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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Justin Young
Justin Young【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 108 首歌 】
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Clean Slate 英文
1.Flowers Never Die
2.Photographs (提供)
3.Before You Said Goodbye (提供)
4.Sweet November (提供)
5.Michael (提供)
6.Unspoken Prayer (提供)
7.I Will Always Be (提供)
8.Let Me Dream
9.Moment (提供)
10.Ashley (提供)
11.Here I Am (提供)
12.All I Say (提供)
13.Photographs (Extended Version) (提供)
Nothin' But Love 英文
1.Nothin' But Love (提供)
2.Today, Tomorrow (提供)
3.Catamaran Cruise (提供)
4.Heal the World (Tribute to Michael Jackson) (提供)
5.Lost Without U (提供)
6.India (提供)
7.Song for a Better Tomorrow (提供)
8.Interlude (提供)
9.Just the Way You Are (提供)
10.When Somebody Loves You Back (提供)
11.The Road to Hana (提供)
12.Lost Without U (Remix) (提供)
Just for Me 英文
1.Just for Me
2.Special Little Place (提供)
3.You Gave the World to Me (提供)
4.Take My Hand (提供)
5.You (Now and Forever) (提供)
6.Holding On (提供)
7.Again (提供)
8.With the Voice of Angels (提供)
9.Lullaby (提供)
Home for the Holidays 英文
1.I'll Be Home for Christmas
2.The Christmas Song
3.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
4.Let It Snow
5.Merry Christmas
6.Silent Night
7.Silver Bells
8.Little Drummer Boy
9.Jingle Bells
10.Sleight Ride
11.This Christmas
On the Way 英文
1.Sunny (提供)
2.LuvHandles (提供)
3.On the Way (提供)
4.Evening Dance (提供)
5.A Minor Groove (提供)
6.JY Funky (提供)
7.Hanna (提供)
8.New Day (提供)
9.Showers (提供)
10.Falling (提供)
11.Expressway 94 (提供)
12.Just Her and I (提供)
All Attached 英文
1.Swept Under
2.Over and Over
3.On the Run
5.Speak the Same
6.All Attached
7.Sand to Pearls
8.Sideshow Attraction
9.Sunlight of Kailua
10.Orange Blue Sky
11.Turn My Heart
13.Sung To
14.Final Answer
Demo Sessions... 英文
1.Slow Fade
2.my soundtrack (提供)
3.Feelings For Yesterday
4.native love
6.Another Friend
7.pocket (提供)
8.She Passes
9.true for You (提供)
10.Someone Who Knows
11.What I Do
12.Give Up The Sun
13.Mercury Girl
One Foot On Sand 英文
1.Big Yellow Taxi / Ka Manu (提供)
2.Lahela Ku'u Poki'i (提供)
3.One Foot On Sand
4.Kaili'ohe (提供)
5.Pule O'o (提供)
6.E Kailua E
7.O Tiare
8.Ano Kaiakea (提供)
9.Katinia (提供)
10.He Lei No Manoalani
11.The Girl from Ipanema
Makai 英文
2.My Favorite
3.Puzzle Pieces
4.Lose This One
5.Break It Down
6.Puzzle Pieces (Remix)
暫存 英文
1.Burn Me Down
2.Puzzle Pieces (feat. Colbie Caillat)
3.More Than Words
4.Leaving On a Jet Plane
5.My Eyes Adore You
6.The Dreaming Kind
7.Shake Me

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