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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Kay Crawford
Kay Crawford【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 44 首歌 】
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Resurrection 英文
1.You Know My Name (提供)
2.Nothing But the Blood (提供)
3.I Need You (提供)
4.Come and Break My Heart (提供)
5.There Is None Like You (提供)
6.Hallelujah, What a Savior (with Justin Crawford) (提供)
7.Symphony of the Throne (with Rachel Shaw) (提供)
8.Let the Prophets Arise (提供)
9.Looks Like It's Gonna Rain (提供)
10.Songs of Deliverance (提供)
11.Captivated (提供)
12.You Are Here (提供)
Legacy 英文
1.Celebrate! (提供)
2.There Is Power In His Glorious Name (提供)
3.Ain't Nobody (提供)
4.The Lamb Has Prevailed (提供)
5.Stand (feat. Rachel Shaw) (提供)
6.You (feat. Rachel Shaw) (提供)
7.Living Water (feat. Jay Larson) (提供)
8.Holy Is the Lord (提供)
9.In His Presence (提供)
10.Press Toward the Goal (feat. Rachel Shaw) (提供)
11.My Life Is In Your Hands (提供)
12.More Like Jesus (feat.Lonna Larson) (提供)
13.All Who Are Brokenhearted (feat. Justin Crawford) (提供)
14.Arise Shine (feat. Jay Larson) (提供)
Tehillah 英文
1.Exalted (提供)
2.Micah 7: 7-8 (提供)
3.Who Is This? (提供)
4.Habakkuk 3: 1-2 (提供)
5.Who Am I? (提供)
New Songs 英文
1.Lift Up Your Heads (提供)
2.I Am Come (提供)
3.Spontaneous Songs (提供)
4.There's No Place (提供)
Journey 英文
1.This Vessel May Be Gold (提供)
2.Once There Was a King (提供)
3.Mary Magdalene (提供)
4.Little Leah (提供)
5.Lifegiver (提供)
6.Mighty Man of God (提供)
7.Like the Eagle (提供)
8.Servant of the Cross (提供)
9.Unless a Grain of Wheat (提供)

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