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John Lee Hooker( 約翰李·胡克 )【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 185 首歌 】
約翰·李·胡克(英語:John Lee Hooker,1912年8月22日或1917年-2001年6月21日),是一位美國藍調歌手、詞曲作者和吉他手。他出生在密西西比州,是一個佃農的兒子,由於演奏適當的三角洲藍調風格的電吉他而聞名。胡克通常吸收其他因素,包括說話的藍調和早期北密西西比山鄉村藍調。他發展了自己的駕駛節奏趴風格,源於20世紀30年代- 40年代的鋼琴的布基烏基風格。他的一些最知名的歌曲包括'Boogie Chillen'(1948年)、'Crawling King Snake'(1949年)、'Dimples'(1956年)、'Boom Boom'(1962年)和'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer' (1966年),這個是第一個是自1949年最流行的賽事唱片。
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Urban Blues 英文
1.Mr. Lucky
2.I Gotta Go To Vietnam
3.The Motor City Is Burning
4.Hot Spring Water, Part II (提供)
5.Hot Spring Water, Part I (提供)
6.I'm Standing In Line (提供)
7.Think Twice Before You Go
8.I Can't Stand To Leave You (提供)
9.My Own Blues
10.Mr. LuckyAlbum Version
11.Cry Before I Go
12.Messin' 'Round With The Blues (提供)
Two Sides Of John Lee Hooker 英文
1.I Love You Honey
3.Don't Look Back
The Big Soul Of John Lee Hooker 英文
1.San Francisco
2.I'm Mad Again
3.What Do You Say (提供)
4.You've Taken My Woman (提供)
5.You Gotta Shake It up and Go (提供)
6.No One Told Me (提供)
7.Onions (提供)
8.Good Rocking Mama
9.Big Soul (提供)
10.You Know I Love You (提供)
11.Old Time Shimmy (提供)
12.I Love Her (提供)
13.She Shot Me Down (提供)
14.Send Me Your Pillow
15.Take a Look at Yourself
16.Thelma (提供)
Sally Mae (The Modern Singles 1948-1950) 英文
1.Boogie Chillen
2.No Friend Around
3.Playing The Races
4.I'm A Howlin' Wolf
5.Drifting From Door To Door
6.Crawling Kingsnake
7.Weeping Willow Boogie
8.Whistlin' and Moanin' Blues (提供)
9.Hoogie Boogie (提供)
10.Roll 'n' Roll
暫存1 英文
1.Mama, You Got A Daughter
2.Boom, Boom (1961)
3.Boogie Chillun
4.House Rent Boogie
6.Drifting Blues
7.Hold On Baby
8.Gonna Use My Rod
9.Four Women In My Life
10.I Need Some Money
11.Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
12.R.M. Blues
13.Cuttin' Out
14.Worried Life Blues
15.Forgive Me
16.Crawlin' King Snake
17.That's All Right
18.Key To The Highway
19.Boogie Rambler
20.Let Your Daddy Ride
21.You Talk Too Much
22.Stormy Monday
23.Just You And Me
24.Meet Me In The Bottom
25.The Feelin' Is Gone
26.Sailing Blues
27.Country Boy
28.Money (That's What I Want)
29.Queen Bee
30.Night Time Is The Right Time
31.Welfare Blues
32.Moon Is Rising
33.The Things That I Used To Do (Single Version)
34.I'm In The Mood
35.John L's House Rent Boogie
36.Backbiters And Syndicaters
37.My Baby's Got Something
38.Playin' The Races
39.Huckle Up Baby
40.Rollin' Blues
41.Pea Vine Special
42.Canal Street Blues
43.Black Cat Blues
45.Good Mornin', Lil' School Girl
46.Doin' The Shout
47.I Like To See You Walk
48.Please Send Me Someone To Love
49.Three Long Years Today
50.Strike Blues
51.Find Me A Woman
52.I Need Love So Bad
53.Dizzy Miss Lizzy
54.I Got My Eyes On You
55.Hobo Blues
56.Sally Mae
57.No More Doggin'
58.I'm Wanderin'
59.The Healer
60.Tupelo Blues
61.Do My Baby Think Of Me
62.Boom Boom
63.She's Mine (Keep Your Hands To Yourself)
64.Annie Mae
65.Please Don't Go
66.Democrat Man
67.This Is Hip
68.The Waterfront
69.One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
70.Nobody Knows
71.You're Looking Good Tonight
72.Mini Skirts
73.Send Me The Pillow
74.No Mortgage On My Soul
75.Leave My Wife Alone
77.Cold Chills All Over Me
78.Weeping Willow
79.When My First Wife Left Me
81.Wednesday Evening
82.Blues For Big Town
83.It's My Own Fault
84.Mad Man Blues
85.Frisco Blues
87.The Moon Above
88.How Can You Do It?
89.Want Ad Blues
90.She Left Me By Myself
91.My Baby's Got Somethin'
92.I'm Goin' Upstairs
93.Anybody Seen My Baby
94.Little Wheel
95.Goin' On Highway 51
96.Decoration Day Blues
97.I'll Never Trust Your Love Again
98.Down At The Landing
暫存 英文
1.Run On
2.I'm So Excited
3.Notoriety Woman
4.I'm A Stranger
5.Birmingham Blues
6.Boom! Boom!
7.The Story Of A Married Woman
8.Bottle Up & Go
9.No Friend Around (T.B.'s Killin' Me)
10.Please Have Mercy
11.I'm Going Upstairs
12.Let's Make It
13.Give Me Your Phone Number
14.Jump Chillun
15.Dusty Road
17.You Sure Look Good To Me
18.One More Time
19.Baby Please Don't Go
20.Baby Lee
21.Let's Talk It Over
22.Half A Stranger
23.Everybody Rockin'
24.I'm Leaving
26.You're Nice And Kind To Me Lou Della
27.Time Is Marchin'
28.You Know, I Know
29.Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U (Blues For Jimi And Janis)
30.I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam
31.I'll Know Tonight
33.Boom Boom Boom
34.Well I Got To Leave
35.Mambo Chillun
36.Prison Bound
37.I Was Standing By The Wayside
38.Bar Room Drinking
39.Throw This Old Dog A Bone
40.Little Girl
41.Burning Hell
42.It Serves You Right To Suffer
43.My Baby Don't Love Me
44.Crawling King Snake
45.I Put My Trust in You
46.Burnin' Hell (feat. Ben Harper)

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