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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Martha Munizzi
Martha Munizzi【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 63 首歌 】
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Make It Loud 英文
1.Make It Loud
3.Excellent Reprise
4.My God Is A Big God
5.My God Is A Big God Reprise
6.No One Higher
7.I Know That You Love Me
8.Set Me Free
9.Fill Me
10.Your Love Oh God
11.Never Stop Singing
The Best Is Yet to Come 英文
1.Lift Him Up
2.Because of Who You Are (Remix)
3.Shout (Remix) (提供)
4.New Season (提供)
5.Your Latter Will Be Greater (提供)
6.I Know the Plans
7.Jesus Medley
8.Say the Name (Remix)
9.I Will Always
10.Sing (提供)
11.Mighty God
12.God is Here
Say the Name 英文
1.Shout (提供)
2.It's Time to Dance
3.God Has a Way
4.Say the Name
5.Blessed Be the Lord
6.Because of Who You Are
7.At All Times
No Limits LIVE 英文
1.Always Welcome
2.Amazing Love
3.What He's Done
4.Prophetic Interlude (提供)
5.Renew Me
6.Great Exchange
7.Name Above All Names
8.Till the Walls Fall (reprise)
9.Till the Walls Fall
10.No Limits (Breakthrough)
11.Chosen Generation
12.Jesus Is The Best Thing
13.You've Been So Good
14.While You Worship (Chandler's Song)
15.I Believe God
16.He's Already Provided (提供)
17.Come Holy Spirit
18.Holy Spirit Fill This Room
19.Forever You're My King
Change The World 英文
1.Nothing Can Separate Me
3.Favor of God
4.Favor of God (reprise)
5.Wrap Me In Your Arms
6.Forever Always
暫存 英文
2.God Is Here
3.Invincible God
4.Change The World
5.O Come, O Come Emmanuel
6.When He Came

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