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Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 84 首歌 】
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Heartsick 英文
1.All I See Are Bones
2.Long, Long Ago
3.In The Gloaming
4.Feast Of Fear
5.Going Crazy
6.Never Coming Home
8.There Is Nothing
9.I Wonder
10.My Cold Heart
11.One Of The Wolves
12.Painful Goodbyes
Moldy Basement Tapes 英文
1.An Evening At Home
2.Human Skin Rug (提供)
3.The Haunt of You (提供)
4.Most Hideous Boy (提供)
5.So Far Away (提供)
6.Lonely Nights of October (提供)
7.Beneath the Clocktower (提供)
8.Spirits in the Walls (提供)
9.The Pumpkin Song (提供)
10.In Memoriam or Delusion (提供)
11.Sycamore Well (提供)
12.Old Man Milton (提供)
13.In Walks the Broomstick (提供)
14.Glowing Eyes of Falling Snow (提供)
15.The Sideshow is Coming! (提供)
16.Crazyface (提供)
17.Bless this Girl (提供)
18.Floating Girl (提供)
19.Owls Are Calling (提供)
20.The Carnival Man (提供)
21.Sinking Girl (提供)
22.The Moon Begins To Sing (提供)
23.Pale Things (提供)
24.A Dying Apple Tree (提供)
25.Gloomy Room (提供)
26.A Journey to the South (提供)
27.Black Book (提供)
28.Where the Men and Demons Fight (提供)
29.Talking About Murder (提供)
30.My Coat (提供)
31.Seven Whores (提供)
32.Water Witch (提供)
33.Snow Girl (提供)
34.Handsome Devil (提供)
35.The Lord Above (提供)
36.A Gallant End (提供)
37.Stop Digging My Grave (提供)
38.Decapitation Proclamation (提供)
39.The Cemetery (提供)
Sabella 英文
1.Crows (提供)
2.Macabre Holy Pleasure (提供)
3.If You See Sabella (提供)
4.Black is the Color (提供)
6.A Horse Deceased (提供)
7.The Ballerina's Twirl
9.Covered in Straw (提供)
10.Shelter (提供)
11.A Lovely Coffin (提供)
Halloween Is Here 英文
1.A Time That Never Was
2.Halloween Is Here
3.I Want to Be a Monster
4.The Ghost Thief
5.Such a Fright
6.When We Are Dead
Grim Weepers 英文
1.Waiting for the End
2.Shut In
5.Big Lie
6.Weary Road
7.Mister Bluebird
8.I Wish
9.Summer Sky
Ghost Ballads 英文
1.The Golden Rule
2.Terror On the Ghost Ship
3.Dream of You
4.Midsummer Fair
5.Death of Me

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