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We Are Lucky People 英文
1.Destination Anywhere (Club Mix) (提供)
2.Crossroads (Club Mix) [feat. Stine Grove] (提供)
3.We Are Lucky People (Club Mix) (提供)
4.A Different Shade of Crazy (Club Mix) (提供)
5.Unfamiliar Truth (Extended Mix) [feat. Hysteria!] (提供)
6.Our Brief Time in the Sun (Club Mix) (提供)
7.Violins Revenge (Dark Mix) [feat. Ilseviolin] (提供)
8.Risk Worth Taking (Club Mix) [feat. Susana]
9.Fireflies (Club Mix) [feat. Cate Kanell] (提供)
10.Superstars (Extended Mix) [feat. Shannon Hurley] (提供)
11.Insatiable (Club Mix) [feat. Betsie Larkin] (提供)
12.Crossroads (Percussive Mix) [feat. Stine Grove] (提供)
13.We Are Lucky People (Album Mix) (提供)
14.We Are Lucky People – Disc 1 (Continuous Album Mix) (提供)
15.Imagineer (Club Mix) (提供)
16.Our Brief Time in the Sun (Album Mix) (提供)
17.Violins Revenge (Light Mix) [feat. Ilseviolin] (提供)
18.Destination Anywhere (Piano Mix) (提供)
19.A Different Shade of Crazy (We Are All Mix) (提供)
20.Unfamiliar Truth (Simple Truth Mix) [feat. Hysteria!] (提供)
21.Fireflies (Under the Moon Mix) [feat. Cate Kanell] (提供)
22.Superstars (Album Mix) [feat. Shannon Hurley] (提供)
23.Insatiable (Album Mix) [feat. Betsie Larkin] (提供)
24.Imagineer (Album Mix) (提供)
25.Risk Worth Taking (Acoustic Mix) [feat. Susana] (提供)
26.We Are Lucky People (Album Intro) (提供)
暫存 英文
2.Drifting Away
3.Sincere For You - Original Mix
4.Sincere for You
5.Drifting Away (ft. Skye) - Lange's Sunset Mix
6.Songless (feat. Jennifer Karr) (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix)
7.Let It All Out (feat. Sarah Howells) (Andy Moor Remix)
8.Follow Me (Darren Porter 2012 rework)
9.Follow Me (feat. The Morrighan) (Lange's club mix)
10.Songless (Mark Sherry's Outburst remix)
11.Drifting Away (Lange Sunset dub)
12.All Around Me (Extended Mix)
13.Drifting Away (Radio Edit)
14.Happiness Happening (Lange 1999 Mix)
15.I Believe (Anon mix)
16.Under Pressure
17.I Believe (DJ Tandu mix)
18.Follow Me (H.H. Follow You remix)

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