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Mike Jones【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 142 首歌 】
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Money Train 英文
1.3 Grams (GMix)
2.Riot (Freestyle) Feat. Slim Thug
3.I Told em
4.Let Me Show You
5.Champaigne Music
6.Foreign Whips Feat. A-1 The SuperGroup & Yung Deuce
8.If I Had To Pick
9.What We On
10.Call Me When You Need Me
11.On My Momma
13.I Remember
15.She Likes How I Flex On Her She Likes How I Flex On Her Feat. KingTut50 Kaila Mayne Jay Jones A1
The Voice 英文
1.I Know
4.Happy Birthday
5.Swagg Thru The Roof
6.Shit On Boyz (提供)
7.On Top Of The Covers
8.Scandalous Hoes II
9.Swagger Right
10.Drop And Gimme 50
11.Cuddy Buddy
12.Next To You
13.Hate On Me
14.I Got It (提供)
15.Give Me A Call
16.Grandma II
17.Houston Oilers
18.Scandalous Hoes (Skit)
19.Grandma Part 2
Expect The Unexpected 英文
1.One And Only (Tenderoni) (提供)
2.Let's Do It (提供)
3.Untitled (提供)
4.Back Then II (提供)
5.So Hot (提供)
6.I Dream (提供)
7.My Burner (提供)
8.Nobody Else Can (提供)
9.Higher (提供)
10.I Met A Hoe (提供)
Who Is Mike Jones? 英文
1.Still Tippin' - feat. Slim Thug And Paul Wall Explicit Version
2.Scandalous Hoes (remix)
3.5 Years From Now (remix)
4.Got It Sewed Up (remix)
5.Screw Dat
6.Turning Lane
8.Scandalous Hoes
9.Laws Patrolling
10.5 Years from Now
11.Flossin (remix)
12.Grandma (remix) (提供)
14.What Ya Know About...
15.Type of N**ga U Need
16.Cuttin (remix)
17.Still Tippin (remix)
18.Back Then (remix)
19.Know What I'm Sayin'
The American Dream 英文
1.Mr. Jones
2.Bonnie & Clyde
3.Like What I Got
4.My 6 Fo'
5.Grandma Part 2
6.I'm Sorry (提供)
7.Tender Loving (提供)
8.Turning Heads
Swishahouse 1st Round Draft Picks 英文
1.Day 2 Day Grindin
2.Don't Work U Don't Eat
4.U Feel Good Dont U
5.Rookie of da Year
6.Ghetto Cry
Runnin the Game 英文
1.City Is Myne
2.Flow - Get It on da Floor
3.Flow - Into You
4.Dick Don't Fail Me Now (Swishahouse remix) (Shake That Monkey)
5.Flow - Walked Out of Heaven
7.Knockin' Niggaz Out
8.Hate Me (提供)
9.Cuttin' (feat. Magno)
King of the Streets 英文
1.Victory (Flow)
3.Old School (Flow)
4.On Fire (Flow)
5.Dynasty (Flow)
6.Got Damn (Flow)
7.Quick 2 Back Down (Flow)
8.Dirt Off Ya Shoulder (Flow)
9.In Yo Cadillac (Flow)
10.Do It Big (Flow)
Greatest Hits & Dirty Dubstep Mixes 英文
1.Back Then (Re-Recorded)
2.Next to You (Re-Recorded)
3.Flossin' (Re-Recorded)
4.Cuddy Buddy (Bass Bang Dubstep Mix)
Ballin Underground 英文
1.We Ballin
暫存 英文
1.Dick Dont Fail Me Now
2.Still Tippin'
3.Back Then
4.Drop & Gimme 50
5.Bass & Drum - Original Mix
6.I Done Did It
7.Cuddy Buddy (Dubstep Remix)
8.What Ya Know About
9.Like What I Got (Acapella)
10.Leanin On Dat Butter
12.Swagg Thru da Roof
13.Still Trippin
14.U Ballin'
15.Scandalous H**s (Skit)
16.Mr. Jones [Super Clean Radio Edit]
17.Crunch N Munch
18.Day 2 Day Grindin'
19.I Need A Dime
20.Oh Baby (feat. Trey Songz)
21.Got It Sewed Up (Remix)
22.My 64
24.Mike Jones (Live v.2)
26.The Last Dance
27.This Time The Dream's On Me
28.Purple Drank
29.I Get High
30.Houston Oiler
31.8 Mile
32.Swervin' [Explicit Album Version]
33.Still Tippin'-It's A Man's World Remix
35.Still Tippin' (clean version) (feat. Slim Thug & Paul Wall)
36.Cuddy Buddy [feat. Trey Songz, Twista and Lil Wayne] [Remix]
37.Back Then (Re-Recorded) [Remastered]
38.On Another Level
39.Smile More
40.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

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