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Jessie Ware( 傑西·薇爾 )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 108 首歌 】
Jessie Ware(傑西·薇爾)出生 15th October 1985 倫敦是一名英國女歌手,與PMR所簽約的詞曲作者,最出名的是她的2012單曲Wildest Moments和Running。最著名的專輯是2012年8月17日發表的Devotion

Devotion (2012年) 全英最高5位


If You're Never Gonna Move (2013年)

Strangest Feeling (2011年)
Running (2012年)
If You're Never Gonna Move (2012年)
Wildest Moments (2012年)
Night Light (2012年)
Sweet Talk (2013年)
Imagine It Was Us (2013年)
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Tough Love 英文
1.Tough Love
2.You & I (Forever)
4.Sweetest Song
5.Kind of...Sometimes...Maybe (提供)
6.Want Your Feeling
8.Keep On Lying
9.Champagne Kisses
11.All On You
12.Share It All
13.The Way We Are
14.Midnight Caller
15.Say You Love Me
If You're Never Gonna Move (EP) 英文
1.If You're Never Gonna Move
2.If You're Never Gonna Move (Two Inch Punch Remix)
3.Sweet Talk (EP)
4.Devotion (EP)
5.What You Won't Do For Love (EP)
Devotion 英文
2.Wildest Moments
4.Still Love Me
5.No to Love
6.Night Light
7.Swan Song
8.Sweet Talk
10.Taking In Water
11.Something Inside
12.Strangest Feeling
13.What You Won't Do For Love
110% (Single) 英文
1.110% (Single)
Wildest Moments (Remixes) 英文
1.Wildest Moments - Star Slinger Remix
2.Wildest Moments - Zed Bias AKA MaddSlinky Remix
3.Wildest Moments - T. Williams Remix
Spotify Sessions (Live From Spotify London) 英文
1.Night Light - Live From Spotify London
2.Devotion - Live From Spotify London
3.Wildest Moments - Live From Spotify London
4.Running - Live From Spotify London
Glasshouse 英文
2.Last of the True Believers (Acoustic)
4.Finish What We Started
5.Slow Me Down
7.First Time
8.Hearts (Acoustic)
9.Love To Love
10.Til the End
11.Your Domino
12.Thinking About You
14.Stay Awake, Wait For Me
Devotion - The Gold Edition 英文
1.Night Light - Live From London, United Kingdom / 2012
3.Taking In Water
4.Still Love Me
5.Wildest Moments
7.Wildest Moments - Acoustic
8.Something Inside
9.Swan Song
10.Night Light
11.No To Love
12.Devotion - Live From London, United Kingdom / 2013
13.What You Won't Do For Love
暫存 英文
1.Till The End - From 'Me Before You'
2.A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
3.Till the End (Ein ganzes halbes Jahr)
4.A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Aus 'Cinderella')
5.A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (From 'Cinderella')
6.Wildest Moments (Live)
7.Say You Love Me (HK Miami 2015 Edit) (Gorgon City Remix)
8.Meet Me In the Middle (CANVAS Remix)
9.Meet Me In the Middle
10.Meet Me In the Middle (From The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Soundtrack)
11.Wildest Moments - Live From London, United Kingdom / 2013
12.Champagne Kisses (TCTS Remix)
13.Say You Love Me (Alex Adair Remix)
14.Say You Love Me (Live At The iTunes Festival)
15.Want Your Feeling (Live At The iTunes Festival)
16.Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe (Live At The iTunes Festival)
17.Keep On Lying (Live At The iTunes Festival)
18.Cruel (Live At The iTunes Festival)
19.You & I (Forever) (Kidnap Kid Remix)
20.Tough Love (Weekend Edit) (Cyril Hahn Remix)
21.Running (Acoustic)
22.Running (Live Sessions At Trójka Studio)
23.Night Light - Live Sessions At Trójka Studio
24.Running (radio edit)
25.No to Love (George Fitzgerald mix)
26.Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix)
27.Imagine It Was Us
28.Sweet Talk (Cyril Hahn Remix)
29.No To Love (Addicted To Bass 2013 Edit) (George FitzGerald Mix)
30.Running (Disclosure remix)
31.Running (Gotta Have House Edit) (Disclosure Remix)
32.Say You Love Me (I Love House Edit) (Alex Adair Remix)
33.Say You Love Me (Shura Remix)
34.Tough Love (Cyril Hahn Remix)
35.Never Knew Love Like This Before
37.Midnight - Single Version
38.Selfish Love
39.Say You Love Me (Live)
40.Alone (R3hab Remix)

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