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I Monster【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 44 首歌 】
I Monster
類型: 神遊舞曲, 迷幻流行
成員: 迪恩·霍納, 賈羅德·高斯林

I Monster是一個英國電子音樂團體,由謝菲爾德唱片製作人Dean Honer和Jarrod Gosling組成。

我的怪物和它的標籤Twins of Evil都是以恐怖片(q.v. I,Monster和Twins of Evil)命名的。
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Bright Sparks 英文
1.The fantastic tale of Dr. MOOG and the birth of the shimmering beast (提供)
2.The uncertain contents of the BUCHLA box (提供)
3.Alan R Pearlman and the ARPiological exploration of the cosmos (提供)
4.The ballad of Harry CHAMBERLIN and the surreptitious window cleaner
5.The Bradley Brothers realise the transmutation of the Chamberlin to the MELLOTRON (提供)
6.London 1969-The Wizards of Putney deny accusations of unholy enchantment at the Electronic Music Studios (EMS) (提供)
7.Electronic Dream Plant (EDP)-The dirt in the ointment (提供)
8.The further adventures of K. FREEMAN and his incredible machine of a thousand strings (提供)
Swarf 英文
1.Hey You Beautiful Land (提供)
2.The Priest's Tale (提供)
3.The Holy Man
4.She Sucks (提供)
5.Magic Man
6.Food For The Sea (提供)
7.Early Morning Robert
8.Checkout Luv
10.A New All Powerful Brain
Neveroddoreven 英文
I Monster Presents People Soup 英文
1.Dumb Head
2.A Bullet Through The Heart
3.Knock The Door Down
A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars 英文
1.A Sucker For Your Sound
2.She's Giving Me The I
3.Lust For A Vampyr
4.Dear John
5.Sickly Suite Part 1: How Are You?
6.Sickly Suite Part 2: Out Of The Shadows
7.Sickly Suite Part 3: Gone
暫存 英文
1.Sunny Delights
2.Daydream In Blue
3.Everyone's A Loser
4.Who Is She?
5.These Are Our Children
6.Hey Mrs.
7.Black Cat Bamboozle
8.Lust for a Vampyr (Run Hide Survive Mix)
9.Dear John - Single Edit
10.Daydream in Blue - BBC Radio 2 Session
11.A Sucker for Your Sound (Remixed By Toddla T and Ross Orton)
12.Hey Mrs. (Glamour Puss mix)
13.Lucifer You Are a Devil
14.I Spider

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