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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Kim Carnes( 金卡恩斯 )
Kim Carnes( 金卡恩斯 )【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 176 首歌 】
金·卡內斯-Kim Carnes(1958年7月20日出生)是格萊美獲獎的兩位美國歌手 - 作曲家。卡內斯出生在加利福尼亞州洛杉磯,現居住在田納西州納什維爾,在那裡她繼續寫音樂。她於1960年代開始擔任歌曲創作者,在當地俱樂部演出,為其他藝術家撰寫作品,並與著名的“水域姐妹”(紀錄片“Stardom”20英尺特寫)作為會話背景歌手一起工作。她與Jimmy Bowen簽署了首張出版協議後,於1972年發行了首張專輯“Rest on Me”。

作為一個獨奏藝術家,卡內斯與她的單曲“更多的愛”,“瘋狂的夜晚(飛機吠叫)”,“不要誤會(他是我的)”,與Barbra Streisand,“我會在這裡心臟在哪裡。她最成功的單曲是“Bette Davis Eyes”,於1981年發行。這首歌贏得了兩個格萊美獎;年度歌曲和年度記錄,成為美國暢銷單曲。

Carnes的自我標榜首張專輯主要包含自製歌曲,包括她的第一張圖表單曲“你是我的一部分”,1975年在“廣告牌成人當代”圖表中達到了第三十五張。在下一年,卡內斯發布Sailin',其中“愛從意外的地方”。這首歌在1976年的東京歌曲節中獲得了美國歌曲節和最佳作曲獎。作為歌曲作者的其他成就包括共同撰寫由文斯·吉爾(Vince Gill)錄製的Donna Weiss的“心臟不會謊言”和Reba McEntire,並共同撰寫Kenny Rogers的概念專輯Gideon(1980)的歌曲。

她獨特的喧囂聲樂風格與Rod Stewart進行了比較。
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Hits 英文
1.Bette Davis Eyes
2.Crazy in the Night (Barking at Airplanes)
3.Does It Make You Remember
4.Invisible Hands
5.Divided Hearts
6.Will You Remember Me
7.You're A Part Of Me
8.The Best Of You (Has Got The Best Of Me)
9.It's Not The Spotlight
10.Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer
11.I Pretend
12.Make No Mistake, He's Mine
13.What About Me
14.If You Don't Want My Love
15.Tears Edge
16.Just To See You Smile (提供)
Kim Carnes 英文
1.And Still Be Loving You
2.Bad Seed
3.Do You Love Her
4.Good Old Days
5.Hang On To Your Airplane (Honeymoon)
6.It Could Have Been Better
7.Nothing Makes Me Feel As Good As A Love Song
8.Somewhere In The Night
9.Waiting For The Pain To Go Away
10.What Good Is Love
11.You're A Part Of Me
Gypsy Honeymoon: The Best of Kim Carnes 英文
1.Bette Davis Eyes
2.Chain Letter
3.Don't Cry Now
4.Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer
5.It Hurts So Bad
6.Make No Mistake He's Mine
7.Mistaken Identity
8.More Love
9.Still Hold On
10.The Thrill Of The Grill
11.You're A Part Of Me
12.Crazy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes)
13.Rough Edges
14.I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is
15.Gypsy Honeymoon
Checkin' Out The Ghosts 英文
1.Checkin' Out The Ghosts
2.Get Busy
3.Gypsy Honeymoon
4.Independent Girl
5.Look Through Children's Eyes
6.Nothin' Better Than Love
7.River of Memories
8.Tear's Edge
9.You Are Everything
10.Hangin' On by a Thread
11.Hangin' On By A Thread
View From The House 英文
1.Blood From The Bandit
2.Brass & Batons
3.Crazy In Love
4.Crimes Of The Heart
5.Fantastic Fire Of Love
6.Heartbreak Radio
7.If You Don't Want My Love
8.Just To Spend Tonight With You
9.Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
10.Willie And The Hand Jive
Light House 英文
1.Along With The Radio
2.Black And White
3.Dancin' At The Lighthouse
4.Divided Hearts
5.I'd Lie To You For Your Love
6.Love Me Like You Never Did Before
7.Only Lonely Love
8.Piece Of The Sky
9.That's Where The Trouble Lies
10.You Say You Love Me
Cafe Racers 英文
Voyeur 英文
1.Merc Man
Mistaken Identity 英文
1.Break The Rules Tonight (Out of School)
2.Don't Call It Love
3.Draw Of The Cards
4.Hit And Run
5.Miss You Tonight
6.My Old Pals
7.When I'm Away From You
8.Bette Davis Eyes
9.Mistaken Identity
10.Still Hold On
Romance Dance 英文
St Vincent's Court 英文
1.Blinded By Love
2.Goodnight Moon
3.Jamaica Sunday Morning
4.Lookin' For A Big Night
5.Lose In Love
6.Paris Without You (St Vincent's Court)
7.Skeptical Shuffle
8.Stay Away
9.Take Me Home To Where My Heart Is
10.What Am I Gonna Do
11.It Hurts So Bad
Sailin' 英文
1.All He Did Was Tell Me Lies
2.He'll Come Around
3.It's Not The Spotlight
4.Last Thing You Ever Wanted To Do
5.Let Your Love Come Easy
6.Love Comes From Unexpected Places
8.The Best Of You
10.Warm Love
暫存 英文
1.I'll Be There Where The Heart Is
2.Oliver (Voice On The Radio)
4.More Love
7.It Hurts so Bad
8.I'll Be Here Where the Heart Is
9.One Kiss
10.He Makes The Sun Rise (Orpheus)
11.Begging For Favors
12.Don't Pick Up The Phone (Pick Up The Phone)
13.Chain Letter
14.Bon Voyage
15.Take It On The Chin Baby
16.To Love Somebody
17.Betty Davis Eyes
18.Say You Don't Know Me
19.Breakin' Away From Sanity
20.Miss You Tonite
21.Young Love
22.You Make My Heart Beat Faster
23.The Universal Song
24.Where Is Your Heart
25.Met You At The Wrong Time of My Life
26.A Kick In The Heart
27.You Turned My World Around
28.You Don't Love Me Anymore
29.What Good Is Love (Later on the Equator)
30.When To Hold On
31.When The Walls Come Down
32.We Can Get Through This
33.Under My Thumb
34.To The Other Side
35.The Heart Won't Lie
36.She Dances With Meat
37.Love Hurts
38.Just One Little Kiss
39.Hooked On The Memory Of You
40.Nothing Makes Me Feel as Good as a Love...
41.In Chill Of The Night
42.Touch And Go
43.Tear Me Apart
44.Waiting for the Pain to Go Away
45.Cry Like A Baby
46.Somewhere in the Night
47.Hit And Run
48.Hang on to Your Airplane (Honeymoon)
50.When I'm Away From You
51.The Arrangement
52.Thrill of the Grill
53.Swept Me Off My Feet
54.Invitation To Dance - 2001 Remaster - Vocal Dance Mix
55.Bette Davis Eyes (Longy & Tron Remix)
56.Bette Davis Eyes (1997 Digital Remaster)
57.Break the Rules Tonite (Out of School)
58.Bettie Davis Eyes
59.Bette Davis Eyes (Radio Edit; 1997 Digital Remaster)
60.Betty Davis Eyes (Re-Recorded)
61.Bette Davis Eyes (From 'Duets') [Re-Recorded] [Remastered]
62.Bette Davis Eyes (in the Style of Kim Carnes)
63.Bettie Davis Eyes (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
64.It Hurt So Bad
65.Don't Fall in Love With a Dreamer (feat. K. Rogers)
66.Bette Davis Eyes (Radio Edit)
67.O Little Town of Bethlehem
68.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
69.Bette Davies Eyes

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