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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Robert Earl Keen
Robert Earl Keen【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 180 首歌 】
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Ready For Confetti 英文
1.Paint The Town Beige
2.Soul Of Man
3.Top Down
4.Play A Train Song
5.Waves On The Ocean
6.Ready For Confetti
7.Black Baldy Stallion
8.The Road Goes On And On
9.I Gotta Go
10.Who Do Man
11.Show The World
12.Lay Down My Brother
MarfIt's A Long Stretch Of Highway, At Midnight In New Mexicoa After Dark 英文
1.Lonely Feeling
Rose Hotel 英文
1.Village Inn
The Rose Hotel 英文
1.The Rose Hotel
2.Flyin' Shoes
3.Throwin' Rocks
4.10,000 Chinese Walk Into A Bar
5.Something I Do
6.The Man Behind The Drums
7.Goodbye Cleveland
8.Laughing River
9.On And On
10.Wireless In Heaven
11.Little '67 172 (提供)
What I Really Mean 英文
1.For Love
3.A Border Tragedy
4.The Traveling Storm
5.The Dark Side of the World
6.Broken End Of Love
7.Long Chain
8.The Great Hank
9.What I Really Mean
10.Mr. Wolf and Mamabear
11.The Wild Ones
Robert Earl Keen 英文
1.I Wanna Know
2.The Bluegrass Widow (Live)
3.I'll Go On Downtown (Live)
4.Stewball (Live)
5.I Would Change My Life (Live)
6.Copenhagen (Live)
7.If I Were King (Live)
8.Goin' Down In Style (Live)
9.The Front Porch Song (Live)
10.I Wanna Know (Live)
11.Who'll Be Looking Out for Me
13.If I Were King
14.Who'll Be Looking Out for Me (Live)
No Kinda Dancer 英文
1.No Kinda Dancer
2.Swervin' in My Lane
5.Song for Kathy
6.Rolling By
Marfa After Dark 英文
1.Intro (Ms. Cloe Keen) (提供)
2.Jesse With His Long Hair Hanging Down
4.Marty & Bill Intro (提供)
6.Border Intro (提供)
7.A Border Tragedy
8.The Annux (提供)
9.Long Chain
10.Rich Intro (提供)
11.Tom Intro (提供)
13.A Joke (提供)
14.The Great Hank
15.Panhandle Intro (提供)
16.Panhandle Rag (提供)
Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions 英文
1.I'm Troubled, I'm Troubled (Bonus Track)
2.Hot Corn, Cold Corn
3.East Virginia Blues
4.Long Black Veil
5.This World Is Not My Home
6.White Dove
7.Old Home Place
Farm Fresh Onions 英文
1.Furnace Fan
2.All I Have is Today
3.Train Trek
4.Farm Fresh Onions
5.So Sorry Blues
6.Beats the Devil
7.These Years
8.Let the Music Play
暫存1 英文
1.The Front Porch Song
2.Merry Christmas from the Family
4.The Bluegrass Widow
5.Over the Waterfall
7.I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
8.Oh Rosie
9.Runnin' with the Night
10.Not a Drop of Rain (Live)
11.Feelin' Good Again
12.That Buckin' Song
13.New Life in Old Mexico
14.I'm Coming Home
15.Dreadful Selfish Crime
16.Tom Ames' Prayer
17.High Plains Jamboree
18.Walkin' Cane
19.Goin' Nowhere Blues
20.Snowin' on Raton
21.My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame
22.Hello New Orleans
23.Wild Wind
24.Not a Drop of Rain
25.I Still Miss Someone
26.Fallin' Out
27.The Armadillo Jackal
28.Blow You Away
29.Travelin' Light
30.Don't Turn out the Light
31.Down That Dusty Trail
32.Shades of Gray
33.Gringo Honeymoon
34.Wild Wind (Live)
35.Crazy Cowboy Dream
36.The Five Pound Bass
37.I'm Comin' Home
38.Goin' Nowhere Blues (Live)
39.Who'll Be Looking Out For Me (Live)
41.Down That Dusty Trail (Live)
42.Merry Christmas from the Family (Live)
44.Think It Over One Time
45.Night Right for Love
46.Mr. Mudd & Gold
47.I Would Change My Life
48.Five Pound Bass
49.It's the Little Things
50.Jennifer Johnson And Me
51.Whenever Kindness Fails
52.Daddy Had A Buick
53.Leavin' Tennessee
54.So I Can Take My Rest
55.Then Came Lo Mein
56.Still Without You / Conclusion: Road to No Return
57.Happy Holidays Y'all
58.The Road Goes on Forever
59.Gravitational Forces
60.Billy Gray
61.Love's a Word I Never Throw Around
62.Jennifer Johnson & Me
63.The Raven and the Coyote
64.I'll Be Here for You
66.Sing One For Sister
67.Goin Down in Style
68.Theme: Road To No Return / Carolina
69.Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold
70.Furnance Fan
71.Out Here In The Middle
72.I'll Go On Downtown
73.The Coming Home of the Son and Brother
74.Feeling Good Again
75.Amarillo Highway
76.Sonora's Death Row
77.Fourth of July
78.Jesse With The Long Hair
79.The Road Goes On & On
80.Lynnville Train
81.Here in Arkansas
82.Corpus Christi Bay
83.Road Goes on Forever
84.The Coming Home Of The Son & Brother
85.Feeling Good Again (Live)
86.Furnace Fan (Live)
87.Corpus Christi Bay (Live)
88.Amarillo Highway (Live)
89.Gringo Honeymoon (Live)
暫存 英文
1.I Still Miss Someone (Live)
2.Feelin Good Again (Live)
3.Flyin' Shoes (Live)
4.Wild Wind (Live) [with Cody Braun]

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