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Markus Schulz【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 200 首歌 】
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Watch The World 英文
1.Code 10-66 (提供)
2.In the Night Featuring Brooke Tomlinson (提供)
3.Love Me Like You Never Did Featuring Ethan Thompson (提供)
4.Destiny Featuring Delacey (提供)
5.Better You (提供)
6.I Hear You Calling Featuring Cayo (提供)
7.Leaving L.A. Featuring Nikki Flores
8.Let It Rain Featuring Helen (提供)
9.Fears (With Kyau & Albert) (提供)
10.Facedown featuring Soundland (提供)
11.Waiting (提供)
12.You & I featuring Adina Butar (提供)
13.Watch The World featuring Lady V (提供)
14.Summer Dream featuring Mia Koo (提供)
15.Favorite Nightmare Featuring Delacey (提供)
16.Soldier Featuring Naguale (提供)
18.In The Night Acoustic; featuring Brooke Tomlinson (提供)
19.Love Me Like You Never Did Acoustic; featuring Ethan Thompson (提供)
20.Destiny Acoustic; featuring Delacey (提供)
21.I Hear You Calling Acoustic; featuring CAYO (提供)
22.Let It Rain Acoustic; featuring Helen (提供)
23.Fears (with Kyau & Albert) Acoustic (提供)
24.Facedown Acoustic; Featuring Soundland (提供)
25.You And I Acoustic; featuring Adina Butar (提供)
26.Watch the World Acoustic; Featuring Lady V (提供)
27.Summer Dream (提供)
Scream 2 英文
1.Fireworks (提供)
2.In the Shadows (提供)
3.Make You Fall (提供)
4.Mango (提供)
5.Mardi Gras (提供)
6.Gravity (提供)
7.Reflection (提供)
8.Towards the Sun (提供)
10.Dancing In the Key of Life (提供)
11.Lord Knows (提供)
12.Remember This (提供)
13.Erase You (提供)
14.Destino (提供)
15.Reloaded (提供)
16.Revolution (提供)
17.Blown Away (提供)
Armada Collected 英文
1.Love Rain Down (feat. Seri)
2.Somewhere (Clear Blue) (Markus Schulz pres. Elevation) (提供)
3.Perception (feat. Justine Suissa) (提供)
4.Nothing Without Me (feat. Ana Diaz) (提供)
5.I Am (vs. Chakra)
6.Muse (feat. Adina Butar)
7.First Time (feat. Anita Kelsey)
8.Not The Same (feat. Jennifer Rene) (提供)
9.Surreal (feat. Ana Criado) (提供)
10.Away (feat. Sir Adrian)
11.Cause You Know (feat. Departure) (Nic Chagall Remix) (提供)
12.Remember This (Mark Sherry Remix) (提供)
13.Revolution (with Venom One feat. Chris Madin) (Daniel Creed Remix) (提供)
14.Perfect (feat. Dauby)
15.Tempted (feat. Sarah Howells)
16.Erase You (feat. Lady V) (Wellenrausch's Dark Matter Remix) (提供)
17.Without You Near (with Departure and Gabriel & Dresden) (Coldharbour Mix) (提供)
18.Loops & Tings (vs. Ferry Corsten) (提供)
19.Daydream (vs. Andy Moor) (提供)
20.Revolution (with Venom One feat. Chris Madin) (提供)
21.Travelling Light
22.Rotunda (with Jochen Miller) (提供)
23.Caught (feat. Adina Butar) (提供)
24.You Won't See Me Cry 2005
25.Go! (with Dennis Sheperd) (提供)
26.The Spiritual Gateway (Transmission Theme 2013) (提供)
27.Blown Away (feat. Liz Primo) (Beat Service Remix) (提供)
28.Carry On (feat. Jaren) (Solid & Sean Truby Remix) (提供)
29.Without You Near (with Departure and Gabriel & Dresden) (Judah Remix) (提供)
Scream 英文
1.Our Moment (提供)
2.Loops & Tings (提供)
3.Nothing Without Me
4.Love Rain Down
5.Carry On
6.Deep in the Night
8.Triotonic (提供)
9.Soul Seeking (提供)
10.Sing Me Back to Life (提供)
11.Don't Leave Until the Sunrise (提供)
12.Until it's Gone
13.Universe is Mine
14.Tempted (提供)
16.I Like It (提供)
17.Digital Madness (提供)
19.Finish Line (提供)
Thoughts Become Things II 英文
1.Gypsy Room (提供)
2.Red Star (提供)
3.Sleepwalkers (提供)
4.I'm Where It Went Wrong (提供)
5.Sinners (提供)
6.Terrace 5 A.m. (提供)
7.Katowice (提供)
8.Tears (提供)
9.Suggestion No. 5 (提供)
10.In A Green Valley (提供)
11.Miami (提供)
12.Cape Town (提供)
13.Saints (提供)
14.Apollo (提供)
Toronto 09 英文
1.Queensday And Jarvis (提供)
2.Backfire (提供)
3.Rain (提供)
4.Travail (提供)
5.Crash Into Reason (提供)
6.Scorpion (提供)
7.Tomorrow Never Comes (提供)
8.Everything (提供)
9.Cardboard Box (提供)
10.Cube (提供)
11.Nothing At All (提供)
12.Remember The Silence (提供)
13.How Does It Feel (提供)
14.Stick In Monday (提供)
15.Koolhaus (提供)
16.Is It? (提供)
17.Sin City (提供)
18.Hold Control (提供)
19.Bittersweet Nightshade (提供)
20.Besides Words (提供)
21.Harbour (提供)
22.Power Of American Natives (提供)
23.Bromley Ave (提供)
24.Sound Of Flight (提供)
25.Eliana (提供)
26.South Haven (提供)
27.Pyjamaparty (提供)
28.Dust In The Wind (提供)
Without You Near 英文
1.Without You Near (Coldharbour Mix)
2.Once Again
3.Travelling Light
4.You Won't See Me Cry 2005
5.Sorrow Has No Home
Progression 英文
1.On a Wave (feat. Anita Kelsey)
2.Lost Cause (feat. Carrie Skipper)
3.Daydream (feat. Andy Moor)
4.Cause You Know (feat. Departure)
5.I Am (Markus Schulz vs. Chakra)
Progression Progressed: The Remixes 英文
1.Perfect (feat. Dauby) (Agnelli & Nelson remix)
2.Lost Cause (feat. Carrie Skipper) (Mike EFEX remix)
3.Cause You Know (feat. Departure) (Is This the End)
Do You Dream 英文
2.Alpha State (提供)
4.Dark Heart Waiting
5.Not The Same
6.Do You Dream (提供)
7.Last Man Standing
11.The New World (提供)
13.65.4hz (提供)
14.What Could Have Been (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Without You Near
2.Cause You Know
4.Perception - Radio Edit
5.Perfect (Funabashi Remix)
6.First Time (Club Mix Edit)
7.Never Be the Same Again (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Club Mix Edit)
8.Without You Near (Gabriel & Dresden remix)
9.You Won't See Me Cry (Deepsky's Desert Farewell mix)
10.Away (Album Mix)
11.Without Your Near (Gabriel & Dresden mix)
12.Dark Heart Waiting (Coldharbour dub mix) (feat. Khaz)
13.You Won't See Me Cry 2005 (Radio Edit)
14.Tempted (Dennis Sheperd radio edit)
15.Dark Heart Waiting (Club Mix)
16.Dark Heart Waiting (Album Mix)
17.You And I
18.Caught (Tritonal club mix)
19.Muse (Edit)
20.Love Rain Down - Radio Edit
21.Love Rain Down (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love radio edit)
22.Message In the Sky (Remember This)
23.Surreal [ASOT 503] - Omnia Remix
24.Surreal (Omnia Remix Edit)
25.Destiny [ASOT 707] - Original Mix
27.Destiny (Acoustic)
28.Destiny [ASOT 708] - Original Mix
29.Destiny (ASOT 743)
30.Destiny (Radio Edit)
31.Destiny - Original Mix
32.Favorite Nightmare
33.Destiny - Acoustic Version
34.Love Me Like You Never Did (ASOT 761)
35.Love Me Like You Never Did
36.Love Me Like You Never Did - Radio Edit
37.Love Me Like You Never Did (Acoustic)
38.Caught (Extended Mix)

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