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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Rupert Hine
Rupert Hine【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 71 首歌 】
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Waving Not Drowning 英文
1.The Set Up
Wildest Wish 英文
1.Rupert Hine - A Golden Age ['chant Lyrics' Only]
2.Rupert Hine - The Saturation Of The Video Rat
3.The Victim Of Wanderlust
Immunity 英文
1.Another Stranger
2.I Hang On To My Vertigo
4.I Think A Man Will Hang Soon
5.Make A Wish
6.Misplaced Love
9.Scratching At Success
10.Surface Tension
Unfinished Picture 英文
1.Anvils In Five
2.Concord(E) Pastich(E)
3.Don't Be Alarmed
4.Doubtfully Grey
5.Friends And Lovers
6.Move Along
7.On The Waterline
8.Orange Song
9.Where In My Life
The Wildest Wish To Fly Complete 英文
1.A Golden Age
2.Blue Flame (Melt The Ice)
3.Firefly In The Night
4.Living In Sin
5.No Yellow Heart
7.The Most Dangerous Of Men
8.The Saturation Of The Video Rat
9.The Victim Of Wanderlust
10.The Wildest Wish To Fly
The Deep End 英文
1.Cherish The Memory (4 17)
2.Crossfire (3 15)
3.Eyes Like Twins (5 10)
4.Heaven Comes To Those Who Wait (4 16)
5.I Don't Feel A Thing (4 38)
6.Let It Rain (4 48)
7.Midnight Bruises (6 25)
8.My Moon And Your Sun (4 57)
9.Silver Shoes In The Rain (4 41)
10.The Heart Of The Matter
11.The Other End (8 10)
12.The Shallow End (5 13)
13.Thursday's Child (4 46)
14.You Can't Be Chased (Until You Run Away) (4 51)
Pick Up A Bone 英文
1.Ass All
2.Boo Boo's Faux Pas
3.Instant Muse
6.Medicine Munday
7.Me You Mine
8.More Than One, Less Than Five
9.Pick Up A Bone
10.Running Away
暫存 英文
1.Kwoks Quease
2.Dark Windows
3.Eleven Faces
4.House Arrest
5.Innocents In Paradise
6.Kwok's Quease
7.One Man's Poison
8.The Curious Kind
9.The Outsider
10.The Sniper
11.Find Myself
12.Arrested By You
13.No Yellow Heart (original version)

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