Iron Lung 專輯列表 共收藏 7張專輯 126首歌詞 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網

魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Iron Lung
Iron Lung【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 126 首歌 】
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
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Savagery 英文
1.Shovel (提供)
2.Succession (提供)
3.Scalpel (提供)
4.Stench (提供)
5.Seepage (提供)
6.Station (提供)
7.Solution (提供)
8.Spined (提供)
9.Strap (提供)
10.Sample (提供)
11.Syringe (提供)
12.Shackles (提供)
Cold Storage II 英文
1.Riot In The Infirmary (提供)
2.Prison Epidemic (提供)
3.Prison Medical Officer (提供)
4.Search And Expulsion (提供)
5.Stabwound (提供)
6.Chest Assessment (提供)
7.Bound In Voltage (提供)
8.Sour Tests (提供)
9.Wrists Still Raw (提供)
10.Deathbeds (提供)
11.Graves For Babies (提供)
12.The Bleeders (提供)
13.Strict Laboratory Methods (提供)
14.Radio Spot 9.26.04 (提供)
15.RotCivility (提供)
16.Choke (提供)
17.A Certainty (提供)
18.All Hope Lost (提供)
19.Another Certainty (提供)
20.Autojector (提供)
21.White Flag (提供)
22.Mob (提供)
23.Final Say (提供)
24.Instruction (提供)
25.Wet Cough (提供)
26.Them (提供)
27.Sick Child (提供)
28.Stone Hands (提供)
29.SexlessNo Sex
30.Pig Hands (提供)
31.Contested (提供)
32.Lost Appeal
33.Leave As Ashes (提供)
34.Liars (提供)
35.A Farce (提供)
36.Cancer (提供)
37.Life Of Pain (提供)
38.Only Life (提供)
39.Mundane (提供)
40.Barricades (提供)
41.Remembered (提供)
42.Hiroshima (提供)
43.Captive Of Atrophy (提供)
White Glove Test 英文
1.Industry Endings (Merged) (提供)
2.[sic] (Merged) (提供)
3.White Glove Test (Merged) (提供)
4.Deep Brain Stimulation Device (Merged) (提供)
5.Nothing (Merged) (提供)
6.Containment (Merged) (提供)
7.Absurdity (Merged) (提供)
8.Hidden Task (Merged) (提供)
9.Brutal Supremacy I (Merged) (提供)
10.Brutal Supremacy II (Merged) (提供)
11.Brutal Supremacy III (Merged) (提供)
12.Plasma Separatist (Merged) (提供)
13.Stress Test (Merged) (提供)
14.Monolith (Merged) (提供)
15.Reductive Living (Merged) (提供)
16.Efficiencey Expert (Merged) (提供)
17.Brutal Supremacy III (提供)
18.Plasma Separatist (提供)
19.Stress Test (提供)
20.Monolith (提供)
21.Reductive Living (提供)
22.Efficiency Expert (提供)
23.[sic] (提供)
24.White Glove Test (提供)
25.Deep Brain Stimulation Device (提供)
26.Nothing (提供)
27.Industry Endings (提供)
28.White Glove Test Finds More Filth (提供)
29.Pain Directive (Merged) (提供)
30.Heirs To The Prize (Merged) (提供)
31.Non-Contact Visit (Merged) (提供)
32.Pain Directive (提供)
33.Hidden Task (提供)
34.Brutal Supremacy I (提供)
35.Brutal Supremacy II (提供)
36.II (Merged) (提供)
37.Heirs To The Prize (提供)
38.Non-Contact Visit (提供)
39.II (提供)
40.Containment (提供)
41.Absurdity (提供)
Demonstrations In Pressure And Volume 英文
2.Modified For Abduction
3.Abduction Boots
4.Body Enclosing
5.Positive Pressure Breathing Attachment
6.Placement Six
7.Storage Unit
8.Arc Lamp (提供)
Sexless // No Sex 英文
1.Pig Hands (提供)
2.Lumbar Puncture Test
4.Leave As Ashes (提供)
5.Unattended Funeral
6.Liars (提供)
7.First Night in
8.Autojector (提供)
9.Here // Alone
10.White Flag (提供)
12.Politics of Science
14.Sexless // No Sex
15.Future Corpses
16.Stone Hands (提供)
17.Cancer (提供)
Chasing Salvation 英文
3.Reality Check
暫存 英文
1.Modified for Arm Abduction

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