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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手MC Paul Barman
MC Paul Barman【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 61 首歌 】
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Yestiny: Full Buck Moon Kaboom Mixtape 英文
2.Sampling Law (Phofo Mix) (提供)
3.Howler Intro (Live At Bowery Poetry Club 2007) (提供)
4.Old Fogey Vs. Whippersnapper (提供)
5.Tiamat (提供)
6.Rzaview (Live On Wfmu 2008) (提供)
7.Unauthorized Audiobiography Of Weird Al (提供)
8.Paullelujah! (Premix) (提供)
9.Make No Mistake (Live On XM Radio 2003) (提供)
10.Mitch Blood Green Interlude #2 (提供)
11.Happy September 11th
12.Mitch Blood Green Interlude #1 (提供)
13.Power (Demo Version) (提供)
14.Word Vs. Meaning (提供)
15.Oil (提供)
16.Inside Your Mind (提供)
17.The Night My Girlfriend Left Me
18.Lonely Piano (提供)
19.Home (Prince Paul Remix) (提供)
20.Meet Cleofis Randolph The Patriarch
21.Chemically Imbalanced
22.The Man From Lafonda (Remix) (提供)
23.Onion Interview (Live At Tribeca 2003) (提供)
24.Stand-Hop (Live At Bowery Poetry Club 2007) (提供)
25.Mitch Blood Green Interlude #4 (提供)
26.Mitch Blood Green Interlude #3.wav (提供)
27.I Shot Ya (Live At South Paw 2003)
28.Mitch Blood Green Interlude #5 (提供)
29.Don't Micromanage My Psychodamage (提供)
31.Live From Death Row (提供)
Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud 英文
2.Get Along Song
3.Lidgeon (提供)
4.Back On A White Horse
5.Hairy Moth Owl
6.The Moon
7.Owl Pellets (提供)
8.Allahu Akbar
9.Losing A Puppy (提供)
11.Go Sane
13.It Can All Be Taken Away
14.Drug Casual-T (提供)
15.Ask Your Mama (提供)
16.Circumcision (提供)
18.Get Help
19.Sampling Law
20.For Skins (提供)
21.Hot Guacamole
22.Power (提供)
暫存 英文
1.MTV Get Off the Air, Pt. 2
2.Cock Mobster
3.Excuse You
4.The Joy Of Your World
5.Salvation Barmy
6.School Anthem
7.I'm Fricking Awesome
8.Vulture Shark Sculpture Park

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