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Lorrie Morgan( 蘿拉摩根 )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 156 首歌 】
洛蕾塔琳恩摩根(生於1959年6月27日)是美國鄉村音樂歌手。 她是喬治摩根的女兒,他是一位鄉村音樂歌手,他在1949年和1975年去世後創下了幾首熱門單曲。

摩根在1978年製作了她的第一首單曲,儘管她直到1989年的單曲“情感火車殘骸”才闖入美國國家排行榜的首位。 從那以後,她在Billboard Hot Country單曲和曲目排行榜上繪製了40首歌曲,其中有三首頭銜:“五分鐘”,“什麼是否定”和“我不知道我自己的力量”。 她還錄製了15張錄音室專輯。 在她生活的不同階段,摩根與三位不同的鄉村歌手結婚:基思惠特利,喬恩蘭德爾和薩米克肖。 她在全球銷售了超過600萬張唱片。
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Letting Go... Slow 英文
1.Strange (提供)
2.Ode To Billie Joe (提供)
3.Is It Raining at Your House (提供)
4.Something About Trains (提供)
5.I've Done Enough Dying Today (提供)
6.Lay Lady Lay (提供)
7.Slow (提供)
8.Spilt Milk (提供)
9.Jesus & Hairspray (提供)
10.Lonely Whiskey (提供)
11.What I'd Say (提供)
12.How Does It Feel (提供)
A Picture of Me - Greatest Hits & More 英文
1.Don't Worry Baby (提供)
2.Till I Can Make It On My Own (提供)
3.Loving You Could Never Be Better (提供)
4.Here Comes My Baby (提供)
5.Take Me To Your World (提供)
6.Wherever You Are Tonight (提供)
7.I Went Crazy For Awhile (提供)
8.Mirror, Mirror
9.Hopelessly Yours (提供)
A Moment In Time 英文
2.Are You Lonesome Tonight?
3.After The Fire Is Gone
4.Leavin' On Your Mind
5.Borrowed Angel
6.Break It To Me Gently
7.By The Time I Get To Phoenix
8.Easy Lovin'
9.'Til I Get It Right
10.Alright I'll Sign The Papers
11.I'm Always On A Mountain When I Fall
12.Misty Blue
13.Wine Me Up
14.Lovin' On Backstreets
Shaking Things Up 英文
1.One Of Those Nights
Shakin' Things Up 英文
1.Go Away
Watch Me 英文
1.Watch Me
Something In Red 英文
1.A Picture Of Me (Without You)
2.Except For Monday
3.Something In Red
Leave The Light On 英文
1.Five Minutes2.He Talks To Me
暫存1 英文
1.If You Came Back From Heaven
2.Back in Your Arms Again
3.Dear Me
4.Half Enough
5.War Paint
6.1-800-Used To Be
7.Don't Touch Me
8.Reading My Heart
9.Never Been Good At Letting Go
11.A Good Year For The Roses
12.A Picture Of Me
13.We Both Walk
14.Out Of Your Shoes (1989)
15.What Part Of No (1993)
16.Strong Enough To Cry
17.Heart Over Mind
18.In For Rain
19.She Walked Beside The Wagon
20.You Leave Me Like This
21.Help Me Make It Through The Night
22.Making Love for the First Time
23.I Guess You Had to Be There
24.Tell Me I'm Only Dreaming
25.Out of Your Shoes
26.Shakin Things Up
27.You Can't Take That
28.Finishing Touch
29.In A Perfect World
31.From Our House To Yours
32.Behind His Last Goodbye
34.What Part of No
35.I Didn't Know My Own Strength
36.Maybe Not Tonight (Duet With Sammy Kershaw)
37.I Did
38.I Love How You Love Me
39.Back Among The Living
40.Evening Up The Odds
41.Hard Part Was Easy
42.If You Come Back From Heaven
43.Autumn's Not That Cold
44.Steppin' Stones
45.Show Me How
46.Us Girls
47.One Less Monkey
48.Eight Days a Week
49.My Night to Howl
50.One of Those Nights Tonight
51.If I Didn't Love You
52.It's Too Late (To Love Me Now)
53.Far Side Of The Bed
54.I'll Take The Memories
55.Crazy From The Heat
57.Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink (Frank)
59.I Can Count On You
60.Standing Tall
61.You'd Think He'd Know Me Better
62.Between Midnight And Tomorrow
63.Good Morning Heartache
64.Diamonds from a Willow Tree
65.By My Side
66.She's Takin' Him Back Again
67.Exit 99
68.Soldier of Love
69.I Just Might Be
70.To Get to You
72.Sleigh Ride
73.Say The Part About I Love You
74.Crying Time
75.'Til a Tear Becomes a Rose
76.I Can Buy My Own Roses
77.The Wedding
78.It's A Heartache
79.If I Cry
80.Candy Kisses
81.O Holy Night
82.Gonna Leave the Light On
83.Good As I Was to You
84.Will You Love Me Tomorrow
85.Trainwreck of Emotion
86.My Favorite Things
87.The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
88.I've Got The World On A String
89.From This Moment On
90.Someone To Call Me Darling
91.1-800 Use To Be
92.Greater Need
93.Tears on My Pillow
94.My Heart
95.Where Does That Leave Me
96.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
98.The Things We Do
99.I'm Not That Easy To Forget
暫存 英文
1.Ain't Got Time To Rock No Baby
2.Hand Over Your Heart
3.Best Woman Wins
4.Watch Me (Live In Studio)
5.Don't Worry Baby (Live In Studio)
6.Good As I Was To You (Live In Studio)
7.Except For Monday (Live In Studio)
8.A Picture of Me (Without You) [Live In Studio]
9.Five Minutes (Re-Recorded)
10.Silver And Gold
11.I On Count On You
12.The Sad Cafe
13.Harper Valley PTA
14.I Threw Away the Rose

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