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PIEBALD【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 59 首歌 】
Piebald是美國另類搖滾樂隊。 Piebald在馬薩諸塞州安多弗的一個硬派樂隊中脫穎而出,出演了Converge的同一場景。 後來他們搬到波士頓郊區的薩默維爾,成為大波士頓獨立搖滾樂的主角。
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Accidental Gentlemen 英文
1.Shark Attack
2.Opener (提供)
3.A Friend of Mine
4.Don't Tell Me Nothing (提供)
5.There's Always Something Better to Do (The Strutter) (提供)
7.Oh, the Congestion (提供)
8.On and On (提供)
9.Getting Mugged and Loving It
10.Life On the Farm Piebald
11.Nature Wins Piebald (提供)
12.Roll On Piebald (提供)
13.We Cannot Read Poetry
All Ears All Eyes All The Time 英文
1.Human Taste Test
2.All Senses Lost
3.The Benefits of Ice Cream
4.Present Tense
5.The Jealous Guy Blues
6.All Senses Lost Interlude
7.Haven't Tried It
8.Giving Cup
9.Part of Your Body Is Made Out of Rock
10.The Song That Launched a Thousand Ships
11.Put Your Slippers On Instead
12.Get Old or Die Trying
13.New Boston Interlude (提供)
14.The Six Eighter
15.All Senses Lost Postlude (提供)
Volume III 英文
1.Fear and Loathing in Cape Cod
2.Long Nights (live on Wfnx)
3.It's Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better (live on Wfnx)
4.Get Old or Die Trying (live at the Middle East)
5.American Hearts (live at the Middle East)
6.All You Need Is Drums to Start a Dance Party (live at the Middle East)
7.Haven't Tried It (live at the Middle East)
Barely Legal/All Ages 英文
1.Deflated (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Rules For Mules
2.David Lee Rock
3.The Stalker
4.All You Need Is Drums To Start A Dance Party
5.American Hearts
6.Fear and Loathing On Cape Cod
7.It's Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better
8.Just A Simple Plan
9.Karate Chops For Everyone But Us
10.King Of The Road
11.Long Nights
12.Look, I Just Don't Like You
13.Rich People Can't Breed
14.Sex Sells And (Unfortunately) I'm Buying
15.The Monkey Versus The Robot
16.The King (Live)
17.Put Your Slippers on Instead (Live)
18.8 A.M. Departure
19.If Marcus Garvey Dies, Marcus Garvey Lives
20.Time Lost
21.Watch Her Flow (提供)
22.Long Nights (Live)

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