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Melba Moore【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 50 首歌 】
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The Essential Melba Moore 英文
1.You Stepped Into My Life
2.This Is It
3.Lean on Me
4.Pick Me Up, I'll Dance (12 Mix) (提供)
5.Good Love Makes Everything Alright (提供)
6.Miss Thing (提供)
7.Standing Right Here (提供)
8.The Way You Make Me Feel (提供)
9.I Am His Lady (提供)
10.The Long and Winding Road
11.Ain't No Love Lost (提供)
12.The Greatest Feeling (提供)
13.I Need Someone (提供)
14.Free (Extended Version) (提供)
15.Make Me Believe in You (提供)
16.Play Boy Scout (提供)
17.Blood Red Roses (提供)
18.It's Hard Not to Like You (提供)
19.There's No Other Like You (提供)
20.Must Be Dues (提供)
21.Burn (Special Disco 12 Mix) (提供)
22.Hot and Tasty (提供)
23.Night People (12 Mix) (提供)
24.Promised Land (提供)
25.I Don't Know No One Else to Turn To (提供)
26.My Sensitive, Passionate Man (Single Version)
27.You Are My River (提供)
Closer 英文
1.Everything So Good About You (提供)
2.You Got Me Loving You (提供)
3.Closer (提供)
4.Something On Your Mind (提供)
5.Shame (提供)
6.Never Gonna Let You Get Away (提供)
7.Rest Inside My Love (提供)
8.I Could Never Miss You More (提供)
9.Next To You (提供)
10.You Don't Know What You Do To Me (提供)
11.You Stepped Into My Life (7”)
12.Pick Me Up I'll Dance (7”) (提供)
13.Burn (Special Disco Mix) (12”) (提供)
14.Night People (12”) (提供)
Never Say Never 英文
1.Livin' For Your Love
暫存 英文
1.A Little Bit More
2.Love's Comin At Ya
3.Ain't Got No
4.A-Tisket, A-Tasket
7.A Little Bit More (feat. Freddie Jackson)
8.A Little Bit More (Radio Edit)

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