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John Williamson【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 243 首歌 】
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Hillbilly Road 英文
1.Flowers On The Concrete (提供)
2.Drink A Little Love (提供)
3.Dark Irish Eyes (提供)
4.Hillbilly Road
5.Catch A Virgin (提供)
7.Pmarra Knatcha (My Home In The Bush) (提供)
8.Australia Is Another Word For Free (提供)
9.Better Than A Picture (提供)
10.Rivers, Wood N Wire (提供)
11.Beach Of Love (提供)
12.Tomorrow's Worries (提供)
13.The Joy Is In The Journey (提供)
14.Little Swallow, Baby Wu (提供)
We Love This Country 英文
1.We Love This Counntry (Official Theme Song Of Caravanning Australia) (提供)
2.Wobbly Boot Hotel (提供)
3.Singing In The Rain
4.You Come Back To Tassie (提供)
The Whiskey And The Highway 英文
1.Bottle Of Whiskey (提供)
2.Mama Never Gave Up (提供)
3.She Cheated You (提供)
4.River Town (提供)
5.Cheyenne (提供)
6.Don't Do Like I Do (提供)
7.Straight Jack Daniel's (提供)
8.Plenty (提供)
9.Home Don't Feel Like Home (提供)
10.This Is My Life (提供)
11.The Whiskey And The Highway (提供)
12.Drinking Again (提供)
Chandelier Of Stars 英文
1.Little Girl From The Dryland
2.Chandelier Of Stars
3.Bells In A Bushman's Ear
4.Cowboys And Indian
5.Skinny Dingoes
6.The Camel Boy
7.Keeper Of The Stones
8.Desert Child
9.Renner Springs
10.A Country Balladeer
12.Flower On The Water
13.Cowboys And Indians
Road Thru The Heart 英文
1.The Dusty Road We Know (提供)
2.Old Lou (提供)
3.Go To Nashville (提供)
4.The Shed
5.You And My Guitar
6.The Least I Can Do (Song For Ethiopia) (提供)
7.I Had A Dream (提供)
8.Someday An Eagle (提供)
9.See You Next Year, Mate (提供)
10.Alice Springs (提供)
11.Coober Pedy (提供)
12.Stan Coster (Poem) (提供)
13.Short Of A Quid
14.Goodbye Again (提供)
Old Farts In Caravan Parks 英文
1.The Vasectomy Song
2.Lillee & McEnroe (提供)
3.Sheik Of Scrubby Creek (提供)
4.Waratah Rock 'N' Roll Ball (提供)
5.I Wish Mate, I Wish (提供)
6.Full Moon Girl (提供)
7.Dog With No Hair (提供)
8.My Dad Snores
9.Teach Me To Drive, Dad (提供)
10.The Bowls (Bush Poem) (提供)
11.I Still Call The Commercial Home (提供)
12.Drunken Duncan (提供)
13.Big Bum On The Toilet Seat (提供)
14.Boogie With M'baby
15.Bill The Cat
16.Crocodile Roll
17.Old Farts In Caravan Parks (提供)
Bound For Botany Bay 英文
1.Country Football (提供)
2.Kill The Night (提供)
3.Why Don't We Seperate And Be Lovers (提供)
4.Botany Bay
6.Road Train (提供)
7.The Ryebuck Shearer (提供)
8.You've Gotta Be Fair Dinkum (提供)
9.Just A Dog (提供)
10.Silver Haired Showman (提供)
11.With A Swag Upon My Shoulder (提供)
12.Love Of A True Blue Girl (提供)
13.Your Body Feels Like Heaven To Me (提供)
14.Brisbane Ladies (提供)
Gunyah 英文
1.Sing You The Outback
2.Frangipani Bay
3.Cape York Peninsula (提供)
4.Granny's Little Gunyah (提供)
5.Butter Outa Grass (提供)
6.A Mighty Big River (提供)
7.Around Jindabyne (提供)
8.The Devil's Boots (提供)
9.You Are My Foundation (提供)
10.Buried In Her Bedclothes (提供)
11.The Kiwi And The Emu
12.Telephone In My Pocket (提供)
13.Big Brother, Little Brother (提供)
Waratah St. 英文
1.Songs For My Guitar (提供)
2.Tubbo Station (提供)
3.Winter Green (提供)
4.Waratah Street (提供)
5.A Bushman Can't Survive
6.Wobbly Boot Hotel (Boggabilla Pub) (提供)
7.Goondiwindi Pork (提供)
8.Will Our Grandchildren Sing (提供)
9.A Flag Of Our Own (提供)
10.The Big Depression (提供)
11.Ami, Take Your Chances! (提供)
12.Georgie (提供)
13.Beachcomber From Wollongong (提供)
14.Millions Of Women (提供)
15.Papa Whisky November (提供)
Warragul 英文
2.Why They Call Him Sundown (提供)
3.Station Cook (提供)
4.Drover's Boy
5.Ancient Mountains
6.Charters Towers (提供)
7.Special Girl (提供)
8.40 Years Ago (提供)
9.Longreach Is Praying (提供)
10.Big Bad Bushranger
11.Rip Rip Woodchip
The Way It Is 英文
1.Campfire On The Road (提供)
2.A Thousand Feet
3.Three Sons
4.Queensland Bungalow
6.Mountain Hideaway
7.Singing It In The Rain (提供)
8.Would I Be The One (提供)
9.We're Still Here
10.Happy Birthday My Old Friend
12.Great Ocean Road
13.Purple Roses
14.Do I Love You (提供)
15.Thargomindah (The Way It Is)
16.The Land Of The Truly Free
Pipe Dream 英文
1.On The Improve (提供)
2.Wedding Ring
3.The Blues Sometimes
4.Coolabah Blue
5.Pipe Dream
6.Vegie Bill
7.Prettiest Girl In The Kimberley
8.The Girl I Met
9.Missin' The Kisses (提供)
10.Power Over Me (提供)
11.Woman On The Land
12.Bush Telegraph
13.Rosewood Hill
14.Old Pancho (提供)
15.Sir Don (提供)
Old Man Emu 英文
1.Old Man Emu
2.Big Country Round
3.Boyhood Story (提供)
4.Under The Bridge (提供)
5.Heaven's Right Here (提供)
6.The Breaker (提供)
7.Murrumbidgee Madness (提供)
8.A Granda Plan For Landa (提供)
9.Only A Dog (提供)
10.Springbrook (提供)
11.Send Down The Rain
12.Hawkesbury River Lovin'
13.Diggers Of The Anzac (This Is Gallipoli)
Mulga To Mangoes 英文
1.Aussie Balladeer
2.The Farming Game
3.Seven Year Itch
4.River Crying Out
5.The Buckled Bicycle
6.All Steamy
7.Sydney 2000
8.Last Night A Love Song
9.Tropical Fever (提供)
10.Fool To Love You (提供)
11.Little P**s Paddle (提供)
12.Tony M' Mate
13.Christmas Waltz
14.At Lightning Ridge
15.Pickin' On Murray
16.My Oath To Australia (提供)
Mallee Boy 英文
1.Mallee Boy
2.Galleries Of The Pink Galahs
3.Back At The Isa
4.Raining On The Rock
5.Three Rivers Hotel
6.Cracker Night
7.Humpin' My Bluey
8.The Budgie Song
9.I'm In The Mood
10.Cootamundra Wattle
11.Paint Me A Wheelbarrow (提供)
12.Diamantina Drover
13.Show Me A Better Way (提供)
Home Among The Gumtrees 英文
1.Dad's Flowers
2.The Bush Barber (提供)
3.Good Tobacci When I Smoke (提供)
4.The Trees Have Now Gone
5.The Last Of The Pioneers (提供)
6.Queen In The Sport Of Kings (提供)
7.I've Always Been A Drover (提供)
8.I'm Fair Dinkum
9.Drunken Duncan (As Merv Currawong) (提供)
10.Stoned This Afternoon (As Chad Morgan) (提供)
12.Only 19
13.We Will Stop The War (提供)
14.I'll Be Gone
Boomerang Cafe 英文
1.It's A Way Of Life
2.Old Man Verandah (提供)
3.Sail The Nullarbor (提供)
4.Westown (提供)
5.Welcome All To Broome (提供)
6.The March For Australia (提供)
7.The Boomerang Cafe (提供)
8.The Trucker's Wife (提供)
9.You're A Miner (提供)
10.The Only One (提供)
11.One More For The Road (提供)
Boogie With M' Baby 英文
1.Big Bum On The Toliet Seat (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Home Among The Gum Tree's
2.Waltzing Matilda
3.True Blue
4.Advance Australia Fair
5.Salisbury Street
6.Home Among The Gum Trees
7.Galleries Of Pink Galahs
8.Amazing Day
9.The Truckie's Wife
10.I Was Only 19 (Live)
11.True Blue (Early Version)
12.Waltzing Matilda 2000
13.True Blue (21st Anniversary Version)
14.Raining On the Rock (with Warren H. Williams) (Live)
15.Little Girl from the Dryland (Live)
16.Girt By Sea

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