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Milli Vanilli【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 48 首歌 】
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Girl You Know It’s True -The Best Of Milli Vanilli 英文
1.Girl You Know It's True
2.Baby Don't Forget My Number
3.I'm Gonna Miss You
4.Ma Baker
5.Boy In The Tree
6.Can't You Feel My Love
7.Dance With A Devil
8.Is It Love
11.It's Your Thing
12.More Than You'll Ever Know
13.Girl You Know It's True (N.Y.C. Subway Remix)
14.All Or Nothing (Us Club Mix)
Girl You Know It's True 英文
1.All Or Nothing
2.Blame It On The Rain
3.Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
4.Girl You Know It's True
All Or Nothing 英文
1.All or Nothing (The U.S. remix)
3.Girl You Know It's True (maxi-version)
4.Girl You Know It's True
5.Girl You Know It's True
6.Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
7.I'm Gonna Miss You
8.Girl You Know It's True - Long Maxi Version
10.I'm Gonna Miss You
11.Can't You Feel My Love
12.Can't You Feel My Love
13.Dreams to Remember (radio remix)
14.Dance With a Devil
2x2 - The Best Of Milli Vanilli 英文
1.Girl I'm Gonna Miss You (Remix)
2.Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
3.Dreams To Remember (Remix)
5.Dance With A Devil
6.Blame It On The Rain (Club Mix - Long Version)
暫存 英文
1.Take It As It Comes
2.Dreams To Remember
3.Baby Don't Forget My Number (Subway mix)
4.Money (Remix-Long Version)
5.Girl I'm Gonna Miss You (Radio Edit)
6.Girl You Now It's True
7.Girl You Know I's True
8.Keep On Running
9.Girl I'm Gonna Miss You (Long Version)
10.Girl You Know...

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