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Hank Williams III( 漢克威廉斯三世 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 173 首歌 】
謝爾頓漢克·威廉姆斯(出生於1972年12月12日),被稱為漢克·威廉姆斯三世和漢克3,是美國音樂家,歌手和多樂手。 威廉姆斯的風格在非法國家,朋克搖滾和金屬之間交替出現。 他是朋克金屬樂隊Assjack的主要成員,這是南方鐵桿朋克樂隊Arson Anthem的鼓手,也是Pantera歌手Phil Anselmo樂隊Superjoint Ritual的貝司手。 他發行了七張錄音室專輯,其中五張專輯為Curb Records。 威廉姆斯是漢克·威廉姆斯(Hank Williams)的小孫子,漢克·威廉姆斯(Hank Williams)的小子,還有霍莉·威廉姆斯的半兄弟。
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Take As Needed For Pain 英文
1.Get Outta My Life (提供)
2.Ruby, Get Back To The Hills (提供)
3.No Values (提供)
4.Gotta Buy Paw A Truck (提供)
5.Take As Needed For Pain (提供)
6.White Trash
7.King Cartel (提供)
Ramblin’ Man 英文
1.Ramblin' Man
2.Okie From Muskogee
3.I'm The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised
4.On My Own (Full Length Version)
5.Marijuana Blues (提供)
6.Runnin' And Gunnin'
Brothers of the 4x4 英文
1.Nearly Gone
2.Hurtin' for Certin
3.Brothers of the 4x4 (提供)
4.Farthest Away
5.Held Up
6.Outdoor Plan
7.Deep Scars
8.Lookey Yonder Commin'
9.Ain't Broken Down
11.Loners 4 Life
12.Dreadfull Drive
13.Getting Dim (提供)
14.Possum in a Tree
15.Broken Boogie (提供)
A Fiendish Threat 英文
1.Can I Rip U (提供)
2.Different from the Rest (提供)
3.There's Another Road (提供)
4.Broke Jaw (提供)
5.Watchin U Suffer (提供)
6.Breakin Free (提供)
7.Face Down (提供)
8.New Identity (提供)
9.Feel the Sting (提供)
10.Fight My Way (提供)
11.Full On (提供)
12.Your Floor (提供)
13.A Fiendish Threat (提供)
Long Gone Daddy 英文
1.Wreck Of The Old '97
2.I'm A Long Gone Daddy
3.Sun Comes Up
4.Bottle Let Me Down
5.Neath a Cold Gray Tomb of Stone
6.Wind Blew Cold
7.Good Hearted Woman
8.This Ain't Montgomery (提供)
9.What They Want Me To Be (提供)
10.If The Shoe Fits (Shuffle Mix)
Ghost To A Ghost/Gutter Town 英文
1.Gutter Town
2.Day By Day
3.Ridin' The Wave
4.Dont Ya Wanna
5.Ray Lawrence Jr.
6.The Devil's Movin' In
7.Time To Die
8.Troopers Hollar
9.Outlaw Convention
10.Cunt Of A Bitch (提供)
11.Ghost To A Ghost
12.Goin' To Gutter Town (提供)
13.Gutter Stomp
14.The Dirt Road (提供)
15.Musha's (提供)
16.The Dream Of Before (提供)
17.Dyin' Day (提供)
18.I Promised
19.Chord Of The Organ (提供)
20.Move Them Songs (提供)
21.The Low Line (提供)
22.I'll Be Gone (提供)
23.Troopers Chaos (提供)
24.Chaos Queen (提供)
25.Thunderpain (提供)
26.Fadin' Moon
27.The Round (提供)
28.I'll Save My Tears
29.It's Goin' Down (提供)
30.With The Ship (提供)
Attention Deficit Domination 英文
1.In The Camouflage (提供)
2.I Feel Sacrificed (提供)
3.Bend (提供)
4.Make A Fall (提供)
5.Livin' Beyond Doom (提供)
6.Demons Mark (提供)
7.Aman (提供)
8.Get Str8 (提供)
9.Goats (提供)
Rebel Within 英文
2.Lookin' For A Mountain
3.Rebel Within
4.Drinkin' Ain't Hard To Do
6.Lost In Oklahoma
7.Tore Up And Loud (提供)
8.Drinkin' Over Mama
9.Gettin' Drunk And Fallin' Down
10.Gone But Not Forgotten
11.Moonshiner's Life (提供)
Damn Right Rebel Proud 英文
1.Grand Ole Opry
2.Wild And Free
3.Me And My Friends
4.Six Pack Of Beer
5.I Wish I Knew
6.If You Can't Help Your Own
7.H8 Line
8.Long Hauls And Close Calls
9.Stoned And Alone
11.3 Shades Of Black
12.Workin Man
Hillbilly Joker 英文
1.I'm Drunk Again
2.Tennessee Driver
3.Life Of Sin
4.Now He's Dead
6.Hillbilly Joker
7.10 Feet Down
8.Pistol Packin'
9.M.F.J. (提供)
10.Drink It, Drug It
Hank III Collector's Edition 英文
1.5 Shots Of Whiskey
2.7 Months, 39 Days
3.87 Southbound
4.Angel Of Sin
5.Atlantic City
6.Blue Devil
7.Broke, Lovesick And Driftin'
8.Callin' Your Name
9.Cecil Brown
10.Cocaine Blues
11.Country Heroes
12.D Ray White
13.Devil's Daughter
14.Honky Tonk Girls
15.I Don't Know
16.If The Shoe Fits
17.Lonesome For You
18.Louisiana Stripes (提供)
19.Lovin' And Huggin'
20.Low Down
21.Mississippi Mud
22.My Drinkin' Problem
23.Nighttime Ramblin' Man
24.Not Everybody Likes Us
25.On My Own
26.One Horse Town
27.Pills I Took
28.Satan Is Real Straight To Hell
29.Smoke And Wine
30.Things You Do To Me
31.Thrown Out Of The Bar
33.Walkin' With Sorrow
34.What Did Love Ever Do To You
35.Whiskey, Weed And Women
36.Why Don't You Leave Me Alone
37.You're The Reason
38.Thunderstorms & Neon Signs
暫存 英文
1.Crazed Country Rebel
2.Fearless Boogie
3.Dick In Dixie
4.Hang On
5.Runnin' & Gunnin'
6.Choking Gesture
7.Straight To Hell'/'Satan Is Real'- Medley
8.Straight to Hell / Satan Is Real
9.If You Don't Like Hank Williams
10.Suggested Callout Research Hook
11.Move It on Over

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