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Liberty Quartet【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 102 首歌 】
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God's Been Faithful 英文
1.Thank You Now (提供)
2.One Well (提供)
3.The Day Death Died (提供)
4.Up & Away Reprise (提供)
5.Up & Away (提供)
6.Jesus Saves Still Today (提供)
7.Peace Like a River (提供)
8.Glorious Appearing (提供)
9.Hope Lives Again (提供)
10.39 Chapters Later (提供)
11.God's Been Faithful (提供)
12.Not Givin' in to Givin' Up (提供)
13.But for a Cross (提供)
14.When You Say Jesus (提供)
Amazed 英文
1.Amazed At the Change
2.Keep Me
3.Broken but Blessed
4.Just Stand
5.Into the Water
6.Call It What It Is
7.Music At Midnight
8.He's Been There Too
9.Why Wouldn't I
10.He'll Quiet You
11.That's What Love Does
The Journey 英文
1.The Journey
2.He Came Down to My Level
3.I Made It Mine
4.I Love Living in Grace
5.Till There Was Jesus
6.God Made A Way
7.He Came to Me
8.The Welcome
9.Too Long
10.He'll Come Through
11.In the Day of the Lord
12.Welcome to Heaven
Say It Again 英文
1.I'd Like to Say It Again (提供)
2.I Can See the Hand (提供)
3.The Eastern Gate (提供)
4.Still Feelin' Fine (提供)
5.The Lighthouse (提供)
6.Everywhere I Go (提供)
7.Ride That Glory Train (提供)
8.I'll Tell It Wherever I Go (提供)
9.There's a Light At the End of the Darkness (提供)
10.Temporary Home (提供)
11.Bus Driver (提供)
12.Baritone Whine (提供)
In God We Trust 英文
1.Freedom (提供)
2.Soldier Medley (提供)
3.God Bless the USA (提供)
4.Statue of Liberty (提供)
5.In God We Still Trust (提供)
Timeless Treasured Hymns, Vol. 2 英文
1.Jesus Saves (提供)
2.Have Thine Own Way (提供)
3.My Savior's Love, And Can It Be? (提供)
4.Battle Hymn of the Republic (提供)
5.I Will Praise Him/Doxology (提供)
6.When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder/Hallelujah! We Shall Rise (提供)
7.Blessed Assurance (提供)
8.Trust and Obey (提供)
9.Christ Arose/Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (提供)
10.Count Your Blessings (提供)
11.No Not One (提供)
12.Crown Him With Many Crowns/Sevenfold Amen (提供)
13.Soldier Medley: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms/Sound the Battle Cry/Onward Christian Soldiers (提供)
14.Abide With Me (提供)
There's a Testimony 英文
1.Mastered By the Master (提供)
2.There's a Testimony (提供)
3.Glorious Tomorrow (提供)
4.I'm His (提供)
5.Near to the Heart of God (提供)
6.Take What We Have (提供)
7.Look What He's Already Done (提供)
8.Let Someone Find Jesus Today (提供)
9.Helping Hand (提供)
10.Great Day (提供)
Old Time Gospel Songs, Vol. 1 英文
1.I Found It On My Knees in Prayer (提供)
2.Standing in the Need of Prayer (提供)
3.On the Jericho Road (提供)
4.I Want My Light to Shine (提供)
5.Hold to God's Unchanging Hand (提供)
6.I'm Gonna Walk (提供)
7.There's a Little Pine Log Cabin (提供)
8.This World Is Not My Home (提供)
9.In My Father's House (提供)
10.Leave Your Sorrows and Come Along (提供)
11.I'm Gonna Shout All Over Heaven (提供)
Do You Know Him? 英文
1.New Jerusalem (提供)
2.The Highest Hill (提供)
3.Tears of Joy (提供)
4.He Had to Hold to Calvary (提供)
5.All the Way (提供)
6.He Included Me (提供)
7.The Wonder of His Love (提供)
8.Contagious (提供)
9.Heaven's Home (提供)
10.The Spirit and the Bride Say Come (提供)
11.We Seek Your Presence (提供)
12.Do You Know Him? (提供)
暫存 英文
1.There Is Power in the Blood / Covered By the Blood / Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

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