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Mavado【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 260 首歌 】
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Give It All To Me (Single) 英文
1.Give It All To Me
All Faces (Single) 英文
1.All Faces
Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow 英文
1.David's Psalm (提供)
2.Every Situation (提供)
3.On The Rock (Remix)
4.So Blessed
5.So Special
6.Life Of A G
7.Welcome To The Armagedeon (提供)
8.Gangster Don't Play
9.Real Killa (No Chorus)
10.Chiney K
12.Don't Worry
13.Money Changer
15.In Di Car Back
16.Which Gal (提供)
The Ultimate 2013 英文
1.Live My Life
2.Live My Life (Edit)
4.Agony (Edit)
5.In This World
6.Million Dollar Man
Reggae Picks 15 英文
1.Inna Di Car Back
2.Im So Special
3.Set Me Free
Mavado Live from Orlando 英文
1.Don't Worry (Live)
2.Ben Ova (Live)
3.When You Feel Lonely (Live)
4.Tie Yuh (Live)
5.Gyal a Mad Ova (Live)
6.Friends With Benefits (Live)
7.My Own (Live)
8.Box of Money (Live)
9.Weh Dem a Do (Live)
10.Final Destination (Live)
11.Do Road (Live)
12.So Special (Live)
Life of the Gully God Mix 英文
1.Dem Alone (dub)
2.Sweetest Time
3.War Is in the Air
4.Fall Rain Fall
5.Give Her Everything
6.She Beat Him
7.Sting Dem
8.House Cleaning (dub)
9.Let Me Go
10.A So You Move
Greensleeves Rhythm Album 89: Silent River 英文
1.Dem A Pree
Gangsta For Life 英文
1.Angriest Introduction (提供)
2.Real McCoy With A Full Clip (提供)
3.Weh Dem A Do
4.A Father's Prayer (提供)
5.They Fear Me
6.Definition Of A Gangster (提供)
8.Don't Cry
9.Cassava Piece Radio (提供)
11.David's Interlude (提供)
12.Top Shotta Nah Miss
13.Jimmy D Ratt (提供)
14.Chat Too Much
15.A Snitch's Eulogy (提供)
16.Amazing Grace
17.Touch The Road
18.Me And My Dogs
19.Dutty Gun (提供)
20.APB (提供)
21.Gully Side
22.Squeeze Breast
24.Sadness (提供)
25.Born And Raised
暫存1 英文
2.On The Rock
3.Come Into My Room
4.Real Killer (No Chorus)
5.Gyal A Mad Ova
6.Real Mckoy
7.Pon Di Ting
8.Last Night
9.Me & My Dogs
10.Money, Girls & Fun
12.Feel Like
13.So Bazzel
14.Aktion Pak - Album Version (Edited)
15.In God We Trust
16.Cherish My Love
17.Tie Yuh (Persian Mat)
19.Mak 90
20.Weed & Hennessy (Explicit)
21.Gal Yuh Sexy
22.Funeral Bell
23.Money a Di Right Ting
24.Blood Moon
25.My Love (Radio Edit)
26.Big Bumpa Gal
28.Gal yuh Sexy (Radio)
29.Big League
30.My League
31.Hide & Seek
32.All About You
33.Smoke a Mi Law
34.I Swear
35.Cherish My Love (Clean)
36.Dem a Talk
37.My Love
39.Story (Mildew Riddim)
40.No Time Fi Trace
41.I'm so Special (Remix)
42.Think About Me
43.Dash Weh Smaddy
44.Bad Anytime
45.Bad Anytime (Radio)
46.Hotter Than Bread
47.Kill Dem Slowly (Dancehall Sings Riddim - Love)
49.Up Like 7
51.Born & Raised
52.Body Look
54.Settle Down, Pt. 2 (Radio)
55.Agony (Raw)
56.Again & Again
57.March Out (Raw)
58.Ghetto Bible
59.Dem Nuh Man
60.Dem Nuh Bad
61.Goodbye To My Haters
62.Me Nuh Scared
63.A Boy Like Me
64.Live Blanket (Crank It)
65.Terror By Day
66.Dem a Try Style Man
67.Wildest Thing (Radio)
68.Kite Style
69.Sick Like Flu
70.Sick Like Flu (Radio)
71.Come Roun
72.Clean Everyday
73.Nine Lives
74.Cyaan Hold Me Again
75.Settle Down
76.It's Raining Again
77.Never Believe You
78.Delilah (Genius Mix)
79.Last Night (Radio Edit)
80.Aktion Pak
81.Like Me
82.What's Love
83.Final Destination (Raw)
84.Gyal Wine
85.When U Feel Lonely
86.Stay Far
87.Luv Me Girl
89.Star Bwoy
90.Neva Believe You
92.Fly Again
95.This Morning
97.Neva Believe U
98.Caribbean Girl
99.When You Feel Lonely
暫存 英文
1.Don't Wanna Be a Memory
2.I Know You Want Me
3.Final Destination - Clean
4.Caribbean Girls
5.Gal a Mad Ova
6.X Rated
7.9 Live
8.Jah Is My Everything
9.Movie Star
10.Always On My Mind
11.Money Box
12.Weh Dem a Do (Coki - Digital Mystikz & Undergroud Ice Remix
13.Settle Down (Destiny) (Soca)
15.Body Look (Raw)
16.Still Stand Up
18.Love In Your Heart
20.Hope & Pray
21.Nuh Fraid a Dem - Raw
22.Nuh Fraid a Dem - Edit
23.Straight - (RAW)
24.Dem Alone
26.Gyal Bend Ova
27.Can't Take Wi Life ft. Di Genius
28.Hope and Pray
29.Weh Dem a Do (Coki remix)
30.Nine Life
31.Protect Me
32.She's the One
33.Friends With Benefits
34.Ben Ova
35.Mind How Yuh Dis Mi
37.Pon Di Gully (Born & Grow)
38.Clear D Way
39.Jump Out
40.Hotta Than Bread (Radio)
41.The Truth (Ghetto)
42.Nah Use Dem
43.High Life
44.Nuh Trust Fren
45.Don't Give a F#ck
46.Paypa (Paper)
47.Duh Weh Yuh Waan
48.Model & Pose
49.Diamond Look
50.Can't Bad Mi Up
51.Special Kinda Gyal
52.No Friend
53.At the Top
54.Nobody Till Somebody Kills You
55.Delilah (Diplo Remix)
56.Only If You
57.AK 47
58.Up To
59.Baby Girl
61.Always On My Mind (Raw)
62.All Dem a Talk
63.Caribbean Girls (Raw)
64.Can't Happen
65.Let's Go On
66.Out There its Real
67.Nuh Fraid a Dem
68.The Messiah
69.Walk Out (Radio)
70.I Know U Want Me
71.Touch Di Road
72.Gangsta Nuh Play
73.Mama Say
74.Belt Buckle
75.Beat & Teach
76.Way We Roll
77.Dem Run Eeen
78.Unchanging Love
80.Think About Me (Remastered)
81.Triple Murda
82.Get Up
83.Mr Dead
84.Funeral (Popcaan Diss)

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