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Miles Davis【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 139 首歌 】
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Miles Ahead Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 英文
1.Miles Ahead (提供)
2.Dialogue It takes a long time… (提供)
3.Taylor Made (提供)
4.Dialogue Listen, you talk too goddam much… (提供)
5.Solea (提供)
6.Seven Steps to Heaven (提供)
7.Dialogue If you gonna tell a story… (提供)
8.Frelon brun (提供)
9.Dialogue Sometimes you have these thoughts… (提供)
10.Duran (提供)
11.Dialogue You own my music… (提供)
12.Go Ahead John (提供)
13.Black Satin (提供)
14.Dialogue Be musical about this shit… (提供)
15.Prelude, Pt. 2 (提供)
16.Dialogue Y'all listening to them… (提供)
17.Junior's Jam (提供)
18.Francessence (提供)
19.Back Seat Betty (提供)
20.Dialogue I don't like the word jazz… (提供)
21.What's Wrong with That (提供)
22.Gone 2015 (提供)
Walkin’ With The Museing’s Of Miles 英文
1.Walkin' (提供)
2.Blue 'n' Boogie (提供)
3.Solar (提供)
4.You Don't Know What Love Is (提供)
5.Love Me Or Leave Me (提供)
6.I Didn't (提供)
7.A Gal In Callico (提供)
Miles + Miles 英文
1.There's A Boat That's Leaving Soon For New York (提供)
2.Gone (提供)
3.Old Devil Moon (提供)
4.Summertime (提供)
5.Move (提供)
6.Nature Boy (提供)
7.When Lights Are Low (提供)
8.Love, I've Found You (提供)
9.Someday My Prince Will Come (提供)
10.In Your Own Sweet Way (提供)
11.Swing Spring (提供)
12.Alone Together (提供)
13.Four (提供)
14.Sid's Ahead (提供)
Take Off: The Complete Blue Note Albums 英文
1.Dear Old Stockholm
2.Chance It (提供)
5.Woody 'N You (提供)
6.How Deep Is The Ocean
7.Kelo (提供)
8.Enigma (提供)
9.Ray's Idea (提供)
10.Tempus Fugit (提供)
11.C.T.A (提供)
12.I Waited For You (提供)
13.Take Off (提供)
14.Lazy Susan (提供)
15.The Leap (提供)
16.Well You Needn't (提供)
17.Weirdo (提供)
18.In Never Entered My Mind
19.Chance It take 2 (提供)
20.Donna take 1 – single version (提供)
21.Woody 'N You take 1 (提供)
22.Kelo take 1 (提供)
23.Enigma take 1 (提供)
24.Ray's Idea take 1 (提供)
25.Tempus Fugit take 2 (提供)
26.C.T.A. take 2 (提供)
At the Oriental Theatre 1966 英文
1.Announcement (提供)
2.Autumn Leaves (提供)
3.Agitation (提供)
4.Stella by Starlight
5.Gingerbread Boy (提供)
6.The Theme (提供)
7.All Blues
8.Who Can I Turn To? (提供)
9.So What
10.My Funny Valentine (提供)
The Bootleg Series Vol. 2 英文
1.Introduction by André Francis (提供)
2.Directions (提供)
3.Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (提供)
4.Milestones (提供)
5.Footprints (提供)
6.'Round Midnight (提供)
7.It's About That Time (提供)
8.The Theme (提供)
9.I Fall In Love Too Easily
10.Masqualero (提供)
11.No Blues
12.Nefertiti (提供)
13.Introduction by George Wein (提供)
14.Paraphernalia (提供)
15.Masqualero (incomplete) (提供)
16.This (提供)
Kind Of Blue 英文
1.So What
2.Freddie Freeloader (提供)
3.Blue In Green
4.All Blues
5.Flamenco Sketches (提供)
6.On Green Dolphin Street
7.Fran-Dance (提供)
8.Stella By Starlight
9.Love For Sale
10.Flamenco Sketches (Alternate Take) (提供)
11.Fran-Dance (Alternate Take) (提供)
Out Of The Blue 英文
1.Conception (提供)
2.Max Is Making Wax (提供)
3.Half Nelson (提供)
4.Down (提供)
5.The Squirrel (提供)
6.Lady Bird (提供)
7.Confidential (提供)
8.Out Of The Blue (提供)
9.Wee Dot (提供)
10.Chase (提供)
11.It Could Happen To You
Bitches Brew 英文
1.Pharaoh's Dance (提供)
2.Bitches Brew (提供)
3.Spanish Key (提供)
4.John McLaughlin (提供)
5.Run The Voodoo Down
6.Sanctuary (提供)
Yardbird 英文
1.Now's The Time
2.Open Your Eyes (提供)
3.So What
4.Thats The Way
The Musings Of Miles 英文
1.Will You Still Be Mine
2.I See Your Face Before Me
3.I Didn't (提供)
4.A Gal In Calico
5.A Night In Tunisia
6.Green Haze (提供)
暫存 英文
1.It Never Entered My Mind
2.Fall (提供)
3.Deception (提供)
4.You Go To My Head

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