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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Run With the Kittens
Run With the Kittens【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 58 首歌 】
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Letters from Camp 英文
1.Weight of the World (提供)
2.Life Inside a Chocolate House (提供)
3.Coming Home (提供)
4.How Hardcore Is Your Manticore (提供)
5.Nobody Knows (提供)
6.Better When It's Planned (提供)
7.Who's Gunna Love Ya (提供)
8.End of the World (提供)
9.Sun Don't Ever Shine (提供)
10.Up the Line (提供)
11.Call It a Day (提供)
Myth in the Sky (EP) 英文
1.Caledonia (提供)
2.Dog (提供)
3.Little Fawn (提供)
4.Old-Time Cell Phones (提供)
5.Myth in the Sky (提供)
Cad Gold Jr. 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Tell Me to Take It Now (提供)
3.Like That Style (提供)
4.Rhythm Is a Techno (提供)
5.Apple Pie (提供)
6.Big D & the Slow Jams (提供)
7.Statin' My Case (提供)
8.Mrs. Frasiers Neighbour's Houses (提供)
9.Baby (I'm Alone, In My Room) (提供)
10.Toast Bowl (提供)
11.Sexual Baggage (提供)
Condos and Lofts 英文
1.Proximity (提供)
2.El Martino (提供)
3.Like a Leonard Cohen Novel (提供)
4.Parkdale (提供)
5.Amber Epiphony (提供)
6.Rain Is Falling (提供)
7.Pearl Medallion (提供)
8.The Garden Looks So Nice (提供)
Bangers & Mash 英文
1.Blue Flame (提供)
2.You're My Dog (提供)
3.Take Me Home (提供)
4.Year of the Hour (提供)
5.Fork and a Knife (提供)
6.Residence Blues (提供)
7.M.L.B (提供)
8.The End Is the Message (提供)
9.Microwave (提供)
10.Attack of the Elderly (提供)
11.Look Who's Knockin' (提供)
Run With the Kittens 英文
1.Live Forever (提供)
2.The Abuse (提供)
3.Kazoodoo (提供)
4.Cleveland Is Closed (提供)
5.How Will This Happen to Me (提供)
6.Joyland Beach
7.Chewin Wood (提供)
8.Ricky Martin Shake Your Boobies In My Face (提供)
9.Lets Make Love (提供)
10.Run With the Kittens (提供)
11.Socar (The Fictional Barbarian) (提供)
12.What Have I Become? (提供)

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