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Nick Lowe( 尼克羅威 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 259 首歌 】
出生: 1949 年 3 月 24 日,英國泰晤士河畔沃爾頓
所屬樂團: Rockpile (1976 年 – 1981 年), 布林斯利·施瓦 (1969 年 – 1975 年), Little Village (1991 年 – 1992 年)
配偶: 皮塔·瓦汀頓 (結婚於 2008 年), 卡特·傑佛遜 (結婚於 1979 年–1990 年)
子女: 羅伊·羅威

Nicholas Drain Lowe(1949年3月24日出生),名叫Nick Lowe,是一位英國創作歌手,音樂家和製片人。

英國酒吧搖滾,電力流行和新浪潮 中的著名人物,Lowe錄製了一系列備受好評的個人專輯。 與人聲一起,Lowe演奏吉他,低音吉他,鋼琴和口琴。 他最出名的是他的歌曲“Cruel to Be Kind”(美國前40強單曲)和“I Love the Breaking Glass”(英國十大熱門歌曲),以及他與Elvis Costello,Graham Parker合作的作品。 , 和別的。 Lowe還寫了“(什麼是如此有趣'Bout)和平,愛和理解”,這是科斯特洛的一個熱門。 他住在英國倫敦的布倫特福德。
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Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection for All the Family 英文
1.Children Go Where I Send Thee
2.A Dollar Short Of Happy
3.Silent Night
4.Rise Up Shepherd
5.Just To Be With You (This Christmas) (提供)
6.I Was Born In Bethlehem
7.Hooves On The Roof (提供)
8.The North Pole Express (提供)
9.Old Toy Train
10.Christmas At The Airport
11.Christmas Can't Be Far Away
12.I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
The Old Magic 英文
1.Til' The Real Thing Comes Along (提供)
2.Stoplight Roses
3.Sensitive Man
4.Shame On The Rain
5.You Don't Know Me At All
6.Poisoned Rose
7.Restless Feeling (提供)
8.I Read A Lot
9.Checkout Time
10.House For Sale
11.Somebody Cares For Me
Quiet Please: The New Best Of Nick Lowe 英文
1.What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love And Understanding
2.Cracking Up
3.American Squirm
4.Without Love
5.You Make Me
6.When I Write The Book
7.Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) (提供)
10.Raining Raining
11.Mess Around With Love
12.Wish You Were Here
13.L.A.F.S. (提供)
14.The Gee And The Rick And The Three Card Trick (提供)
15.The Rose Of England
16.Wishing Well (提供)
17.Lovers Jamboree
19.All Men Are Liars
20.What's Shakin' On The Hill
21.Don't Think About Her (提供)
22.Fool Who Knows
23.Soulful Wind
24.The Beast In Me
25.I Live On A Battlefield
26.Shelley My Love
27.You Inspire Me
28.Lonesome Reverie
29.Faithless Lover
30.What Lack Of Love Has Done
31.Man That I've Become
32.Lately I've Let Things Slide
34.Has She Got A Friend ?
35.Let's Stay In And Make Love
36.Indian Queens
37.Half A Boy And Half A Man
38.Cruel to Be Kind
39.Long Limbed Girl
40.I Trained Her To Love Me
41.Hope For Us All
42.People Change
43.I Love the Sound Of Breaking Glass
44.So It Goes
45.Marie Provost
46.Heart of the City
47.Endless Sleep
Jesus Of Cool 英文
1.Music For Money
2.I Love the Sound Of Breaking Glass
3.Little Hitler
4.Shake And Pop
6.So It Goes
7.No Reason
8.Marie Provost
9.Nutted By Reality
10.Heart of the City
11.Shake That Rat (提供)
12.I Love My Label
13.They Called It Rock
14.Born A Woman
15.Endless Sleep
16.Halfway To Paradise
17.Rollers Shaw
18.I Don't Want The Night To End
19.36 Inches High
20.Cruel to Be Kind
The Impossible Bird 英文
1.12-Step Program (To Quit You Babe)
2.14 Days
3.Drive-Thru Man
4.I Live On A Battlefield
5.I'll Be There
6.Lover Don't Go
7.Shelley My Love
8.Soulful Wind
9.The Beast In Me
10.Trail Of Tears
11.True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
12.Where's My Everything
13.Withered On The Vine
The Doings 英文
1.12-Step Program (to Quit You Babe)
2.Endless Sleep
3.I Live on a Battlefield
4.Soulful Wind
5.The Rose of England
6.Raining Raining
8.I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
9.Lover's Jamboree
10.Without Love
11.No Reason
12.Cruel to Be Kind
13.American Squirm
14.Cracking Up
15.Gai-Gin Man
16.All Men Are Liars
18.Heart of the City
19.Cruel to Be Kind (live)
20.Half a Boy and Half a Man
22.Born Fighter
23.Basing Street
24.So It Goes
25.I Must Be Getting Over You
26.Lead Me Not
27.She Don't Love Nobody (live)
28.Lover Don't Go (live)
29.Crackin' Up (live)
30.I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock 'n' Roll)
31.What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?
32.Man That I've Become
33.Where's My Everything
34.What's Shakin' on the Hill
35.Ragin' Eyes
36.High on a Hilltop
38.Time I Took a Holiday
39.You Inspire Me
40.Lonesome Reverie
41.Faithless Lover
42.Half a Boy and Half a Man (live)
43.Soulful Wind (live)
44.Without Love (live)
45.Raining Raining (live)
46.I Don't Want the Night to End
The Brentford Trilogy 英文
1.Lately I've Let Things Slide
2.I Must Be Getting Over You
4.Indian Queens
5.Soulful Wind
6.The Beast in Me
7.Withered on the Vine
8.I Live on a Battlefield
9.Cupid Must Be Angry
10.Between Dark and Dawn
11.Has She Got a Friend?
12.12-Step Program (to Quit You Babe)
13.Drive-Thru Man
14.Lead Me Not
15.High on a Hilltop
16.Bygones (Won't Go)
17.Let's Stay In and Make Love
18.She's Got Soul
19.Where's My Everything?
20.Lover Don't Go
21.Faithless Lover
22.Lonesome Reverie
23.You Inspire Me
24.What Lack of Love Has Done
25.Time I Took a Holiday
26.Failed Christian
28.14 Days
Quiet Please 英文
1.Ragin' Eyes
2.Gee And The Rick And The Three Card Trick (提供)
3.Rose Of England
4.Beast In Me
5.Cruel to Be Kind
6.Long Limbed Girl
7.I Trained Her To Love Me
8.Hope For Us All
9.People Change
10.I Love the Sound Of Breaking Glass
11.So It Goes
12.Marie Provost
13.Heart of the City
14.Endless Sleep
15.Cracking Up
16.American Squirm
17.Without Love
18.You Make Me
21.Raining Raining
22.Mess Around With Love
23.Wish You Were Here
24.Wishing Well (提供)
25.Lovers Jamboree
27.All Men Are Liars
28.What's Shakin' On The Hill
29.Soulful Wind
30.I Live On A Battlefield
31.Shelley My Love
32.You Inspire Me
33.Lonesome Reverie
34.Faithless Lover
35.What Lack Of Love Has Done
36.Man That I've Become
37.Lately I've Let Things Slide
39.Has She Got A Friend ?
40.Let's Stay In And Make Love
41.Indian Queens
Party of One 英文
1.I Don't Know Why You Keep Me On
2.What's Shakin' on the Hill
3.You Got the Look I Like
4.Who Was That Man?
5.I Want to Build a Jumbo Ark
6.Gai-Gin Man
7.All Men Are Liars
Labour Of Lust 英文
1.Basing Street
2.Big Kick, Plain Scrap
3.Born Fighter
4.Dose Of You
5.Endless Grey Ribbon
6.Love So Fine
7.Skin Deep
8.Switch Board Susan
At My Age 英文
1.A Better Man
2.Long Limbed Girl
3.I Trained Her To Love Me
4.The Club
5.Hope For Us All
6.People Change
7.The Man In Love
8.Love's Got A Lot To Answer For
9.Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
10.Not Too Long Ago
11.The Other Side Of The Coin
12.Feel Again
暫存 英文
1.Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart
2.A Man In Love
3.Poor Side Of Town
4.I Knew The Bride (When She Use To Rock And Roll)
5.I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll)
6.12 Step Program
7.36' high (提供)
8.Changing All Those Changes
9.Heart of the City (Live)
10.Rollers Show
11.36″ High (提供)
12.I Knew the Bride
13.From Now On
14.In the Middle of It All

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