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Kindred The Family Soul【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 72 首歌 】
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Legacy of Love 英文
1.Love Is,,,Pt. 1 (feat. Lanaa Dantzler) (提供)
2.All My People (Boogie Back Remix) (提供)
3.Love Is...Outro (提供)
4.Moving On (提供)
5.Another One (提供)
6.Going All the Way (提供)
7.Never Know (提供)
8.Where Do We Go (提供)
9.Nobody Like You (提供)
10.Get There (提供)
11.All My People (提供)
12.Welcome to My World
13.Legacy of Love
1.Never Loved You More (提供)
2.A Couple Friends (提供)
3.One Day Soon (提供)
4.Loving the Night (提供)
5.Everybody's Hustling
6.Call Me Crazy (提供)
7.Get It, Got It (提供)
8.What I've Learned (提供)
9.Look At What We Made (提供)
10.Drop the Bomb (提供)
11.Here We Go (提供)
12.Momma Said Clean Up (提供)
13.Not Complaining (提供)
Love Has No Recession 英文
1.The Sheddington (Intro) (提供)
2.Above The Water, Pt. 1
3.We All Will Know
4.Take A Look Around
5.You Got Love (提供)
6.Magic Happen
7.Authentically You
8.Above Water, Pt. 2
9.SOS (Sense Of Security)
10.Sticking With You
11.2 Words
12.Going To The Go-Go
13.Love Has No Recession
14.Above The Water, Pt. 3 (提供)
15.The Sheddington (Outro)/Rain (Skit) (提供)
16.You Got Love*
The Arrival 英文
1.Can't Help It (提供)
2.Pressure (提供)
3.Just The Way You Are (提供)
4.House Of Love
5.Alright (提供)
6.Rightfully So (提供)
7.Set Free (提供)
8.The Struggle (提供)
9.Love We Share (提供)
10.No Limit
11.Poetry (提供)
12.Hey (提供)
13.So Much Better (提供)
14.Always Be Arriving (提供)
Surrender To Love 英文
Live from London (10th Anniversary of Surrender to Love) 英文
1.Stars (Live)
2.Far Away (Live)
3.Surrender to Love (Live)
4.Rhythm of Life (Live)
5.Contentment (Live)
6.If I (Live)
In This Life Together 英文
1.Thru Love
2.Woman First
3.My Time
暫存 英文
1.If I
3.Where Would I Be (The Question)
5.Everybody's Hustlin'
6.Rhythm of Life

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