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Kansas band( 堪薩斯樂團 )【 共收藏 24 張專輯, 271 首歌 】
堪薩斯州是一個美國搖滾樂隊,在20世紀70年代最受歡迎的是專輯導向的搖滾樂,後來還有單曲“Carry On Wayward Son”和“Dust in the Wind”等單曲。樂隊已經製作了八本黃金專輯,三本多白金唱片(Leftoverture,Point of Know Return,The Best of Kansas),一張鉑金現場專輯(Two for the Show)以及百萬銷售單曲“Dust in the Wind” 。堪薩斯州在1970年代和80年代出現在廣告牌上超過200週,並在北美,歐洲和日本的銷售場所和體育場。 “攜帶者”是1995年美國經典搖滾電台和1997年第一名的第二大音軌。

Phil Ehart - drums, percussion (1973–1984, 1985–present), management (1990–present)
Rich Williams - lead guitar (1973–1984, 1989–1990, 1991–present), rhythm guitar (1973–1984, 1985–1991, 1997–2006)
Billy Greer - bass, backing vocals (1985–present), lead vocals (1999–present), acoustic guitar (1990, 1995, 1999–2000, 2016)
David Ragsdale - violin, additional rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1991–1997, 2006–present)
Ronnie Platt - lead and backing vocals, keyboards (2014–present)
David Manion - keyboards, backing vocals (2014–present)
Zak Rizvi - rhythm guitar, additional lead guitar, backing vocals (2016–present)


Kerry Livgren - lead guitar (1973–1983, 1990–1991, 1999–2000), rhythm guitar, keyboards (1973–1983, 1999–2000), backing vocals (1973–1974)
Dave Hope - bass (1973–1983, 1990, 1999–2000), backing vocals (1973–1974)
Robby Steinhardt - violin, viola, backing and lead vocals (1973–1982, 1997–2006)
Steve Walsh - lead vocals, keyboards, additional percussion (1973–1981, 1985–2014), backing vocals (1973–1981, 1997–2014)
John Elefante - lead vocals, keyboards (1982–1984), backing vocals (1982–1983)
Steve Morse - lead guitar (1985–1991)
Greg Robert - keyboards, backing vocals (1990–1997; Touring member: 1986–1990)


Budd Carr (1974–1989)
Phil Ehart (1990–present)
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
專輯名稱 年份 歌曲列表    
The Prelude Implicit 英文
1.Rhythm in the Spirit (提供)
2.The Unsung Heroes
3.Visibility Zero
4.Oh Shenandoah (提供)
5.Home on the Range (提供)
6.Section 60 (提供)
7.Crowded Isolation (提供)
8.Summer (提供)
9.The Voyage of Eight Eighteen (提供)
10.Refugee (提供)
Always Never the Same 英文
1.Preamble (提供)
2.In Your Eyes
3.The Sky Is Falling
4.Prelude & Introduction (提供)
5.Need To Know
6.Dust in the Wind
Drastic Measures 英文
1.Fight Fire with Fire
Leftoverture 英文
1.Carry on Wayward Son
2.Cheyenne Anthem
3.Magnum Opus
4.Miracles Out Of Nowhere
5.Opus Insert
6.Questions of My Childhood
7.The Wall
8.What's On My Mind
There's Know Place Like Home (Live) 英文
1.Howling At The Moon
2.Point Of No Return
3.Musicatto (提供)
4.Icarus II
5.Icarus (Borne on the Wings of Steel)
6.Incommudro (提供)
Point Of Know Return 英文
1.Closet Chronicles
2.Dust In The Wind
3.Hopelessly Human
4.Lightning's Hand
5.Nobody's Home
7.Point of Know Return
8.Portrait (He Knew)
9.Sparks of the Tempest
10.The Spider (提供)
Freaks Of Nature 英文
1.Hope Once Again2.Under The Knife
In The Spirit Of Things 英文
1.Bells Of Saint James
3.House On Fire
4.I Counted On Love
5.Inside Of Me
6.Once in a Lifetime
7.One Big Sky
8.One Man, One Heart
10.Stand beside Me
11.The Preacher
12.T.O. Witcher (提供)
Power 英文
1.Can't Cry Anymore
3.Secret Service
4.Silhouettes In Disguise
5.Taking In The View
6.Three Pentenders
7.Tomb 19
8.We're Not Alone Anymore
Perfect Lover 英文
1.Perfect Lover
Kansas 英文
3.Bringing It Back
4.Can I Tell You
5.Death of Mother Nature Suite
6.Journey from Mariabronn
7.Lonely Wind
8.The Pilgrimage
Best Of Kansas 英文
1.Hold On
Song For America 英文
1.Down the Road
2.Incomudro - Hymn To The Atman
3.Lamplight Symphony
4.Lonely Street
5.Song for America
6.The Devil Game
Masque 英文
1.All the World
2.Child of Innocence
3.Icarus - Borne On Wings Of Steel
4.It's You
5.It Takes a Woman's Love (To Make a Man)
6.Mysteries and Mayhem
7.The Pinnacle
8.Two Cents Worth
Works In Progress (Live) 英文
1.Portrait (Live)
2.Black Fathom (Live)
3.Freaks of Nature (Live)
4.Under the Knife (Live)
5.I Can Fly (Live)
6.Peaceful and Warm (Live)
7.Hold On (Live)
8.Dust In the Wind (Live)
Two for the Show 英文
1.Hopelessly Human (Live)
2.Child of Innocence (Live)
3.Belexes (Live)
4.Lonely Street (Live)
5.Miracles Out of Nowhere (Live)
6.Closet Chronicles (Live)
Two for the Show (Live) 英文
1.Point of Know Return (Live)
2.Paradox (Live)
3.Icarus (Borne On Wings of Steel) [Live]
4.Portrait (He Knew) [Live]
5.Journey from Mariabronn (Live)
6.Dust In the Wind (Acoustic Guitar Solo) [Live]
7.Lonely Wind (Piano Solo) [Live]
8.Mysteries and Mayhem (Live)
9.Excerpt from Lamplight Symphony (Live)
There's Know Place Like Home (Live) [Bonus Track Version] 英文
1.Howling At the Moon (Live)
2.Ghosts/Rainmaker (Live)
3.Down the Road - Afternoon Jam (Live)
4.Hold On (Live)
5.Dust In the Wind (Live)
Now: Classic Rock 英文
1.Carry On My Wayward Son
Live At The Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh Pa 30Th Oct 1976 (Remastered) 英文
1.Down The Road (Remastered) - Live
2.What's On My Mind (Live)
3.Lamplight Symphony (Live)
4.Belexes (Remastered) - Live
5.Cheyenne Anthem (Ending) [Remastered] - Live
6.Song For America (Remastered) - Live
7.Child Of Innocence (Remastered) - Live
8.Lonely Wind (Remastered) - Live
9.The Wall (Remastered) - Live
10.Mysteries And Mayhem (Remastered) - Live
Leftover The Airwaves (Live Radio Broadcast) 英文
1.Carry On Wayward Son - Live Radio Broadcast
2.Cheyenne Anthem (Ending) - Live Radio Broadcast
3.Song For America - Live Radio Broadcast
4.Child Of Innocence - Live Radio Broadcast
5.Miracles Out Of Nowhere - Live Radio Broadcast
6.What's On My Mind - Live Radio Broadcast
7.Lonely Wind - Live Radio Broadcast
8.The Wall - Live Radio Broadcast
9.Lamplight Symphony - Live Radio Broadcast
10.Mysteries And Mayhem - Live Radio Broadcast
11.Down The Road - Live Radio Broadcast
12.Icarus-Borne On Wings Of Steel - Live Radio Broadcast
13.Belexes - Live Radio Broadcast
Hold On (Live At The Civic Auditorium, Omaha Ne. 21 Jul 82) [Remastered] 英文
1.Paradox (Remastered) - Live
2.Portrait (He Knew) / Down The Road (Remastered) - Live
3.Carry On Wayward Son (Remastered) - Live
4.Play The Game Tonight (Remastered) - Live
5.Miracles Out Of Nowhere (Remastered) - Live
6.Face It (Remastered) - Live
7.Crossfire (Remastered) - Live
8.Chasing Shadows (Remastered) - Live
9.Dust In The Wind (Remastered) - Live
10.Hold On (Remastered) - Live
11.Diamonds And Pearls (Remastered) - Live
12.Sparks Of The Tempest (Remastered) - Live
13.Right Away (Remastered) - Live
14.Windows (Remastered) - Live
15.Magnum Opus (Remastered) - Live
Complete Albums Collection 英文
1.Dust in the Wind (Acoustic Guitar Solo)
2.Crossfire (Remastered)
3.Fight Fire with Fire (Remastered)
4.Everybody's My Friend (Remastered)
5.Mainstream (Remastered)
6.Andi (Remastered)
7.Going Through the Motions (Remastered)
8.Get Rich (Remastered)
9.Don't Take Your Love Away (Remastered)
10.End of the Age (Remastered)
11.Incident on a Bridge (Remastered)
12.Journey from Mariabronn
13.Carry on Wayward Son
14.Dust in the Wind
15.Lightning's Hand
16.Diamonds and Pearls - Remastered
17.Play On (Remastered)
18.Borderline (Remastered)
19.Windows (Remastered)
20.Relentless (Remastered)
21.Anything for You (Remastered)
22.Loner (Remastered)
23.Curtain of Iron (Remastered)
24.Got to Rock On (Remastered)
25.Don't Open Your Eyes (Remastered)
26.No One Together (Remastered)
27.No Room for a Stranger (Remastered)
28.Back Door (Remastered)
29.Play the Game Tonight (Remastered)
30.Right Away (Remastered)
31.Fair Exchange (Remastered)
32.Chasing Shadows (Remastered)
33.Face It (Remastered)
34.On the Other Side
暫存 英文
2.Dust In the Wind (Live FM Broadcast Remastered)
3.People of the South Wind
4.Angles Have Fallen
5.How My Soul Cries Out for You
6.A Glimpse of Home
7.Away from You
8.Stay Out of Trouble
9.Reason to Be
11.Anything for You
13.Curtain of Iron
14.Got to Rock On
15.Don't Open Your Eyes
16.No One Together
17.No Room for a Stranger
18.Back Door
19.Play the Game Tonight
20.Right Away
21.Fair Exchange
22.Chasing Shadows
23.Diamonds and Pearls
24.Face It
27.Play On
29.Everybody's My Friend
32.Going Through the Motions
33.Get Rich
34.Don't Take Your Love Away
35.End of the Age
36.Incident on a Bridge
37.All I Wanted
38.Three Pretenders
40.I Can Fly
41.Desperate Times
42.Black Fathom 4
44.Freaks Of Nature
45.Cold Grey Morning
46.Peaceful And Warm
47.Carry On
48.How My Soul Cries For You
49.Angels Have Fallen
50.Cheyenne Anthem (Live)
51.Eleanor Rigby
52.Wayward Son
53.Journey from Mariabrown
54.Magnum Opus (Live)
55.Howlin' At The Moon
56.When the World Was Young
58.Lonely Wind (Piano Solo)
59.Bells Of St. James
60.Black Fathom
61.With This Heart
62.Dust In The Wind (Acoustic Guitar Solo) - Live acoustic guitar solo
63.Dust in the Wind (Philadelphia '89)
64.Carry on the Wayward Son
65.On the Other Side (live)
66.How My Soul Cries Out
67.Icarus (Born on Wings of Steel)
68.Magnum Opus: Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat / Howling At the Moon / Man Overboard / Industry On Parade / Release the Beavers / Gnat Attack
69.Child of Innocence (Rehearsal Recording)
70.Carry on Wayward Son (album version)
71.All the World (Live)
72.Dust in the Wind (Re-recording)
73.Portrait / Pinnacle
74.Not Man Big
75.Eleanor Rigby (feat. London Symphony Orchestra)
76.Dust In The Wind (feat. London Symphony Orchestra)
77.Songs for America
78.Opus Insert (Live in US 2017)
79.Dust in the Wind (Live in US 2017)
80.Point of No Return (live)
81.The Wall (live)
82.Can I Tell You (Demo)

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