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Quincy Jones( 昆西·瓊斯 )【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 110 首歌 】
小昆西·德萊特·瓊斯(英語:Quincy Delight Jones, Jr,1933年3月14日-),生於美國芝加哥,美國唱片製作人、電視製作人、詞曲作家、編曲家,麥可·傑克遜的經典合作人之一。

其職業生涯橫跨五個年代,創紀錄地獲得79個格萊美提名和27次獲獎,包括1991年他獲得的格萊美傳奇藝人大獎以及4次有色人種民權促進協會形象獎傑出爵士藝人獎。昆西瓊斯最為知名的事蹟為曾與麥可·傑克遜 (Michael Jackson)合作數張大受歡迎的專輯Off the Wall、Thriller,以及在1985年製作和指揮了著名的公益歌曲We Are the World。


1964: Big Band Bossa Nova
1970: Gula Matari
1970: Walking in Space
1971: Smackwater Jack
1973: You've Got It Bad, Girl
1974: Body Heat
1975: Mellow Madness
1976: I Heard That!
1977: Roots
1978: Sounds...And Stuff Like That!!
1981: The Dude
1984: The Birth of a Band, Vol. 1
1989: Back on the Block
1995: Q's Jook Joint
2000: Basie and Beyond
2004: Original Jam Sessions 1969
2010: Q Soul Bossa Nostra
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The Adventurers Sdtrk 英文
1.Polo Pony (提供)
2.Go Down Dying (提供)
3.El Lobo's March (提供)
4.Wishful Thinking (提供)
5.Gentle Lover (提供)
6.Coming And Going (提供)
7.Fat Cat Strut (提供)
8.Children's Games (提供)
9.Love Theme From 'The Adventurers' (提供)
Q Soul Bossa Nostra 英文
1.The Secret Garden
2.Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me
3.Everything Must Change
4.Many Rains Ago (Oluwa)
5.P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)
6.It's My Party
8.Sanford And Son
9.Ironside (提供)
10.Strawberry Letter 23
11.Soul Bossa Nostra
12.Give Me The Night
14.You Put A Move On My Heart
15.Get The Funk Out Of My Face
Quincy Jones Explores The Music Of Henry Mancini 英文
1.Baby Elephant Walk (提供)
4.Bird Brain (提供)
5.Days Of Wine And Roses
6.Mr. Lucky (提供)
7.The Pink Panther (提供)
8.I Love You And Don't You Forget It (提供)
9.Soldier In The Rain
10.Odd Ball (提供)
11.Moon River
12.Peter Gunn (提供)
The Color Purple (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 英文
1.Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) - From 'The Color Purple' Soundtrack
2.Maybe God Is Tryin' To Tell You Somethin' - From 'The Color Purple' Soundtrack
3.The Dirty Dozens
The Best of Quincy Jones 英文
1.Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me
2.My Cherie Amour (提供)
3.Everything Must Change
4.Body Heat
5.Somethin' Special
6.Turn On The Action
The ABC, Mercury Jazz Big Band Sessions 英文
1.Solitude (Live, Zurich, March 10, 1961)
4.The Midnight Sun Will Never Set
Live at Montreux 1996 英文
1.The Midnight Sun Will Never Set - Live at Montreux 1996
2.Everything Must Change
3.Let the Good Times Roll (Live)
4.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Live)
5.Walking In Space (Live)
6.Everything Must Change (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Ai No Corrida
2.Ai No Corrida (i-no-ko-ree-da)
3.Just Once
4.One Hundred Ways
5.Yah Mo B There
6.Stuff Like That
7.Everything Must Change (with Bernard Ighner)
8.What's Goin' On
9.One Hundred Ways (Find 100 Ways)
10.Back On The Block
11.Tomorrow (Better You, Better Me)
12.The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)
13.Getta Bloomin' Move On! (The Self Preservation Society) - The Italian Job/Soundtrack Version
14.Osie's Oasis
15.Lullaby of Birdland
16.A Change of Pace (Remastered)
17.Robot Portrait (Remastered)
18.Little Karen (Remastered)
19.Hard Sock Dance (Remastered)
20.Soul Bossa Nova (Remastered)
21.Ai No Corrida (12″ mix)
22.Cherokee (Remastered)
23.Get a Bloomin' Move On! (The Self Preservation Society)
24.Getta Bloomin' Move On! (The Self Preservation Society)
25.The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite) (feat. Al B. Sure!, James Ingram, El DeBarge & Barry White)
26.Slow Jams (new edit)(feat. Baby Face and Tamia with Portrait and Barry White)
27.Lover Come Back to Me
28.The Erotic Garden (After Hours Version of Secret Garden)
29.Prologue (20's rap)
31.Turn Out the Lamplight
32.Voice-over Intro 'Fly Away'
34.If I Ever Lose This Heaven
35.Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)
36.Just a Man
37.Bridge Over Troubled Water
38.Heaven's Girl
39.Rock With You
40.Slow Jams
41.I'll Be Good to You (Good for Your Soul mix)
42.Miss Celie's Blues (Sister)
43.Wee B Dooinit (a cappella party)
44.I Never Told You
45.You Put a Move on My Heart (feat. Tamia)
46.One Hundred Ways (feat. James Ingram)
47.Stormy Weather
48.Mohair Sam
49.A Hard Day's Night
50.Summer in the City
51.What's Going On?
52.Money Runner
53.Stuff Like That (feat. Ashford & Simpson and Chaka Khan) (提供)
54.Stuff Like That - Single Version
55.The Dude

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