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Mogwai【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 145 首歌 】
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Atomic 英文
1.Ether (提供)
2.Tzar (提供)
3.Are You a Dancer (提供)
4.Little Boy (提供)
5.Weak Force (提供)
6.Pripyat (提供)
7.U-235 (提供)
8.Bitterness Centrifuge (提供)
9.SCRAM (提供)
10.Fat Man (提供)
Central Belters 英文
1.Summer (提供)
2.D to E (提供)
3.Earth Division (提供)
4.Tell Everyone That I love Them (提供)
5.Burn Girl Prom Queen (提供)
6.Half Time (提供)
7.Teenage Exorcists
8.The Sun Smells Too Loud (提供)
9.I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead (提供)
10.We're No Here (提供)
11.Two Rights Make One Wrong (提供)
12.Stanley Kubrick (提供)
13.Helicon 1 (提供)
14.My Father My King (提供)
Rave Tapes 英文
1.Heard About You Last Night (提供)
2.Simon Ferocious (提供)
3.Remurdered (提供)
4.Hexon Bogon (提供)
5.Repelish (提供)
6.Master Card (提供)
7.Deesh (提供)
8.Blues Hour (提供)
9.No Medecine For Regret (提供)
10.The Lord Is Out Of Control (提供)
Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. 英文
1.Teenage Exorcists
2.History Day (提供)
3.HMP Shaun William Ryder (提供)
4.Re-Remurdered (Blanck Mass) (提供)
5.No Medicine for Regret [Pye Corner Audio Remix] (提供)
6.The Lord Is Out of Control [Nils Frahm Remix] (提供)
Les Revenants 英文
1.Hungry Face (提供)
2.Jaguar (提供)
3.The Huts (提供)
4.Kill Jester (提供)
5.This Messiah Needs Watching (提供)
6.Whisky Time (提供)
7.Special N (提供)
8.Relative Hysteria (提供)
9.Fridge Magic (提供)
10.Portugal (提供)
11.Eagle Tax (提供)
12.Modern (提供)
13.What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? (提供)
14.Wizard Motor (提供)
Les revenants (EP) 英文
1.Wizard Motor (EP) (提供)
2.Soup (提供)
3.The Huts (EP) (提供)
4.This Messiah Needs Watching (EP) (提供)
A Wrenched Virile Lore 英文
1.George Square Thatcher Death Party (Justin K. Broadrick Reshape) (提供)
2.La Mort Blanche (Robert Hampson remix) (提供)
3.Rano Pano (Mogwai Is My Dick RMX by Klad Hest) (提供)
4.White Noise (EVP Mix by Cylob) (提供)
5.How To Be A Werewolf (Xander Harris remix) (提供)
6.Letters To The Metro (Zombi remix) (提供)
7.Mexican Grand Prix (reworked by RM Hubbert) (提供)
8.Rano Pano (Tim Hecker remix) (提供)
9.San Pedro (The Soft Moon remix) (提供)
10.Too Raging To Cheers (Umberto remix) (提供)
Earth Division (EP) 英文
1.Get To France (提供)
2.Hound Of Winter
3.Drunk And Crazy (提供)
4.Does This Always Happen? (提供)
The Hawk Is Howling 英文
1.I Love You, I'm Going To Blow Up (提供)2.Devil Rides
Mr. Beast 英文
1.Auto Rock (提供)
2.Glasgow Mega-snake (提供)
3.Team Handed (提供)
4.Emergency Trap (提供)
5.Folk Death 95 (提供)
6.We're No Here (提供)
Happy Songs For Happy People 英文
1.Moses? I Amn't (提供)
2.Kids Will Be Skeletons (提供)
3.Killing All The Flies (提供)
4.Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (提供)
5.Ratts Of The Capital (提供)
6.Golden Porsche (提供)
7.Stop Coming To My House (提供)
Rock Action 英文
1.Sine Wave (提供)
2.Dial: Revenge
3.Robot Chant (提供)
Come On Die Young 英文
1.Punk Rock
2.Helps Both Ways (提供)
3.Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia (提供)
4.Kappa (提供)
5.Waltz For Aidan (提供)
6.May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door (提供)
7.Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up (提供)
8.Ex-cowboy (提供)
9.Chocky (提供)
10.Christmas Steps (提供)
11.Punk Rock / Puff Daddy / Antichrist (提供)
Young Team 英文
1.Katrien (提供)
2.Radar Maker (提供)
3.Summer (Priority Version) (提供)
4.With Portfolio (提供)
Special Moves 英文
1.2 Rights Make 1 Wrong (提供)
2.Batcat (提供)
4.Friend Of The Night (提供)
5.Glasgow Megasnake (提供)
6.Hunted By A Freak (提供)
7.I Know You Are But What Am I? (提供)
8.I Love You, I'm Going To Blow Up Your School (提供)
9.I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead (提供)
10.Like Herod (提供)
11.Mogwai Fear Satan (提供)
12.New Paths To Helicon Part 1 (提供)
13.Scotland's Shame (提供)
14.The Precipice (提供)
15.You Don't Know Jesus (提供)
Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will 英文
1.White Noise (提供)
2.Mexican Grand Prix
3.Rano Pano (提供)
4.Death Rays (提供)
5.San Pedro (提供)
6.Letters To The Metro (提供)
7.George Square Thatcher Death Party (提供)
8.How To Be A Werewolf (提供)
9.Too Raging To Cheers (提供)
10.You're Lionel Richie (提供)
11.The Singing Mountain (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Hugh Dallas
2.Now You're Taken
3.Secret Pint
4.Travel Is Dangerous
5.Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home
6.Acid Food
8.O I Sleep
9.R U still In 2 It
11.Take Me Somewhere Nice
12.A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters
13.Angels Vs. Aliens
14.I Chose Horses

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