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Leaether Strip【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 86 首歌 】
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Aengelmaker 英文
2.Anger (提供)
3.I Can't Sit Still
4.Strap Me Down Again
5.We Are Dust
6.Genetic Fuckup
7.Lili Marlene
8.White Flag (提供)
9.Dying To Live (提供)
10.When You're Inside Me
11.Black Celebration
12.Stolen Feaethers
13.Insect Warrior (提供)
14.I Will Never Hurt You Again
15.Treatment (提供)
16.Before I Fade (提供)
17.La Danse Macabre (提供)
18.Don't You Dare Die On Me
19.Spinning (提供)
20.So Hard They Fall (提供)
21.Deliver Me
22.Blasphemous Rumours
23.Don't You Want Me (提供)
24.Law Of Jante 09 (Golem Mix) (提供)
25.Lovehate (提供)
26.Leaether Strip Vs. Supreme Court: Europa (提供)
27.Leaether Strip Vs. Titans: Deadhead (提供)
28.Leaether Strip Vs. Supreme Court: Overkill (提供)
29.Back In Control (Bigger Mix) (提供)
30.Go Ahead 09 (Hungarian Club Version) (提供)
31.One Nine Eight Two (Obamarama Club Mix) (提供)
32.Snakebite (Black Mamba Mix) (提供)
33.Pain Is Beautiful (freemixxx) (提供)
34.Genetic Fuckup (Nostalgia Mix) (提供)
Civil Disobedience 英文
1.Civil Disobedience
2.The Damaged People
3.When Blood Runs Dark
4.Bite Until You Taste Blood
5.Jagtvej 69
6.Going Nowhere (提供)
7.I Said I'm Sorry
8.Pissing On My Territory
9.It Hurts Doesn't It (提供)
10.One Day (提供)
11.The Devil's Daughter (提供)
12.A Whore For Jesus (提供)
13.I Wear Black On The Inside (提供)
14.Machineries Of Joy (提供)
16.Soul Collector (提供)
17.Could Ya Did Ya (提供)
18.In The Arms Of A Demon (提供)
19.One More Reason (提供)
20.The Cradle Of Death (提供)
21.Stains (提供)
22.The Evil In Putin's Eyes (提供)
23.You Don't Look The Same
24.One Nine Eight Two
25.New Wave Fashion (提供)
27.The 5 Avengers (提供)
28.Frozen (提供)
29.Lost Kidz (提供)
30.The Scalpel Song (提供)
31.Niels Bohr (提供)
32.Ego Generation (提供)
33.High-Tech Hypercondriac Machine (提供)
34.Stop Me (提供)
Retention No. 1 英文
1.Die Die Die
2.Touchdown Breakdown
3.Razor Blades
4.Leaether Strip Part 1 (提供)
5.Leaether Strip Part 2
7.Body Machine Body
8.Go Fuck Your Ass Off
9.Break My Back
11.Japanese Bodies
12.Battleground (提供)
13.Fit For Flogging
暫存 英文
1.Law Of Jante
2.Satanic Citizen
3.We're Losing Time
4.I Am Your Conscience
5.Hate Me

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