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Pries【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 76 首歌 】
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American Fairytale (Mixtape) 英文
1.Wish Upon a Star
2.Hold Up
3.Yeezus Piece
5.Night Light (提供)
6.Rollin (提供)
8.Waves (提供)
9.For My Niggas-Pledge (提供)
10.Want What You Can't Have (提供)
11.Do Better (提供)
12.Fuck You and Your Bitch
13.The Don
14.Now Im On (提供)
Revenge Of The Nerd 英文
1.Jack on Ice (提供)
2.Explode (提供)
3.Closer (提供)
4.Are We There Yet (提供)
5.Real One
6.Stay Blessed Feat. Jimmie Murphy (提供)
7.Momma (Skit) (提供)
8.Let Me Be Great
9.Silver and Gold
10.Pour Some More
11.Deacon Junebug (提供)
12.Willie Bandana
13.Wake Up Killing Shit (Freestyle) (提供)
14.Dr. Jekyll Feat. Jono (提供)
15.Wish You Would Feat. Trev Rich (提供)
16.Stranger Danger (提供)
17.When The Going Gets Tough (提供)
18.I Aint Gonna Lie
19.Like That (提供)
After The Forest Fire 英文
1.Black Angel (提供)
2.Rabbit (prod by CMPLX) (提供)
4.Crown Royal Blvd
5.Let Me Know Interlude DEMO (提供)
6.Waiting to Exhale (prod by Rocwell) (提供)
7.For Ya (提供)
8.Can't Fuck Wit Ya (提供)
9.Summer Jams prod. by CMB (提供)
10.That's What's up (提供)
11.Song Cry (提供)
12.Blame Game Feat. Jimmie Murphy (prod by Weirdo and Pries) (提供)
13.Freeway (提供)
14.Gold Flyer Miles (Interlude) (提供)
15.Streets of gold Feat. J. Carey (提供)
16.Little Child Big World (提供)
17.Hollywood (提供)
18.Nemos Retour (提供)
19.Off the Lot Feat. Fresh Larosa (提供)
20.Slow Down (提供)
21.Manic (Ruff) (提供)
22.Bloody Murder (提供)
23.Blow Money (提供)
24.Do It To Her (Remix) (提供)
They See Me (Single) 英文
1.They See Me
No Glue 2 英文
1.Never Made It (提供)
2.Hometown (提供)
3.This Aint What You Want (提供)
4.I Won't Grow Up (提供)
5.Little White Lie (提供)
6.Waste No Time
7.Contact High (提供)
8.The Stars (提供)
9.Stars Interlude (提供)
10.Union Station (提供)
11.Look at Me (My Cocky Song) (提供)
12.Row 11
13.I Always Knew (提供)
14.MsPopular (提供)
15.Catch 22 (提供)
16.Venetian Lobby (提供)
17.Last Stop (提供)
18.Wake Up Drunk (提供)

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