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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Ron Kenoly
Ron Kenoly【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 85 首歌 】
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Lift Him Up 英文
1.Mourning Into Dancing
2.Righeousness Peace And Joy
3.Anointing Fall On Me
We Offer Praises 英文
1.We Offer Praises (Live)
2.Who's There? God's There (Live)
3.Mighty God (Live)
4.Joshua Generation (Live)
5.He's Been Good (Live)
6.I See the Lord (Live)
7.I Still Have Joy (Live)
8.I See the Lord
Sing Out With One Voice 英文
1.Sing Out (Live)
2.Sing Out
3.The Lord Be Magnified (Psalm 40:16) (Ps. 40:16 NKJ)
4.Oh the Glory of Your Presence (Live)
5.Let Your Glory Fill This Place (Live)
6.We Dedicate This Time (Live)
7.Come Into This House / Welcome Rap (Live)
8.Give to the Lord (Live)
9.For the Lord Is Good (Live)
10.With One Voice (Live)
11.Praise from Every Nation (Live)
12.Joyfully, Joyfully (Live)
13.Joyfully, Joyfully
Lift Him Up: The Best of Ron Kenoly 英文
1.Lift Him Up (Live)
2.The Battle Is the Lord's - Live
3.It Is Good (Live)
4.Jubilee (Live)
5.Ain't Gonna Let No Rock (Live)
6.I Will Come and Bow Down (Live)
7.Not By Power (Live)
8.Ancient of Days (Live)
9.Mourning Into Dancing (Live)
10.Beauty for Ashes
Lift Him Up (Live) 英文
1.Righteousness, Peace and Joy (Live)
2.Worship the Lord (Live)
3.Whose Report Shall You Believe (Live)
4.All Honor (Live)
5.Anointing Fall On Me (Live)
6.Hallowed Be Your Name (Live)
7.We Will Wait (Live)
8.Let Everything That Has Breath (Live)
9.The Solid Rock (Live)
10.I Call Him Up (Can't Stop Praisin') (Live)
God Is Able 英文
1.The Battle Is The Lord's
2.Resound In Praise
3.Put Your Hands Together
4.Use Me
5.We Humbly Bow
6.His Eye Is On The Sparrow (提供)
7.God Is Able
8.Our God Is Able (Rap) (提供)
9.No Eye Has Seen
10.I See The Lord
11.Yes, Lord I Believe
12.Not By Power
13.The Light Of Life
14.You're My Everything
Dwell In the House 英文
1.Move Spirit Move
2.Grandma's Hands
3.Dwell In the House
暫存 英文
1.All Honor
2.Be Glorfied
3.Be Glorified
4.Lift Him Up
5.Ancient of Days
6.You Are
7.Jesus Is Alive
8.I Will Dance
9.We Will Wait
10.For The Lord Is Good
11.Oh The Glory Of Your Presence
12.We Shall Behold Him
13.Let Everything That Has Breath
14.Welcome Home (Intro)
15.Heal Their Land
16.Ka Bi Osi (Yoruba)
17.Making War In the Heavenlies
19.In Righteousness You Reign
20.Hallowed Be Thy Name
21.I Love To Love You
22.I Bow My Knee
23.We're Going Up To the High Places
24.Name Above All Names

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