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Lil' Keke( Lil Keke )【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 89 首歌 】
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Money Don’t Sleep 英文
1.Camera on Me (feat. J Trax) (提供)
2.Box Chevy (feat. E.S.G. & Seven13 Family) (提供)
3.That's Me (feat. Eldorado Red & Bankroll Fresh) (提供)
4.All This Cash on Me (feat. Killa Kyleon) (提供)
5.By Myself (feat. 8Ball & Kevin Gates) (提供)
6.These (feat. Lil Brent) (提供)
7.Worry Bout You (feat. Kirko Bangz) (提供)
8.We Gettin' Money 2 (feat. 2 Chainz) (提供)
9.This Money Crazy (feat. Big Pokey) (提供)
10.Come Here Daddy (feat. Tiaundra) (提供)
11.0Best Believe (feat. Paul Wall & Devin the Dude) (提供)
12.Subtract da Top (feat. Woody Mane) (提供)
13.Work (feat. Yo Gotti) (提供)
14.It Didn't Matter (提供)
15.Errthang I Love (feat. Yung Redd) (提供)
16.Hit da Club (feat. Boston George) (提供)
17.Let Me Know (提供)
Money Don't Sleep 英文
2.That's Me (提供)
3.All This Cash On Me (提供)
4.By Myself
5.These (提供)
6.Worry Bout You
7.We Gettin Money 2 (提供)
8.This Money Crazy
9.Come Here Daddy
10.Best Believe
11.Subtract Da Top (提供)
13.It Didn't Matter (提供)
14.Errthang I Love (提供)
15.Back & Forth (提供)
16.Hit Da Club
17.Camera On Me
18.Box Chevy
The Don Ke Chronicles 英文
1.Southside Remix
2.Stop Then Look (提供)
3.Texan (提供)
4.True G (提供)
5.Who It Be (提供)
6.Commercial (提供)
7.Dead End Niggas (提供)
8.Diamonds Exposed
9.Grey Cassette (提供)
11.Let Me Tell U (提供)
12.Outro (提供)
13.Peepin Me (提供)
14.Pimp Da Pen III
15.Represent Da H (提供)
16.Rolling On Swangaz Remix (提供)
Loved By Few, Hated By Many 英文
1.Act A Fool With It (提供)
2.Money In The City
3.I'm A G
4.What's It Made For
6.Suga Daddy (提供)
7.Traffic Slowed Down (提供)
8.Slab Holiday (提供)
10.Miss My Boyz
11.4 Doors And Coupes
12.What It's Made For
14.She Love Gangsta's
15.Scholarships 2 The Pen
暫存 英文
1.Baller In The Mix
2.Bounce And Turn
3.Don't You Know
4.Don't Mess Wit Texas
5.It's Goin' Down
6.Niggas Be Hating Me
7.Still Pimping The Pen
9.Do You Love It
10.Mr. D.J.
11.Off Da Chain
12.What I Wanna Do
14.Where Da South At ?
15.3 Time Felon
16.Bad Man
17.Pyrex Shakin'
18.Platinum In da Ghetto
19.What Its Made For
20.Love for Ya
21.Break Em' Off
22.Make Em' Break It
23.Still Pimping The Pen (Screwed)

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