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John Edmond【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 140 首歌 】
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The Boer War in Song 英文
1.All the Pretty Flowers (提供)
2.Rag Tag Army (提供)
3.A Trooper's Diary (提供)
4.Brittish Tommy Atkins (提供)
5.Johnny Boer (提供)
6.The Hill At Magersfontein (提供)
7.The Siege At Elands River
8.Fearless (提供)
9.I Will Lead Your Waggons (提供)
10.The Unknown Soldier (提供)
11.The Spirit of Breaker Morant (提供)
12.Blessed Angles (提供)
13.Shake Hands With De La Rey (提供)
14.What in the Hell Was It For? (提供)
15.Run Away (提供)
16.I Married Me a Lady (提供)
17.Sarie Marais (提供)
18.We Are Good Friends Now (提供)
Zimsongs 英文
1.Chia Lo Six Zimbabwe (提供)
2.The Great White Water (提供)
3.When Are You Coming Home Shamwari? (提供)
4.Nyaminyami (提供)
5.Son of a Dagga Boy (提供)
6.The Zim Rugby Party (提供)
7.The Bridge of Steel (提供)
8.Rockin' On a Rollin' Houseboat (提供)
9.Tale of a Hippo's Tale (提供)
10.Where Do the Elephants Go (提供)
11.Lucky Bean Lucy (提供)
12.Story in the Sand (提供)
13.Karanga Drums (提供)
14.Piccaninny Dreams (提供)
15.Angels On My Wingtips (提供)
Troopiesongs - Complete 英文
1.I Wish I Was a Blue Job (提供)
2.Forgotten Soldier (提供)
3.Daddy Is a Trooper (提供)
4.Jungle Green (提供)
5.Flat Dog Blues (提供)
6.The Battle of Bembesi (提供)
7.The U.D.I. Song (提供)
8.A Soldier's Dream (提供)
9.Green and White (提供)
10.Trooper Thomas (提供)
11.The Candle That Burns (提供)
12.Shangani Patrol (提供)
13.The Happy Safari (提供)
14.Entertainer's Sharp-End Blues (提供)
15.Goodbye Not Goodnight
16.Sling Your Slayer (提供)
17.We Stand Alone (提供)
18.The W.O.'s Gone All Disco (提供)
19.Ratpack Boogie (提供)
20.The Whistlin' Troopie
21.For You Bob (提供)
22.There's a Convoy Leaving (提供)
23.The Gunship Calypso (提供)
24.Back in the Stick (提供)
25.Sweet Banana (提供)
26.Black Boots (提供)
27.Pick Yourself Up
28.When the Leaf Is On the Tree (提供)
29.The Incredibles (提供)
30.Roger Was a Mine Dog (提供)
31.Warriors Bold (提供)
32.In the Name of Grey
33.It Makes Me So Sad (提供)
34.Salisbury Town (提供)
35.Daisy (提供)
36.Keep Your Head Down (提供)
37.The Green Leader Theme (提供)
38.Troopie Boy You Won (提供)
39.Cammo Clad Angel (提供)
40.You Ain't No Hero (提供)
41.Sergeant Guy (提供)
42.Mother a Lady (提供)
43.George (提供)
44.Let's Have a Hooley (提供)
45.Dad's Army (提供)
46.The Penhalonga Piper (提供)
47.Nobody Was There (提供)
48.Flesh and Bone Soldier (提供)
49.The Last Word in Rhodesian (提供)
All Time Rhodesian Evergreens 英文
1.The Old Zimbabwe Ghost (提供)
2.David (提供)
3.Mosi-Oa-Tunya (提供)
4.The Spirit is Strong (提供)
5.The Zeederberg (提供)
6.How many Crosses (提供)
7.Sandy (提供)
8.The Scottish Pioneer (提供)
9.Bushtown (提供)
10.Matabele Guitar (提供)
11.Mashonaland Farewell (提供)
12.Christmas in Rhodesia (提供)
13.Salome, Jennifer and Me (提供)
14.Ridgeback (提供)
15.Farewell Britannia
16.God's Country (提供)
17.Rhodies Everywhere (提供)
18.Enkeldoorn in Arizona (提供)
19.Shosholoza/Phambile (提供)
20.Keep the Flame Lily Burning (提供)
21.Kum-A-Kye (提供)
22.The Regiment Lives on (提供)
23.Wheelchair Warrior (提供)
24.London Bobby (提供)
25.Down the River (提供)
26.Zimbabwe Ruins (提供)
27.Kashile (提供)
28.The Great White Tribe (提供)
29.Snakes and Snipers (提供)
30.The Whenwe Song
31.Rhodie Girl (提供)
32.The Troopie (提供)
33.Agisymban Trilogy (提供)
34.Rhodesians of the World (提供)
35.The Chilapalapa Song (提供)
36.Rock 'n Roll Rhodie (提供)
37.Braai in the Middle of England (提供)
38.Armistice Day (提供)
39.The Saints (提供)
40.Toast to Harry (提供)
41.Baden Powell (提供)
Wild and Beautiful and Free 英文
1.Jock of the Bushveld (提供)
2.Chipimbiri (Rhino Song) (提供)
3.Ehlathini (提供)
4.Sparrow My Universal Friend (提供)
5.Wild and Beautiful and Free (提供)
6.Big Boy Blue (提供)
7.Nomad of the Kalahari (提供)
8.Hapoor (提供)
9.Noah the Phantom Ranger (提供)
10.Chayira (提供)
11.Did You Ever See a Kudu Cry (提供)
12.Save the Mountain Zebra (提供)
13.Chief Seattle (提供)
14.Coal Mine in Paradise (提供)
15.Love for Life (提供)
16.Sitting in the Bundu (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Battle of Bembezi

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