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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Lil' Flip( 力爾非 )
Lil' Flip( 力爾非 )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 271 首歌 】
Wesley Eric Weston Jr. (1981年3月3日出生),以他的舞台名稱Lil'Flip而聞名,是一位美國說唱歌手。 他在1999年與Suckafree Records達成唱片合同之前,開始了他的音樂生涯,作為自由泳和戰鬥饒舌歌手.Lil'Flip以他的單曲“The Way We Ball”,“Game Over”和“Sunshine”而聞名。
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Ahead Of My Time 英文
1.Deep In The South (提供)
2.Kim Kardashain (提供)
4.Long Live Da King (提供)
5.48 Laws Of Power (提供)
6.Flyboy Status
7.U R The 1 (提供)
8.H-Town State Of Mind (提供)
9.Shawty Wanna Roll (提供)
10.The Flip Gate$ Story (提供)
11.I'm Fresh (提供)
12.Krazy (提供)
13.50 In My Pinkyrang (提供)
14.I Like.... (提供)
15.Da Trill Is Back!!! (提供)
16.Keep Dem Hataz Away (提供)
17.U See It, Pt. 2 (提供)
18.Not 4 Sale (提供)
19.My Family Tree (提供)
20.I Just Wanna Tell You
Certified 英文
1.#1 Fly Boy (提供)
2.Bosses Make It Rain
3.Roll It (提供)
4.Smoke And Ride
5.She So Fly (提供)
6.I Love Cali (提供)
7.Down South Legends (提供)
8.Me And U Baby (提供)
10.I Keep It Street All Day (提供)
11.Certified (提供)
12.If U Trappin (提供)
13.G Tales (提供)
14.Best (提供)
All Eyez On Us 英文
1.Flip Gates (提供)
2.Where You From?
3.Can't Let It Happen
4.Over Time (提供)
5.Be About Somethin (提供)
6.Pure Uncut (提供)
7.I'm A G
8.Last Dayz
9.Speakin My Language
10.On My Team (提供)
11.Pill Or Two
12.Givin It Back
13.Purple Lean (提供)
14.Gettin Paper (提供)
Still Connected 英文
1.Still Connected (提供)
2.Get My Work From The Ese's (提供)
3.They Got Me Trapped (提供)
4.All Our Enemies Ducks Us (提供)
5.I'm A Banger (提供)
6.Real Talk (提供)
7.Would You (提供)
8.Player Needs No Love (提供)
9.Vato's Got My Back (提供)
10.Still In My Drop Top (提供)
11.If You Don't Know Me Back Then (提供)
12.Throw Your H Up (提供)
13.Young Fly And Flashy (提供)
14.Wanna Roll With Us (提供)
15.Times In The Hood (提供)
16.Hi Power Music 2008 (提供)
17.Play A Street Banger (提供)
Undaground Legend 英文
2.8 Rulez
3.Da Roof
4.Forget the Fame
5.Haters Still Mad
6.I Can Do Dat ( Remix )
7.I Shoulda Listened
8.Look At Me Now
9.Make Mama Proud
10.R.I.P. Screw
11.The Way We Ball
12.The Way We Ball /Remix
14.U See It
15.We Ain't Scared
16.What I Been Through
Underground Legend 2 英文
1.F.L.I.P. And N.O.T.E. (提供)
2.Gettin' Chips (提供)
3.Make Papa And Dad Proud (提供)
4.Quette N Flip Outro (提供)
5.Excellent (提供)
6.She Like My Swagger (提供)
7.Trunk Banging Hard (提供)
8.Nobody Understand Me (提供)
9.The Way We Ball, Pt. 2
10.Stiletto Hustla (提供)
11.Rent Due (提供)
12.Keep It 1000% (提供)
13.It's A Fact, Pt. 2 (提供)
14.I Should've Listen, Pt. 2 (提供)
15.Don't Blame Me (提供)
16.Pass Tha Ganja (提供)
17.Hate A Little Louder (提供)
18.12 Rulez (提供)
19.My Better 1 / 2 (提供)
20.I'm Back (提供)
21.4 Get Da Frame, Pt. 2 (提供)
I Need Mine 英文
1.Addicted (Mary Jane)
2.I'm a Baller [Flip My Chips]
3.Give Me a Beat
4.Sorry Lil' Mama
5.I Need 2 Find My Way
暫存1 英文
1.Block Money
3.Gotta Be Me
4.I Got Flow
5.We Blow Endo
6.I Can Do Dat
8.25/8 Freestyle (3 Headed Monster)
9.This Is The Way We Ball
10.What's The Word
11.Freestyle King Award
13.My Block
14.Realest Rhymin'
15.Put Yo Fist Up
17.On Point
18.Dirty Souf
19.My Dogz
20.Cut 4 U
21.Swang Glass 84s Freestyle
23.Sunny Day
24.Gotta Stack Ya Paper
25.Candy On Chrome
27.Da Freestyle King
28.Da Freestyle King Award
29.I Should Listened
30.It's a Fact
31.Lil' Flip
32.Make Mamma Proud
33.RIP Screw
34.Skit, No. 2 'Purple Drank'
35.Soufside Still Holdin'
36.Soulfside Still Holdin'
37.The Biz
38.What I Been Thorugh
39.What Ya'll Wanna Do
40.25/8 Freestyle
41.Everyday'(feat. B.G., Lil' Marice, Taz
42.My Block'(feat. Crime, Dante, Godfather
43.Realest Rhymin''(feat. E.S.G., Slim Thug
44.Put Yo Fist Up'(feat. Redd, SPM
45.Boxers'(feat. Deep Threat
46.On Point'(feat. Lil' James
47.Dirty Souf'(feat. H.A.W.K., REDD
48.My Dogz'(feat. B.G. Duke, Scoopastar, Taz, Will-lean
49.Biz'(feat. Hump
50.What I Been Through'(feat. Big T, Lil Ron & Young Redd
51.U See It'(feat. Chamillion
52.Haters Still Mad'(feat. Big T, Lil' Ron
53.We Ain't Scared'(feat. Bizzy Bone
54.Tonight'(feat. Seville
55.R.I.P. Screw'(feat. Bizzy Bone
56.The Way We Ball (Remix)'(feat. Lil' Ron, Young Redd
57.Sunny Day'(feat. Big Shasta
58.Gotta Stack Ya Paper'(feat. Shazstar
59.Candy On Chrome'(feat. Big T
60.ridin spinners over
62.Game Over (Flip)
64.Bounce With Me - Featuring Yung Redd & Lil' Flip
65.Get Crunk
66.Throw Yo' Hood
67.I Can Do That
68.The After Party
69.We Ain't Playin'
70.Throw Up Yo' Hood
73.Ghetto Mindstate
74.Sun Don't Shine
75.All I Know
76.Rags 2 Riches
77.Dem Boyz
78.Ain't No Nigga
79.Where I'm From
81.U Neva Know
82.Y'all Don't Want It
83.Texas Boyz [Screwed]
84.Stack Your Paper
85.What's My Name
86.What It Do
87.Ain't No N****
89.Check (Let's Ride)
90.I Came To Bring The Pain (Featuring Ludacris)
91.I Just Wanna Tell U
93.Sunshine (featuring Lea)
94.The Ghetto
96.I Came To Bring The Pain Ft. Ludacris
97.Rags 2 Riches (Ft. Will Lean)
98.Rollin' On 20's
99.Dem Boyz Remix (Screwed)
暫存 英文
1.Lil Flip- Game Over
2.Real Hip Hop
3.We Go Make It Out Da Hood
4.Texas Boys (Bonus)
6.Burbans and Lacs
7.3, 2, 1 Go
8.Get It Crunk
9.Fuck Dat Nigga
10.You'z A Trick
11.Fly Boy
12.Say It To My Face
13.Single Mother
14.The Souf
15.Family Tradition
16.Green Rectanglez - Featuring Scoopastar
18.Ain't No Party
20.Fly Boy [Clean]
21.Block Money [Clean]
22.Stay Ballin'
24.Bustaclip [Clean]
25.Say It To My Face [Clean]
26.Deep Down South - H.S.E. With Yung Redd, Lil' Ron, Lil' Flip, Featuring Big Shasta
27.Starched & Cleaned [Clean]
28.Starched & Cleaned
29.Playa 4 Life
30.Ghetto Mindstate (Can't Get Away)
31.Ghetto Mindstate (Can't Get Away) [Clean]
32.White Cup [Clean]
33.White Cup
34.Flippin [Clean]
36.I Get Money
37.I Get Money [Clean]
38.Find My Way [Clean]
39.Find My Way
40.Can't U Tell [Clean]
41.Can't U Tell
42.I Came to Bring the Pain
43.Sorry Lil' Mama [Clean]
44.Find My Way - feat. Robin Andre
45.7-1-3 - Explicit Album Version
46.Platinum Stars
47.Turn It Up
48.Skit #2 'Purple Drank'
50.Kim Kardashian
51.Hustle (New & Unreleased)
52.Pass the Swisha
53.North 2 Tha South
55.Ghetto Mindstate (Instrumental)
56.I Gotta Get Paid
57.Game Over II (Radio Edit)
58.Sunshine (from The Marine) (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
59.Money On My Mind
60.I'm a Balla (Flip My Chips)
61.Busta a Clip
62.Game Over (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
63.Turn It Up - Album Version (Edited)
64.Turn It Up - Radio Edit
65.Sunshine - Explicit Album Version

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