Pride
Songs From The God That Comes 英文
1.He's Mine (提供)
2.They Decided Not To Like Us (Epilogue) (提供)
3.The Dress Makes The Man (提供)
4.Up, Up, Up He Goes (提供)
5.Wild Abandon (提供)
6.Can You Believe
7.If Your Prayer (提供)
8.Danger Songs (提供)
9.Remember Our Wars (提供)
10.Glory Glory Hallelujah (提供)
11.Ukelady Boy (提供)
12.Invocation (You Know What It Is, Come To The Mountain) (提供)
Full Moon Eleven 英文
1.A House Or Maybe A Boat
2.Claire Fontaine
3.Learn How To Knit
4.First Snow Of The Year
5.Merry Christmas (I Love You)
6.Common Cold
7.Three Generations
8.Almost A Full Moon (Let's Make Some Soup)
9.This Will Be The Year (提供)
10.Coldest Night Of The Year (提供)
Milk 英文
1.Animal Behaviour (提供)
2.Who Do They Kiss (提供)
3.Google Jesus
5.We Dance To Yesterday
6.Robot Heart
7.Suicidekick (提供)
8.Stay Drunk And Keep Fucking (提供)
9.Snow Angel
10.Some People
12.Not Your Parents' Music
Los Manlicious 英文
1.When You Gonna Flower?
2.Is This What You Call Love?
3.Girls On Crutches
4.Kissing Girls (You Shouldn't Kiss)
5.It's A Drug
6.In My Blood
7.Lonely People
8.In The Bedroom In The Daytime
9.Fatty Wants To Dance
10.Oh You Delicate Heart
11.Piano Blink
12.Prettier Face
13.The City Is A Drag
Between The Beautifuls 英文
1.All The Trees Are Hers
2.Alone Here (Ballad Of Bunches Of Things)
3.It's Not Me
4.No Stillness And No Rain
5.Oh You Delicate Heart
6.Piano Blink
7.Pomegranate Daffodil
8.Prettier Face
9.September Lily
10.The City Is A Drag
11.What Would You Say To Me, Lord?
Puppy (A Boy's Truly Rough) 英文
1.Singing Like a Bird
2.Can We Be
3.The Woman Is the Water
4.Organic Coast
5.Good Sunday Morning
6.Big Wet Tears
7.Beautiful You
8.You Got Me on Fire Woman
9.Mouth to Mouth
10.Sister Scissors (Version One)
Meat 英文
1.Song For Sarah Jane
2.The Ground We Stand On
3.French Girl In LA
4.Baby Mosquito
5.You Don't Just Want To Break Me (You Want To Tear Me Apart)
6.And The Government Will Protect The Mighty
7.Depress My Hangover Sunday
8.The Happiest Day I Know Is A Tokyo Bicycle
9.We Ain't No Vampire Bats (提供)
10.We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)
11.Chocolate Mouth
For Him & the Girls 英文
1.Sweet Hallelujah
2.Stop Joking Around
3.All of Us Kids
暫存 英文
2.Warhol's Portrait Of Gretzky
4.Smoke Baby
5.A Moth Is Not A Butterfly
6.You Are Too Beautiful
7.Even An Ugly Man
8.Hey Hey Hey (My Little Beauties)
9.You And The Candles
10.It's A Long Life To Always Be Longing
11.Anger As Beauty - Acoustic Version Live
12.We'll Make Time
13.You Me and the Weather
14.No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes
15.We Will Still Need a Song (Acoustic Version Live)
16.Love Will Tear Us Apart
17.Silent Night
18.Safe and Sound

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