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Matthew West( 麥特·韋斯特 )【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 138 首歌 】
Matthew Joseph West(1977年4月25日出生)是美國當代基督教音樂家,創作歌手和演員。他發行了五張錄音室專輯,以他的歌曲“更多”,“你是一切”和“動作”而聞名。他在2005年被提名五次鴿王獎,其中兩次是他的主要標籤首張專輯,快樂。 West贏得2013年度美國最佳當代勵志藝術家音樂獎。

在20世紀90年代後期以獨立音樂家的身份開始,他在與Universal South Records簽約之前發行了三張獨立專輯。隨著他的Dove獲獎首張專輯“Happy”在2003年發行,他的第一張單曲“More”在Christian Adult Contemporary排行榜上排名第一,連續九週獲得兩項鴿子獎提名。他的第二張專輯“History”之後是2006年重新發行的獨立專輯“Sellout”。 2007年,他面臨聲樂問題,以兩個月的聲樂休息時間威脅他的職業生涯。他的第三張錄音室專輯“Something to Say”也獲得了榜首的成功,包括“你是一切”和“動作”。

West除了主要的獨唱生涯之外,還擔任過許多基督教音樂家和團體的歌曲作者,例如Grace of Grace,Natalie Grant和Casting Crowns,以及主流的國家行為,Rascal Flatts,Billy Ray Cyrus和文斯·吉爾。 2013年,他的第二張單曲“Hello,My Name Is”從專輯“Into the Light”中發行,並在Billboard基督教歌曲排行榜上連續第17周達到第一。
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Live Forever 英文
1.Live Forever
2.The List
3.World Changers
4.Grace Wins
7.Anything Is Possible
8.Born For This
9.Oh, Me Of Little Faith
10.Heaven Is The Hope
Day One (Single) 英文
1.Day One
A Christmas To Believe In (Single) 英文
1.A Christmas To Believe In
Into the Light 英文
1.Into the Light
2.Hello, My Name Is
4.Do Something
5.Moved By Mercy
6.We Are the Broken
8.Wonderfully Made
9.Waitin' On a Miracle
11.Love Stands Waiting
12.The Power of a Prayer
13.Forgiveness (Acoustic)
Forgiveness (Single) 英文
1.Forgiveness (Single)
The Heart Of Christmas 英文
1.Give This Christmas Away
2.One Last Christmas
3.The Heart Of Christmas
4.Christmas Makes Me Cry
5.Day After Christmas
6.Leaving Heaven
7.Come On, Christmas
8.O Come, All Ye Faithful
9.Silent Night (Interlude) (提供)
10.O' Holy Night
11.Jingle Bells
12.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Story Of Your Life 英文
1.The Story Of Your Life
2.To Me
3.Two Houses
4.Broken Girl
5.Family Tree
6.My Own Little World
7.One Less
8.Strong Enough
10.The Healing Has Begun
11.The Reason For The World
Happy 英文
The Story of Your Life 英文
1.The Story of Your Life
2.One Less
3.The Reason for the World (acoustic)
4.One Less (acoustic)
5.My Own Little World (acoustic)
6.Hold You Up
7.The Healing Has Begun
8.Broken Girl
10.To Me
11.Family Tree
12.Strong Enough
13.Two Houses
Something to Say 英文
1.Something To Say
2.The Motions
3.The Center
4.Save A Place For Me
5.Life Inside You
6.Safe And Sound
7.Moment Of Truth
8.A Friend In The World
9.All The Broken Pieces
10.Stop The World
11.You Are Everything
One Last Christmas (Single) 英文
1.One Last Christmas (Single)
My Own Little World (Single) 英文
1.My Own Little World (Single)2.You Are Everything
暫存 英文
1.Babies And Butterflies, Beatles And Boys!
3.This Ordinary Life
4.The End
5.You Know Where to Find Me
6.Out of My Hands
7.The Lie
8.I Can't Hear You
9.Every Second
10.The Turnaround
11.Only Grace
12.Open Wide My Heart
13.The Moment Of Truth
14.Heart Of Every Man
15.Safe & Sound
16.I Know You're There
18.Just Like You
19.Give This Christmas Away [feat. Amy Grant]
20.Get Away
21.Next Thing You Know
22.The Day Before You
24.Forever and Beyond
26.Mr. James
27.Out Of Time
29.A Few More Days
30.The Last Ones
31.The Light of Eternity
32.My Finest Hour
33.Love Has No Walls
34.Nothing Else
35.When I Say I Do
36.Be Strong
37.Reason For The World
38.Mended (Radio Edit)
39.Good (ADAM & EVE)
41.The Healing Has Begun (Medium Key Performance Track With Background Vocals)
42.The Motions (Acoustic)
43.Save a Place For Me (Acoustic)
44.Waiting For You
45.Something to Say (Medium Key Performance Track With Background Vocals)
46.You Are Everything (Medium Key Performance Track With Background Vocals)
47.Wouldn't Change a Thing
48.When Love Comes Home
49.My Favorite Part
50.Give This Christmas Away (Medium Key Performance With Background Vocals)
51.Do Something (Radio Version)
52.Only Grace (Acoustic Version)
54.Blessed Assurance (My King Is Coming)
55.So Loved
56.Broken Things
57.All In
59.Jesus & You
60.Mercy Is A Song
61.Unto Us

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