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Porcupine Tree( 刺蝟上樹樂團 )【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 256 首歌 】
刺蝟上樹樂團是一支由 Steven Wilson 成立,來自英國赫特福德郡赫默爾亨普斯特德,曾獲葛萊美獎提名的前衛搖滾樂團。他們的音樂結合了搖滾、迷幻和重金屬。
藝術生涯止於: 2010 年
類型: 前衛搖滾, 前衛金屬, 進展後, 迷幻搖滾, 另類搖滾
成員: 史蒂文·威森, 加文·哈里森, 理查德·巴別里, 科林·愛德溫, 克里斯·馬特蘭, 約翰·韋斯利, Solomon St. Jemain
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
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Octane Twisted 英文
1.Russia On Ice
2.Russia On Ice/The Pills I'm Taking
3.Tainted Water (提供)
4.Bring My Horses Home (提供)
5.Sleep in Your Head (提供)
6.Another Mans Name (提供)
7.All Your Fears (提供)
8.One Step Closer to My Grave (提供)
9.Shirleen (提供)
10.As You Sow (提供)
11.Don't Lie (提供)
12.I've Been Losing (提供)
The Incident 英文
1.The Incident
3.Bonnie The Cat
4.Black Dahlia
5.Remember Me Lover
6.What Happens Now?
7.Occam's Razor (提供)
8.The Blind House
9.Great Expectations
10.Kneel And Disconnect
11.Drawing The Line
12.Your Unpleasant Family
13.The Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train (提供)
14.Time Flies
15.Degree Zero Of Liberty (提供)
16.Octane Twisted
17.The Seance
18.Circle Of Manias (提供)
19.I Drive The Hearse
Signify 英文
1.Bornlivedie (提供)
2.Signify (提供)
3.Sleep Of No Dreaming
4.Pagan (提供)
5.Waiting Phase One
6.Waiting Phase Two (提供)
8.Idiot Prayer (提供)
9.Every Home Is Wired
10.Intermediate Jesus (提供)
11.'Light Mass Prayers' (提供)
12.Dark Matter
13.Wake As Gun I
14.Hallogallo (提供)
15.Smiling Not Smiling
16.Wake As Gun II
17.Neural Rust (提供)
18.Dark Origins (提供)
19.Sever Tomorrow
20.Nine Cats
Metanoia 英文
1.Mesmer I (提供)
2.Mesmer II (提供)
3.Mesmer III / Coma Divine
4.Door To The River (提供)
5.Metanoia I / Intermediate Jesus (提供)
6.Insignificance (提供)
7.Metanoia II (提供)
8.Milan (提供)
Coma Divine 英文
1.Bornlivedie (Intro) (提供)
2.Dislocated Day
3.The Sleep Of No Dreaming
4.Moonloop (提供)
5.Radioactive Toy
6.Not Beautiful Anymore
7.Up The Downstair
8.The Moon Touches Your Shoulder
9.Always Never
10.IS...NOT (提供)
11.The Sky Moves Sideways
12.Signify (提供)
13.Waiting Phase One
14.Waiting Phase Two (提供)
We Lost The Skyline 英文
1.The Sky Moves Sideways
2.Even Less
3.Stars Die
6.Drown With Me
Warszawa (Live) 英文
1.Even Less (Live)
2.Slave Called Shiver (Live)
3.Shesmovedon (Live)
4.Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled (Live)
5.Lightbulb Sun (Live)
6.Where We Would Be (Live)
7.Stop Swimming (Live)
8.Voyage 34 (Live)
9.Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recylced (Live)
Voyage 34 英文
2.Voyage 34: Phase III (Astralasia Dreamstate)
3.Voyage 34: Phase IV (A New Civilisation)
Voyage 34 (Remaster) [Remastered] 英文
1.Phase I (Remastered)
2.Phase II (Remastered)
3.Phase III (Remastered)
4.Phase IV (Remastered)
Stars Die (Remaster) [Remastered] 英文
1.Radioactive Toy (Remastered)
2.Dark Matter (Remastered)
3.Every Home Is Wired (Remastered)
4.Colourflow in Mind (Remastered)
5.Waiting (Remastered)
6.Men of Wood (Remastered)
7.The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One) [Remastered]
8.Fadeaway (Remastered)
9.Phantoms (Remastered)
10.Synesthesia (Remastered) [Extended Version]
11.Voyage 34 (Phase One) [Remastered]
12.The Nostalgia Factory (Remastered)
13.And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun (Remastered)
14.Nine Cats (Remastered)
15.Stars Die (Remastered)
Recordings 英文
1.Cure For Optimism
3.Ambulance Chasing (提供)
4.In Formaldehyde
5.Oceans Have No Memory (提供)
6.Untitled (提供)
7.Buying New Soul
Octane Twisted (Live) 英文
1.The Blind House (Live)
2.Dislocated Day (Live)
3.Even Less (Live)
4.The Seance (Live)
5.Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Live)
6.Bonnie the Cat (Live)
7.Stars Die (Live)
8.Russia On Ice / The Pills I'm Taking (Live)
9.Octane Twisted (Live)
10.Time Flies (Live)
11.Your Unpleasant Family (Live)
12.The Incident (Live)
13.Drawing the Line (Live)
14.Kneel and Disconnect (Live)
15.Great Expectations (Live)
16.I Drive the Hearse (Live)
Fear of a Blank Planet 英文
2.Fear Of A Blank Planet
3.My Ashes
5.Sleep Together
6.Way Out Of Here
Coma Divine (Live) 英文
1.Waiting Phase One (Live)
2.Waiting, Phase 2 (Live)
3.Waiting, Phase 1 (Live)
4.Always Never (Live)
5.The Moon Touches Your Shoulder (Live)
6.Up the Downstair (Live)
7.The Sleep of No Dreaming (Live)
8.Dislocated Day (Live)
9.The Sky Moves Sideways (Live)
10.Radioactive Toy (Live)
Arriving Somewhere… 英文
1.Buying New Soul
2.Blackest Eyes
3.The Sound of Muzak
4.Open Car
5.Don't Hate Me
6.Halo (live film)
7.Start of Something Beautiful (live film)
8.Radioactive Toy (live)
9.Futile (live)
10.Even Less
Anesthetize (Live) 英文
1.Anesthetize (Live)
2.Half-Light (Live)
3.Way out of Here (Live)
4.What Happens Now? (Live)
5.Normal (Live)
6.Cheating the Polygraph (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Blind House
3.Strip the Soul
4.Collapse the Light into Earth
5.Time Flies (edit)
6.Anesthetize (radio edit)
7.Gravity Eyelids
9.Heartattack in a Layby
10.Shallow (Radio Edit)
11.Lips of Ashes
12.Wedding Nails (提供)
14.The Creator Has a Mastertape
15.Mellotron Scratch (Album Version)
18.Open Car (Album Version)
19.The Start of Something Beautiful (Album Version)
20.Halo (Album Version)
21.Lazarus (Album Version)
22.The Start of Something Beautiful
23.Mellotron Scratch
26.Synesthesia (edit)
27.Access Denied
28.Shallow (Album Version)
29.Deadwing (Album Version)
30.Men Of Wood
31.Stranger By The Minute
33.Where We Would Be
34.I Find That I'm Not There
36.Even Less (Full Version)
37.Glass Arm Shattering (Album Version)
38.So Called Friend
41.Baby Dream In Cellophane
42.Piano Lessons
43.Four Chords That Made A Million
44.Wake As Gun
45.Feel So Low
46.A Smart Kid
48.The Nostalgia Factory
49.And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun
50.How Is Your Life Today?
51.Jupiter Island
52.It Will Rain for a Million Years
53.Linton Samuel Dawson
54.This Long Silence
55.Glass Arm Shattering
59.Lightbulb Sun
60.Cheating The Polygraph
61.Kneel & Disconnect
62.The Séance
64.Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
65.Yellow Windows of the Evening Train (提供)
66.The Rest Will Flow (5.1 mix)
67.Russia on Ice (5.1 mix)
68.Lightbulb Sun (original mix)
69.Feel So Low (original mix)
71.Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recylced
72.How Is Your Life Today? (2007 stereo mix)
73.Four Chords That Made a Million (2007 stereo mix)
75.Shesmovedon - Hidden Track on domestic album
76.Shesmovedon (album version)
77.Even Less (full length version)
78.Your Unpleasent Family
79.Colourflow in Mind
80.The Sound of Muzak (Radio Edit)
81.Voyage 34 (Phase One 1998 Mix)
82.Synesthesia (8 Minute Version)
83.The Sky Moves Sideways (Alternative Version)
84.Death of Samantha
85.Hatesong (live in Philadelphia)
86.Collapse the Light Into Earth (extended)
87.This Is No Rehearsal
88.Voyage 34 (Phase IV)

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