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Psychopunch【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 63 首歌 】
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Smakk Valley 英文
1.Back of My Car (提供)
2.So Jaded (提供)
3.Last Night (提供)
4.Kick in the Head (提供)
5.Sitting by the Railroad (提供)
6.My Empty Head (提供)
7.All I Wanna Say (提供)
8.I Will Never Ever (提供)
9.Dead by Dawn (提供)
10.Smack Valley Train (提供)
11.Emelie (提供)
12.Down on My Dreams (提供)
13.Everybody Wants an Answer (提供)
14.You're Totally Mistaken (提供)
15.Raygun Blues (提供)
We Are Just as Welcome as Holy Water in Satan's Drink 英文
1.Down in Flames
2.Cold Heart Disaster
4.Goodbye Suckerville
5.Dear Life: Sweet Nothing
6.Stranded (For Holly Ramone)
7.Good for Nothing at All
8.Goin' Crazy
9.Straightjacket Hell
10.Back for Good
The Pleasure Kill 英文
1.Back in the Days
3.My Desert Soul
4.The Ziko P Insanity
5.Little Pretty One
7.Here Today
8.Up on the Hills
9.Reinstate Me
10.Shotgun Eyes
11.I Want Out
Smashed On Arrival 英文
1.Nothing Ever Dies
2.All Over Now
3.Just a Little Bit Down
Original Scandinavian Superdudes 英文
1.Dead End Ride
Kamikaze Love Reducer 英文
1.Comin' Right Through
4.On the Stereo
5.When This World Is Dying
6.Two Empty Hands
7.Someone Like You
8.The Black River Song
Bursting Out of Chucky's Town 英文
1.Killing the Thruth
2.Who's Fucking Who
3.Something in the Way
4.Mannequin Dream
5.Generation's Sin
6.Voice Inside
7.Out of My Head
8.Dying on My Own
9.Under the Liquid Moon
暫存 英文
1.Who's Fucking Who? (Live)
2.Six Days In Chucky's Town
3.the last goodbye
4.Wheels of Destruction
5.Here Comes the Rain
6.Overrated (2nd version)

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