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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Ike & Tina Turner( 艾克&蒂娜·特納演唱組 )
Ike & Tina Turner( 艾克&蒂娜·特納演唱組 )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 262 首歌 】
艾克和蒂娜·特納是由艾克·特納和蒂娜·特納的夫妻組成的美國音樂組合。 這個二重奏曾經被認為是“所有R&B樂團中最熱,最耐久,最具爆炸性的”之一。

他們的早期作品,包括“愛上了傻子”,“要做出好成績”,“我崇拜你”和“深海高山”,都成為了靈魂樂發展的高潮, 對搖滾歌曲如“我想帶你更高”和“驕傲的瑪麗”這樣的搖滾歌曲進行了徹底的解釋性重新安排,這是他們贏得了格萊美獎的後一首歌曲。 他們也因為他們經常出場的現場表演而聞名,而這些現場表演只與詹姆斯·布朗(James Brown)和著名火焰(Famous Flames)的音樂奇觀相匹配。



1960: The Soul of Ike and Tina Turner (Sue)
1962: Dance With Ike & Tina Turner & Their Kings of Rhythm Band (Sue)
1963: Don't Play Me Cheap (Sue)
1963: Dynamite (Sue)
1963: It's Gonna Work Out Fine (Sue)
1963: Please Please Please (Kent)
1964: The Ike & Tina Turner Revue Live (Kent)
1965: Live! The Ike & Tina Turner Show (Warner Bros.)
1965: Festival of Live Performances (United)
1965: Ike & Tina Show 2 (Tomato)
1965: Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Harmony)
1966: River Deep - Mountain High (Philles/A&M)
1966: Ike & Tina Turner and the Raelettes (Tangerine)
1966: Live! The Ike & Tina Turner Show (Loma)
1966: Live! The Ike & Tina Turner Show, Vols. 1-2
1968: Outta Season (Blue Thumb)
1969: Ike & Tina Turner in Person (Minit)
1969: Fantastic (Sunset)
1969: Get It Together (Pompeii)
1969: Her Man His Woman (Capitol)
1969: The Hunter (Blue Thumb)
1970: On Stage (Valiant)
1970: Come Together (Liberty)
1971: Workin' Together (One Way)
1971: Nuff Said (United Artists)
1971: Something's Got a Hold on Me (Harmony)
1971: What You Hear Is What You Get (EMI)
1972: Feel Good (United Artists)
1973: Let Me Touch Your Mind (United Artists)
1973: Nutbush City Limits (United Artists)
1973: Live! The World of Ike and Tina Turner (United Artists)
1974: Strange Fruit (United Artists)
1974: Sweet Rhode Island Red (United Artists)
1974: Tina Turns the Country On (United Artists)
1974: The Gospel According to Ike and Tina (United Artists)
1974: The Great Album
1975: Sixteen Great Performances (ABC)
1977: Delilah's Power (United Artists)
2009: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out (Deluxe Edition Remastered) (Bonus CD Live) (※ローリング・ストーンズ)


1991: Proud Mary: The Best of Ike & Tina Turner (EMI)
1992: Proud Mary and Other Hits (EMI)
2002: Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter (EMI)
2007: The Ike & Tina Turner Story 1960-1975 (Time Life/WEA)
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Workin' Together 英文
1.As Long As I Can Get You When I Want You - 2001 Digital Remaster
2.Let It Be
3.Goodbye, So Long
4.Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter
5.Game of Love
6.Ooh Pooh Pah Doo
7.Proud Mary
What You Hear Is What You Get 英文
1.I've Been Loving You Too Long
2.Proud Mary (encore)
4.Honky Tonk Women (提供)
5.A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Everyday)
6.I Smell Trouble
Ultimum Maximum (Live) 英文
1.Sweet Rhode Island Red (Live)
2.Crazy 'Bout You Baby (Live)
3.With a Little Help from My Friends (Live)
4.Living for the City (Live) (提供)
5.Proud Mary (Live)
The Collected Recordings: Sixties To Nineties 英文
1.A Fool In Love - 1994 Remastered Version
2.I've Been Loving You Too Long
3.Proud Mary
4.It Ain't Right (Lovin' To Be Lovin') - 1994 Remastered Version
5.Sexy Ida (Part II) - 1994 Remastered Version
6.Nutbush City Limits - 1991 Remastered Version
7.Come Together - 1994 Remastered Version
8.I Want To Take You Higher - 1994 Remastered Version
9.Crazy 'Bout You Baby - 16 Bit 1994 Remastered Version
10.Finger Poppin' - 1994 Remastered Version
11.A Letter From Tina - 1994 Remastered Version
12.Poor Fool - 1994 Remastered Version
13.I Idolize You - 1994 Remastered Version
14.It's Gonna Work Out Fine - 1994 Remastered Version
15.Nutbush City Limits
The Collected Recordings: 60s to 90s 英文
1.Sexy Ida, Part I
2.A Letter From Tina
3.It Ain't Right (Lovin' to Be Lovin')
4.Proud Mary
5.I've Been Loving You Too Long
6.Nutbush City Limits
River Deep - Mountain High 英文
1.Twist and Shout (live)
2.Every Day I Have to Cry
3.I Can't Believe What You Say
4.I'll Never Need More Than This
5.Hold on Baby
6.Fool in Love
7.I Wish It Would Rain (live)
8.I Wanna Take You Higher
9.Such a Fool for You
10.Philadelphia Freedom
Original Gold 英文
1.It's Gonna Work Out Fine
2.Reconsider Baby
3.Delilahs Power
4.I've Been Loving You Too Long (live)
5.Drift Away
6.Let It Be
7.Proud Mary
8.Nutbush City Limits
9.Living for the City
Nutbush City Limits 英文
1.I Can't Stop Loving You
2.Drift Away
3.Rock Me Baby
4.Proud Mary
5.I Smell Trouble
6.Philadelphia Freedom
7.Never Been to Spain
8.I've Been Loving You Too Long
9.Use Me
10.Nutbush City Limits
11.I Can't Believe What You Say
12.I'm Falling in Love
14.Stormy Weather
15.Nutbush City Limits (Extended Disco Version)
16.You Are My Sunshine
17.I'm Yours (Use Me Anyway You Wanna)
18.Baby Get It On
19.Livin' for the City (提供)
20.Beauty Is Just Skin Deep
21.Crazy 'Bout You Baby
22.Living for the City
Living for the City 英文
1.I Know (You Don't Want Me No More)
2.Nutbush City Limits
3.I've Been Loving You Too Long
4.I Smell Trouble
5.Proud Mary
6.Philadelphia Freedom
7.Never Been to Spain
8.So Fine
9.Mississippi Rolling Stone
11.Why I Sing the Blues
12.Living for the City
Live! The Ike & Tina Turner Show - Vol. 2 英文
1.Early In The Morning - Live in Texas
2.All I Could Do Was Cry - Live in Texas
3.You're No Good - Live in Texas
In the Beginning 英文
1.I Wish It Would Rain
2.Baby, Baby, Get It On
3.Help Me Make It Through the Night
4.I Can't Believe What You Say
5.Philadelphia Freedom
Ike & Tina Turner 英文
1.Only Women Bleed
2.Nutbush City Limits
3.I've Been Loving You Too Long
4.I Smell Trouble (Live)
6.Never Been To Spain
7.Mississippi Rolling Stone
8.Proud Mary
9.The Hunter
10.Honest I Do
11.So Fine
12.Rock Me Baby
13.Drift Away
14.Louie Louie
15.Tweedle Dee
16.With a Little Help from My Friends
17.All I Could Do Was Cry (Live)
18.Living for the City
I Want to Take You Higher 英文
1.Ode to Billie Joe
2.Do the Locomotion
3.Got My Mojo Working
4.Proud Mary
5.Stormy Weather
Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter 英文
1.I Want To Take You Higher (2002 Digital Remaster)
2.Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter (2002 Digital Remaster)
3.Game of Love (2002 Digital Remaster)
4.As Long As I Can Get You When I Want You (2002 Digital Remaster)
5.Doin' It (2002 Digital Remaster)
Essential Masters 英文
1.Bet'cha Can't Kiss Me (Just One Time)
2.The Hunter
3.Honest I Do
4.Mississippi Rolling Stone
5.I Smell Trouble
6.Never Been to Spain
7.I've Been Loving You Too Long
8.Living for the City
Bold Soul Sister: The Best of the Blue Thumb Recordings 英文
1.You Don't Love Me (Yes, I Know)
2.Dust My Broom
3.I Am a Motherless Child
4.Honest I Do
5.Rock Me Baby
6.The Hunter
7.I Smell Trouble
8.I've Been Loving You Too Long
Alle 40 Goed 英文
1.Come Together - 1994 - Remaster
2.Nutbush City Limits
3.I've Been Loving You Too Long
4.Proud Mary
5.Honky Tonk Women (Remastered) (提供)
6.I Idolize You (Remastered)
7.Doin' It (Remastered)
8.Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter (Remastered)
9.Game of Love (Remastered)
10.I Want To Take You Higher (Remastered)
11.Sexy Ida (Part II) - 1994 Digital Remaster
12.Living For the City
Absolutely the Best 英文
1.Use Me
2.Proud Mary
3.Ya Ya
4.Keep on Pushin'
5.Knock on Wood
6.Living for the City
7.Come Together
8.River Deep - Mountain High
9.Twist and Shout
10.Never Been to Spain
12.Nutbush City Limits
1-B-Jewel Paula Ronn 英文
1.Drift Away
2.Sweet Rhode Island Red
3.Early In The Morning
4.A Love Like Yours
5.I Heard It Through the Grapevine (提供)
6.I've Been Loving You To Long
7.Get Back
1-A-Jewel Paula Ronn 英文
1.Rock Me Baby
2.Workin' Together
3.You Got What You Wanted
4.Sugar Sugar
5.I Smell Trouble
6.Crazy About You Baby
7.I Idolize You
暫存 英文
1.Save The Last Dance For Me
2.Honky Tonk Woman
3.I've Got My Mojo Working
4.Baby, Get it On
6.Born Free
7.Early One Morning
8.Sexy Ida (Part 1)
9.All I Could Do Was Cry
10.I'm Jealous
11.I Want To Take You Higher
12.I Can't Believe What You Say (For Seeing What You Do)
13.A Fool in Love
14.Letter from Tina
16.River Deep Mountain High
17.I Heard It Through the Grapevine (live)
18.Tra La La La La
19.Bold Soul Sister
20.River Deep/Mountain High
21.Hold On Baby
22.A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day)
23.It's Gonna Work Out Fine (Interface mix)
24.A Fool in Love (radio mix) (DJ Skooby House mix)
25.Every Day I Have To Cry
26.Something's Got A Hold On Me - Live Version
27.I'm Gonna Do All I Can (To Do Right By My Man) - 1994 - Remaster
28.River Deep - Mountain High - Remastered Version 1991
29.What's Love Got to Do With It
30.The Best (Edit)
31.Three O'Clock in the Morning Blues
32.You Shoulda Treated Me Right
34.Ode to Billy Joe
35.Chicken Shack
36.Too Many Tears in My Eyes
37.Shake a Tailfeather
38.I'm Gonna Cut You Loose
39.Cussin', Cryin' And Carryin' On (Live)
40.Son of a Preacher Man
41.Land of a Thousand Dances
42.If I Can't Be the First
43.All I can do is cry (Live)
44.Kinda Strange
45.You're Still My Baby (Studio Re Record)
46.Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter
47.Bootsy Whitelaw
48.Come Together (live)
49.Shake a Tail Feather (Live in Texas)
51.Proud Mary (Version 4)
52.I Can't Stop Loving You (Live Version)
53.The Argument
54.Am I a Fool in Love
55.You Should Have Treated Me Right
56.I Want to Take You Higher (reprise)
57.Whole Lotta Love
58.Nutbush City Limit
59.Lean on Me
60.You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too
61.Something Came Over Me
62.Under My Thumb
63.The Game of Love
65.Proud Mary - Edit
66.Nutbush City Limits (Live)
67.I Want to Take You Higher (Live)
68.Poor Fool
69.River Deep Mountain High (Live)
70.Nutbush City Limits - 2:55 version
71.River Deep - Mountain High (Remastered)
73.Black Angel
74.Ain't Nobody's Business
75.Cussin', Cryin' & Carryin' On
76.Twist & Shout
77.Keep On Pushing
78.A Love Like Yours - Remastered
79.Save the Last Dance for Me - Remastered
80.A Fool for You - Remastered

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