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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Martin Sexton
Martin Sexton【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 80 首歌 】
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Mixtape Of The Open Road 英文
1.Do It Daily (提供)
2.You (My Mind Is Woo) (提供)
3.Pine Away
4.Set In Stone
5.Remember That Ride (提供)
6.Give It Up (提供)
7.Shut Up And Sing (提供)
8.I Believe In You
9.Doin' Something Right (提供)
10.Dandelion Days (提供)
11.Virginia (提供)
12.Supper Time (提供)
Fall Like Rain (EP) 英文
1.Fall Like Rain
2.One Voice Together (提供)
3.Happy Anniversary (Six Years) (提供)
4.Burlington (提供)
5.For What It's Worth (提供)
Sugarcoating 英文
2.Boom Sh-Boom
3.Always Got Away
4.Livin The Life
6.Stick Around
7.Long Haul
8.Shane (提供)
9.Wants Out
10.Friends Again
11.Easy On The Eyes
12.Alone (提供)
13.Just To Be Alive
Solo (Live) 英文
1.Happy (Live)
2.Diner (Live)
3.Failure (Live)
4.Caught In the Rain (Live)
5.With a Little Help from My Friends (Live)
New Year's Eve '05 英文
1.Faith On the Table (Live)
2.Candy (Live)
3.Glory Bound (Live)
4.Diggin' Me (Live)
5.Love Keep Us Together (Live)
6.Way I Am (Live)
7.My Maria (Live)
8.Gypsy Woman (Live)
Live Wide Open 英文
1.In the Journey (Live)
2.Black Sheep (Live)
3.Wasted (Live)
4.Can't Stop Thinking About You (Live)
5.Gypsy Woman (Live)
6.13 Step Boogie (Live)
7.Where Did I Go Wrong (Live)
8.Women and Wine (Live)
9.Things You Do to Me (Live)
10.Hallelujah (Live)
11.Freedom of the Road (Live)
12.Beast in Me (Live)
13.Angeline (Live)
Live At the Fillmore 英文
1.Candy (Live At the Fillmore)
2.Diner (Live At the Fillmore)
3.Happy (Live At the Fillmore)
4.Failure (Live At the Fillmore)
5.Thought I Knew Ya (Live At the Fillmore)
6.Angeline (Live At the Fillmore)
7.Glory Bound (Live At the Fillmore)
暫存 英文
1.Glory Bound
2.Free World
3.Over My Head
4.Love Keep Us Together
5.Will It Go Round In Circles
6.Black Sheep
7.Caught in the Rain
9.Can't Stop Thinking 'Bout You
10.Gypsy Woman
11.Beast in Me
13.There Go I
14.Silence Now
15.Wild Angels (reprise)
16.The Beast in Me
17.America the Beautiful

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