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Robyn Hitchcock( Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 )【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 245 首歌 】
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Robyn Hitchcock 英文
1.I Want to Tell You About What I Want (提供)
2.Virginia Woolf
3.I Pray When I'm Drunk (提供)
4.Mad Shelley's Letterbox (提供)
5.Sayonara Judge (提供)
6.Detective Mindhorn (提供)
7.1970 In Aspic
8.Raymond and the Wires (提供)
9.Autumn Sunglasses (提供)
10.Time Coast (提供)
Love From London 英文
1.Be Still
2.Strawberries Dress (提供)
3.Fix You (提供)
4.My Rain (提供)
5.End of Time (提供)
6.Death and Love (提供)
7.Stupefied (提供)
8.I Love You (提供)
9.Devil on a String (提供)
10.Harry's Song (提供)
Tromsø, Kaptein 英文
1.Light Blue Afternoon (提供)
2.Raining Twilight Coast
3.Savannah (提供)
4.Dismal City (提供)
5.Old Man Weather
6.Erasing Your Life (提供)
7.August In Hammersmith (提供)
8.Everything About You (提供)
9.The Abyss (提供)
10.Godnatt Oslo (提供)
Propellor Time 英文
1.Born On The Wind
3.Sickie Boy
4.Star Of Venus
5.The Afterlight
7.Ordinary Millionaire
8.John In The Air
9.Propellor Time
I Often Dream Of Trains In New York 英文
1.Mellow Together
2.The Bones In The Ground
3.Nocturne (Prelude) (提供)
4.Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl
5.Nocturne (提供)
6.Flavour Of Night
8.Sounds Great When You're Dead
9.Uncorrected Personality Traits
10.I Used To Say I Love You
11.Winter Love
12.This Could Be The Day
13.Ye Sleeping Knights Of Jesus
14.Trams Of Old London
15.My Favourite Buildings
16.Heart Full Of Leaves (提供)
17.Autumn Is Your Last Chance
18.I Often Dream Of Trains
19.Up To Our Nex
20.Goodnight I Say
21.Furry Green Atom Bowl
22.Nocturne (Demise) (提供)
Goodnight Oslo 英文
1.What You Is
2.Your Head Here
3.Saturday Groovers
4.I'm Falling
5.Hurry For The Sky
6.16 Years
7.Up To Our Necks (提供)
8.Intricate Thing (提供)
10.Goodnight Oslo
Shadow Cat 英文
1.For Debbie Reynolds
2.Never Have To See You Again
3.Love Affair
4.The Wind Cries Mary
5.High On Yourself (提供)
6.Because You're Over
7.The Cat Walks Her Kind Of Line (提供)
8.Statue With A Walkman
9.The Green Boy
10.Real Dot
11.Nothing But Time (提供)
12.Beautiful Shock (提供)
13.Baby Doll (提供)
14.Shadow Cat (提供)
Black Snake Diamond Role 英文
1.Do Policemen Sing?
3.Out Of The Picture
4.The Lizard
6.Acid Bird
7.The Man Who Invented Himself
8.I Watch The Cars
9.City Of Shame
10.Brenda's Iron Sledge
Storefront Hitchcock: Music from the Jonathan Demme Picture 英文
1.I'm Only You (Live)
2.The Wind Cries Mary (Live)
3.Beautiful Queen (Live)
4.Where Do You Go When You Die? (Live)
5.Alright, Yeah (Live)
6.Freeze (Live)
7.The Yip! Song (Live)
8.I Something You (Live)
9.Glass Hotel (Live)
Perspex Island 英文
1.Ride Wit Me
I Often Dream of Trains In New York (Live) 英文
1.Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl (Cassette Fragment) (Live)
2.America (Live)
3.I Often Dream of Trains (Live)
4.Autumn Is Your Last Chance (Live)
5.That's Fantastic, Mother Church (Live)
6.My Favourite Buildings (Live)
7.Trams of Old London (Live)
8.Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus (Live)
9.This Could Be the Day (Live)
10.Winter Love (Live)
11.I Used to Say I Love You (Live)
12.Uncorrected Personality Traits (Live)
13.Sounds Great When You're Dead (Live)
14.Cathedral (Live)
15.Flavour of Night (Live)
16.Goodnight I Say (Live)
Olé! Tarantula 英文
1.Adventure Rocket Ship
2.Underground Sun
3.Museum of Sex
4.Olé! Tarantula
5.Red Locust Frenzy
6.The Authority Box
暫存1 英文
1.Agony Of Pleasure
3.Beautiful Girl
4.Certainly Clickot
5.Clean Steve
7.Flesh Cartoons
8.Glass Hotel
9.Linctus House
10.Queen Elvis
11.Transparent Lovers
12.Falling Leaves
13.Globe Of Frogs {acoustic}
14.The Shapes Between Us Turn To Animals
15.More Than This
16.One Long Pair Of Eyes (Acoustic)
17.Spoken Word Intro
18.Executioner Of Love
19.Ghost Of Light
21.I Got A Message For You
22.Kingdom Of Love
23.My Earthly Paradise
24.She Doesnt Exist
25.So You Think Youre In Love
26.St Petersburg
27.The Abandoned Brain
28.Vegetable Friend
29.Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
30.Railway Shoes
31.Serpent At The Gates Of Wisdom
32.The Moon Inside
33.Then You're Dust
34.The Wreck Of The Arthur Lee
35.The Yip Song
36.When I Was Dead
38.That's Fantastic, Mother Church
40.Sweet Ghost Of Light
41.You Remind Me Of You
42.Tangled Up In Blue
43.Not Even A Nurse
44.Cynthia Mask
46.All I Wanna Do Is Fall In Love
47.Flavour Of Light
48.Tram Of Old London
49.A Skull, A Suitcase & A Long Red Bottle Of Wine
50.Traveller's Fare
51.I Don't Believe You
52.Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
53.One Too Many Mornings
54.Ballad of a Thin Man
55.Antwoman (Dub)
56.The Philosophers' Stone
57.Ye Sleeping Nights Of Jesus
58.Another Bubble
59.My Wife And My Dead Wife
60.The Man With The Lightbulb Head
61.Egyptian Cream
62.Slow Chant/That's Fantastic Mother Church
64.Winter Live
65.Bones In The Ground
66.I Something You
67.We're Gonna Live In the Trees
68.It's A Mystic Trip
69.I'm Only You
70.Give Me A Spanner Ralph
71.If You Know Time
72.Queen Elvis II
73.Creeped Out
74.English Girl
75.Full Moon In My Soul
76.Alright, Yeah
77.Sinister But She Was Happy
78.As Lemons Chop
79.Each Of Her Silver Wands
80.Filthy Bird
81.De Chirico Street
84.Arms Of Love
85.Ted, Woody And Junior
86.Ultra Unbelievable Love
87.Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)
88.The Devil's Coachman
89.Raymond Chandler Evening
91.Shimmering Distant Love
92.Let's Go Thundering
93.You've Got
94.Sally Was a Legend (Live)
95.Sometimes a Blonde (Live)
96.N.Y. Doll
98.The Devil's Radio
99.Man With a Woman's Shadow
暫存 英文
1.You've Got a Sweet Mouth on You, Baby
2.No, I Don't Remember Guildford
3.Nietzsche's Way
4.The Philospher's Stone
5.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
6.Penelope's Angles
7.Tryin' to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door
8.Flanagan's Song
9.Don't You
10.A Day in the Life
11.A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations Briggs
12.Give It to The Soft Boys
13.Belltown Ramble
14.Mr. Deadly
15.Legalized Murder
16.Chinese Bones
17.How Do You Work This Thing

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