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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Kim Walker-Smith( 基姆·沃克 )
Kim Walker-Smith( 基姆·沃克 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 89 首歌 】
Kim Walker-Smith(1981年12月19日出生,Kimberlee Dawn Walker)是美國歌手,歌曲作者,崇拜領袖和錄音藝術家。 她製作了她的第一張個人專輯“Here Is My Song”,於2008年2月通過耶穌文化唱片公司發行。 沃克史密斯最著名的是耶穌文化樂隊和耶穌文化活動的崇拜領袖,以及雷丁教會的伯特利教會的崇拜牧師。

她在約翰·麥克麥克曼(John Mark McMillan)的歌曲“他如何愛”中,已被瀏覽了超過1700萬次YouTube。 她演繹了布萊恩·約翰遜和喬恩·莫爾的歌曲“你去哪裡”,在YouTube上有超過600萬的觀看次數。
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Unstoppable Love 英文
1.We Will Run
2.Unstoppable Love
3.Your Name Is Glorious
4.Wide Open
5.In Awe of You
6.10,000 Reasons
Still Believe 英文
2.Waste It All
3.The King Is Here
4.Yield My Heart
5.Spirit Break Out
6.Spirit Break Out/Spontaneous (提供)
7.Still Believe
8.Miracle Maker
9.Healing Oil
Consumed 英文
1.Heaven Is Here
2.Revelation Song
3.Light of Your Face
5.You Are Faithful
When Christmas Comes 英文
1.Tell Me the Story of Jesus
2.Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
3.Winter Wonderland
4.Carol of the Bells
5.O Holy Night
6.O Come All Ye Faithful
7.O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
8.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
9.The First Noel
10.Angels We Have Heard on High
11.Silent Night
12.The Christmas Song
Still Believe (Live) 英文
1.Spirit Break Out / Spontaneous (Medley/Live)
2.Still Believe - Live
3.Yield My Heart - Live
4.Healing Oil (Live)
5.Miracle Maker (Live)
6.The King Is Here (Live)
7.Waste It All (Live)
8.Alive (Live)
On My Side 英文
1.Throne Room
2.Fresh Outpouring
3.On My Side
Let It Echo 英文
1.In your presence
Home 英文
1.Your Voice
2.Unstoppable Love
3.Face to Face
4.Forever Praise
5.Christ the Rock
7.Oh Beautiful
8.Relentless Pursuit
9.My One and Only
Here Is My Song 英文
1.I Asked You for Life
2.I Have Found
3.Open Up Heaven
4.Can I Have More of You
5.Spontaneous Song
Here Is My Song (Live) 英文
1.I Asked You for Life (Live)
2.Spontaneous Song 5 (Live)
3.Can I Have More of You (Live)
4.Spontaneous Song 4 (Live)
5.I Surrender (Live)
6.Spontaneous Song 3 (Live)
7.Open Up Heaven (Live)
8.Spontaneous Song 2 (Live)
9.I Have Found (Live)
10.Spontaneous Song 1 (Live)
Awakening (Live from Chicago) 英文
1.Father of Lights
2.Perfect Love (Father of Lights reprise)
4.I Surrender
5.Fill Me Up
暫存 英文
1.10000 reasons (bless the Lord)
2.How He Loves Us
3.Jesus We Look To Thee
4.Beauty of Your Presence
5.I Need You More
6.Spontaneous Song 1
7.Spontaneous Song 2
8.Spontaneous Song 3
9.Spontaneous Song 4
10.Spontaneous Song 5
11.We Cry Out
12.Happy Day
13.Where You Go I Go
14.How He Loves
15.All I Need Is You
16.I Know

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