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Mod Sun【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 70 首歌 】
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Movie 英文
1.Previews (提供)
2.We Do This Shit
3.She Just Wanna Dance (提供)
4.You Are
5.Beautiful Problem
8.Smokin' What I'm Smokin' On
9.Spent All My Money...
10.Make Somethin' of Yourself
11.The End or Start Again? (提供)
We Do This Shit 英文
1.We Do This Shit (feat. DeJ Loaf)
Gucci Nail 英文
1.Gucci Nail
Mod Sun 英文
1.Goddess (ft. G-Eazy)
2.My Hippy (ft. Dizzy Wright)
3.Shoot 'em Down (ft. MGK and Blackbear)
4.Never Quit (ft. Travis Barker)
5.Not That Bad (ft. Jody Highroller)
Look Up 英文
1.Look Up (提供)
2.Headed Home
3.Free Love
4.Goddess (feat. G-Eazy)
5.Did It Again Last Night
6.Howlin' At the Moon
7.My Hippy (feat. Dizzy Wright)
8.Shoot 'Em Down (feat. Machine Gun Kelly, Blackbear)
9.My Favorite Shirt is My Skin
10.Never Quit (feat. Travis Barker)
12.Not That Bad (feat. Jody Highroller)
15.Same Way (Pt. 2)
16.Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 1) (提供)
17.Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 2) (提供)
18.Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 3) (提供)
19.Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 4) (提供)
20.Did I Ever Wake Up (Pt. 5) (提供)
Blazed By The Bell (Mixtape) 英文
1.Modern Sunshine (提供)
2.Forever Woodstock (提供)
3.Tye Dye Everything
4.Mentality 2 Reality
5.All Night, Everynight
6.Shaun White (提供)
7.Take the Credit, Imma Keep the Change (提供)
8.Never Comin Down (提供)
9.Lightning In A Bottle
10.Get Up (提供)
11.The Finish Line
12.WIndows Down
13.Whats Ya Life Like (提供)
14.Mr. Belding (Intro) (提供)
15.Chain Gang
16.Like a Movie (提供)
17.Home (提供)
The Hippy Hop EP 英文
1.Picture The Sunrise
2.The Other Side (prod. Statik Selektah)
3.No Girlfriend
In Mod We Trust (EP) 英文
2.No Girlfriend (Millyun)
3.Need That
4.Time To Celebrate (提供)
5.Undressing America (提供)
Happy As Fu*k 英文
1.Happy As Fu*k (feat. Pat Brown)
2.Stoner Girl (feat. Pat Brown)
3.Happy As Fu*k
4.Stoner Girl
暫存 英文
1.Pass It My Way
2.Hug Life
3.My Hippy

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