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Lonnie Johnson( 盧尼·約翰遜 )【 共收藏 24 張專輯, 396 首歌 】
出生: 1899 年 2 月 8 日,美國路易斯安那州紐奧良
逝世: 1970 年 6 月 16 日,加拿大多倫多
專輯: Blues & Ballads, Blue Guitars, Another Night to Cry, 更多
所屬樂團: Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five (1927 年 – 1927 年)
類型: St. Louis blues, 鄉村藍調, 山麓藍調, 12小節藍調
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Ultimate Blues Classics 英文
1.South Bound Water
2.Lazy Woman Blues
3.Keep What You Got
4.When You Feel Low Down
5.What A Real Woman
6.Love Is The Answer
7.Tomorrow Night
8.Deep Blue Sea Blues
9.Sundown Blues
10.I Have To Do My Time
11.Nothing But Trouble
12.Why Should I Cry
13.It Was All In Vain
14.No More Troubles Now
15.Why Women Go Wrong
16.Jersey Belle Blues
17.I'm So Tired Of Living All Alone
18.Watch Shorty
19.Beautiful But Dumb
20.Working Man's Blues
21.I'm Just Dumb
22.Roaming Rambler Blues
23.Broken Levee Blues
24.Let All Married Women Alone
25.St. Louis Cyclone Blues
26.Sleepy Water Blues
27.Backwater Blues
28.In Love Again
29.Uncle Ned, Don't Use Your Head
30.Sweet Potato Blues
31.He's A Jelly-Roll Baker
32.I'm Nuts About That Gal
33.Got The Blues For Murder Only
34.Crowing Rooster Blues
Tomorrow Night 英文
1.Working Man's Blues
2.Flood Water Blues - Remastered
3.No More Troubles Now - Remastered
4.She's My Mary - Remastered
5.She's Drunk Again
6.Tomorrow Night - Remastered
7.Jelly Roll Baker - Remastered
8.See See Rider
9.Nothing but Trouble
10.She Devil
11.Jelly Roll Baker
12.Flood Water Blues
13.Keep What You Got
14.Love Is the Answer
15.Jelly Jelly
16.You Will Need Me
17.I Don't Hurt Anymore (提供)
18.Little Rocking Chair
19.Trouble Ain't Nothing but the Blues
20.Leave Me or Love Me
21.Tomorrow Night
22.End It All
23.Blues Stay Away From Me
24.Clementine Blues
25.Backwater Blues
26.I'm Nuts About That Gal
The Unsung Blues Legend 英文
1.This Love of Mine
2.Prisoner of Love
3.Jelly Jelly
4.There's Been Some Changes Made
5.New Orleans Blues
6.St. Louis Blues (提供)
7.I Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby
8.I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (提供)
10.Don't Cry Baby
11.September Song
12.Backwater Blues
The Complete Folkways Recordings 英文
1.Raise the Window High
2.Looking for a Sweetie
3.I've Been a Fool Myself
4.What a Difference a Day Makes
5.That Lonesome Road
6.I Can't Believe
7.When You Always By Yourself
8.My Mother's Eyes
10.Teardrops In My Eyes
11.Juice Headed Baby
12.Tears Don't Fall No More
13.Old Rocking Chair
14.You Have My Life In Your Hands
15.Mister Trouble
16.How Deep Is the Ocean
17.Pouring Down Rain
18.Prisoner of Love
19.Careless Love (提供)
20.Long Road to Travel
Swing Out Rhythm 英文
1.No More Troubles Now - Remastered
2.In Love Again (Remastered)
3.Jelly Roll Baker (Remastered)
4.Tomorrow Night - Remastered
5.Blue Ghost Blues (Remastered)
6.Sweet Woman You Can't Go Wrong
7.Tin Can Alley Blues
8.From A Wash Woman On Up
9.My Last Love
10.I'm Just Dumb (Remastered)
11.Crowing Rooster (Remastered)
12.Flood Water Blues - Remastered
13.She's My Mary - Remastered
14.Beautiful But Dumb
15.Somebody's Got to Go (Remastered)
16.Keep What You Got (Remastered)
17.What a Woman (Remastered)
18.Love Is the Answer (Remastered)
19.There Is No Justice (Remastered)
20.Backwater Blues (Remastered)
Portraits In Blues, Volume 6: Lonnie Johnson 英文
1.See See Rider
2.Raining On The Cold, Cold Ground
3.Too Late To Cry
4.Call Me Darling
5.Why Did You Go
6.Please Help Me
7.Jelly, Jelly
8.Tomorrow Night
9.Clementine Blues
Music All Around 英文
1.A Good Happy Home
2.South Bound Water
3.Lonesome Jail Blues
4.Roaming Rambler Blues
5.Love Story Blues
6.Back-Water Blues
7.I Love You, Mary-Lou
8.Sweet Woman You Can't Go Wrong
Me and My Crazy Self 英文
1.Happy New Year Darling
2.My My Baby
3.Old Fashioned Love
4.Friendless Blues
5.Why Should I Cry
6.Seven Long Days (提供)
7.It's Too Late to Cry
8.Falling Rain Blues
9.What a Woman
10.Me and My Crazy Self
11.Nothing but Trouble
12.It Was All in Vain
13.What a Real Woman
Losing Game 英文
1.My Little Kitten Susie
2.Evil Woman
3.Losing Game
4.New Years Blues
5.Four Walls and Me
6.You Won't Let Me Go
7.New Orleans Blues
Lonnie Johnson: 50 Blues Classics 英文
1.Blues in G
2.Sundown Blues
3.What a Real Woman
4.Four-O-Three Blues
5.I'm Nuts About That Gal
6.In Love Again
7.Love Is the Answer
8.Sweet Woman You Can't Go Wrong
9.Why Women Go Wrong
10.Way Down That Lonesome Road
11.Trust Your Husband
12.I'm So Tired of Living All Alone
13.Life Saver Blues
14.Don't Be No Fool
15.Somebody's Got to Go
16.She's Only a Woman
17.I'm Just Dumb
18.Crowing Rooster
19.Let All Married Women Alone
20.Sleepy Water Blues
21.Jersey Belle Blues
22.Low Land Moan
23.Winnie the Wailer
24.Baby Please Don't Leave Home No More
25.I Did All I Could
26.Blue Ghost Blues
Lonnie Johnson, Vol. 2: The Rhythm & Blues Years 1947-1952 (Bues Collection Historical Recordings) 英文
1.Happy new year darling
2.Drunk again
3.Love is the answer
4.Friendless blues
5.Jelly roll baker
6.Backwater blues
7.Nothing but trouble
8.It was all in vain
Lonnie Johnson Vol. 1 1937 - 1940 英文
1.Hard Times Ain't Gone No Where
2.Don't Be No Fool
3.Four-O-Three Blues
4.Jersey Belle Blues
5.Trust Your Husband
6.Nothing But a Rat
7.She's My Mary
8.Why Women Go Wrong
9.New Falling Rain Blues
10.Devil's Got the Blues
11.Flood Water Blues
12.Man Killing Broad
13.It Ain't What You Usta Be
14.I'm Just Dumb
15.She's Only a Woman
16.Blue Ghost Blues
Johnson Junction 英文
1.Let All Married Women Alone
2.Get Yourself Together - Remastered
3.Blue Ghost Blues - Remastered
4.I'm Just Dumb
5.What a Real Woman
6.I Did All I Could
7.Jersey Belle Blues
8.In Love Again
9.What a Woman
10.Somebody's Got to Go
11.I'm Just Dumb - Remastered
12.What a Woman - Remastered
13.Crowing Rooster
14.Somebody's Got to Go - Remastered
15.Blue Ghost Blues
Hot Fingers 英文
1.Roamin' Rambler Blues
2.She's Only a Woman (Remastered)
3.Sleepy Water Blues (Remastered)
4.He's a Jelly Roll Baker (Remastered)
5.Let All Married Women Alone
6.Rocks in My Bed
7.Life Saver Blues
8.Winnie the Wailer
9.Uncle Ned, Don't Use Your Head
10.I Love You Mary Lou
11.Tin Can Alley Blues
12.Jelly Roll Baker (Remastered)
13.In Love Again (Remastered)
14.Love Story Blues
15.South Bound Water
16.It's Too Late To Cry - Live
17.Blues In G
18.What a Real Woman (Remastered)
19.Somebody's Got to Go (Remastered)
20.What a Woman (Remastered)
21.I Did All I Could (Remastered)
22.Crowing Rooster (Remastered)
23.Blue Ghost Blues
He's a Jelly Roll Baker 英文
1.Baby Remember Me
2.In Love Again
3.Why Women Go Wrong
4.Watch Shorty
5.When You Feel Low Down
6.The Last Call
7.I Did All I Could
8.Chicago Blues
9.Lazy Woman Blues
10.Crowing Rooster Blues
11.Jersey Belle Blues
12.Nothing but a Rat
13.I'm Just Dumb
14.Somebody's Got to Go
15.He's a Jelly Roll Baker
Guitar Blues 英文
1.Flood Water Blues - Remastered
2.Tin Can Alley Blues
3.There Is No Justice
4.Sweet Potato Blues
5.Low Land Moan
6.Flood Water Blues
7.No More Troubles Now
8.Jelly Roll Baker - Remastered
9.Tomorrow Night - Remastered
10.South Bound Water
11.Blues In G
12.She's My Mary - Remastered
13.Winnie the Wailer
Get Yourself Together 英文
1.Jersey Belle Blues (Remastered)
2.What A Woman
3.In Love Again
4.What A Real Woman
5.I Did All I Could
6.Crowing Rooster
7.Let All Married Women Alone
8.Blue Ghost Blues (Remastered)
9.Get Yourself Together (Remastered)
10.What a Woman (Remastered)
11.I'm Just Dumb (Remastered)
12.Somebody's Got To Go (Remastered)
13.Blue Ghost Blues
Essential Blues Masters 英文
1.Beautiful But Dumb
2.Why Women Go Wrong
3.Backwater Blues
4.Watch Shorty
5.I'm Nuts About That Gal
6.Sweet Potato Blues
7.Got The Blues For Murder Only
8.I'm So Tired Of Living All Alone
9.Tomorrow Night
10.In Love Again
11.Life Saver Blues
12.I Have to Do My Time
13.He's A Jelly-Roll Baker
14.Jersey Belle Blues
15.Working Man's Blues
16.Deep Blue Sea Blues
Complete Recorded Works, Volume 7 (1925-32) 英文
1.From a Wash Woman on Up
2.Unselfish Love
3.My Love Don't Belong to You
4.Love Is a Song (Your Love Is Cold)
5.Go Back to Your No Good Man
6.Beautiful but Dumb
7.Low Down St. Louis Blues
8.Uncle Ned, Don't Use Your Head
9.Sam, You're Just a Rat
10.There Is No Justice
11.Winnie the Wailer
12.Hell Is a Name for All Sinners
13.Home Wreckers Blues
14.Not the Chump I Used to Be
15.Best Jockey in Town
16.Sleepy Water Blues
17.Cat You Been Messin' Aroun'
18.She's Dangerous With That Thing
19.Men, Get Wise to Yourself
20.I'm Nuts About That Gal
Careless Love (1925 - 1948) 英文
1.Somebody's Got to Go (Remastered)
2.I'm Just Dumb (Remastered)
3.In Love again (Remastered)
4.Jelly Roll Baker (Remastered)
5.Get Yourself Together (Remastered)
6.Blue Ghost Blues (Remastered)
7.She's Only a Woman (Remastered)
8.Sleepy Water Blues (Remastered)
9.Blues in G (Remastered)
10.Crowing Rooster (Remastered)
11.Backwater Blues (Remastered)
12.Working Man's Blues (Remastered)
13.What a Real Woman (Remastered)
14.Keep What You Got (Remastered)
15.Winnie the Wailer (Remastered)
16.What a Woman (Remastered)
17.Tomorrow Night (Remastered)
18.Love Is the answer (Remastered)
19.I Did all I Could (Remastered)
20.There Is No Justice (Remastered)
21.He's a Jelly Roll Baker (Remastered)
Blues in My Soul 英文
1.Mr. Johnson Swing
2.Four-O-Three Blues
3.My Last Love
4.Solid Blues
5.Rocks in My Bed
6.My Love Is Down
7.She Ain't Right
8.She's My Mary
9.Hot Spring Blues (Skin and Bones)
10.What More Can a Man Do?
11.Devil's Got the Blues
12.New Falling Rain Blues
13.Don't Be No Fool
Blues By Lonnie Johnson 英文
1.Don't Ever Love
2.Big Leg Woman
3.No Love For Sale
4.Shes Drunk Again
5.You Dont Move Me
6.There Must Be A Way
7.One Sided Love Affair
8.She Devil
9.I Don't Hurt Any More (提供)
10.There's No Love
11.You Will Need Me
Another Night to Cry 英文
1.I Got News for You, Baby
2.Another Night to Cry
3.Goodbye Kitten
4.A Story About Barbara
5.Lots of Loving
6.Make Love to Me Baby
7.Bow Legged Baby
8.I've Got to Get Rid of You
9.You Didn't Mean What You Said
10.Fine Booze and Heavy Dues
暫存 英文
1.Way Down That Lonesome Road (Remastered)
2.Lines In My Face
3.Low Land Moan (Remastered)
4.Another Night To Cry
5.I'm Nuts About That Gal (Remastered)
6.Don't Be No Fool (Remastered)
7.I Have to Do My Time (Remastered)
8.I Found A Dream
9.I Love You, Mary Lou
10.Careless Love (Live)
11.Good Luck Darling
12.Drifting Along Blues
13.He's a Jelly Roll Baker - Remastered 2002
14.Baby Will You Please Come Home
15.When You Fall for Someone That's Not Your Own
16.Get Yourself Together
17.Tin Can Alley Blues (Remastered)
18.Wipe It Off (Remastered)
19.Mr. Johnsons Blues
20.Toothache Blues Pt. 2
21.Death Valley Is Just Half Way to My Home
22.Mr. Johnson's Blues No. 2
23.The Best Jockey in Town
24.She's Making Whoopee in Hell Tonight
25.Pleasing You (As long as I live)
26.Mean Old Bedbug Blues [1927]
27.Lonesome Ghost Blues

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