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Potluck【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 90 首歌 】
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Stonerproblems 英文
1.Blow Ya Head Off (提供)
2.Life's A Bitch feat. Wrekonize (提供)
3.Down with The Krown
4.People As A Whole (提供)
5.Turn The Bass Up feat. Liquid Assassin
6.Troublemaker feat. Krizz Kaliko
7.4 Minute Fire Drill
8.Dream Chaser feat. James Boy (提供)
9.High School (提供)
10.OG Ganga Farmer feat. Winstrong (提供)
11.Gladiators feat. Black P
12.Got What Ya Need feat. Green R. Fieldz (提供)
13.Hashtag (提供)
14.Hold Me Down
15.Smokin Good feat. Irv Da Phenom
16.Better Me feat. James Boy (提供)
17.Money Dont Sleep (提供)
The Humboldt Chronicles (Mixtape) 英文
1.One Step At A Time
3.Let's Take a Ride
4.I Could Fuck You (提供)
5.Him Em Hard (提供)
6.Real Weed Livin' (提供)
7.The Streets (提供)
8.Unstoppable (提供)
9.Going Crazy (提供)
10.Million Tears
11.Blown Away (提供)
12.Our Grass (提供)
13.I'm a Gamer (提供)
14.Summer Nights (提供)
Rhymes And Resin 英文
1.Stoner Bitch
2.Born Tp Be A Mic King
3.Bump In Ya Ride
4.Light That Shit Up
5.Iam T Pain
6.My Movie
7.Pick Up Lines
8.Forbiden Love (提供)
9.Underdog (03:54) (提供)
10.Gonna Be Alright
11.Joe Brown: The Life Coach
12.Last Call 4 Alcohol
14.Smoke Session
15.3 Minute Miracle
16.Hands Up
17.Microphone Killa
18.Runaway 2 Getaway
19.Im Diffrent
20.Show The World
Pipe Dreams 英文
1.Welcome 2 The Movement (提供)
2.Stoner Bitch
3.No Disrespect
4.I Can Do Anything
5.Real Love
6.Meet Joe Brown
7.Shut The FUCK Up
8.Hot Box Anthem
9.I Gotta Problem
10.Funny Shit
11.The Struggle (提供)
12.She Don't Wanna FUCK Wit Me
13.Classroom (提供)
14.I Say Yes To Drugs
15.Computer Love
16.Be Easy (提供)
17.Smoke The Pain Away
18.News Broadcast (提供)
19.There's No Limit (提供)
20.My Dad
21.2 Minute Drill
Straight Outta Humboldt 英文
1.What We Are
2.One Day
3.Marijuana 101
4.Love Me
5.Doing Alright
6.Roll Big (feat. Kottonmouth Kings)
7.My Life
8.Get High
9.Money Makes the World Go 'round
10.Roll Big
11.Funeral (feat. Twiztid)
暫存 英文
1.I'm different
2.Smoke the Pain Away (feat. Twiztid)
5.Born to Be a Mic King
6.Forbidden Love

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